Gustakh Dil 23rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Gustakh Dil 23rd October 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 23rd October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo reading the list of the items. She thinks how will she make the food. She does not even understand the names of the food items and breaks the words to understand the meaning. She does not even spell it right and thinks she can’t make it. She gets tensed. Nikhil comes to her. He says I heard you did something by throwing Ayesha’s salad in the dustbin. She says it smelled bad, so I have thrown it. She asks him how do people eat all these items. Nikhil sees the list and asks her who gave you this. Lajjo says Nani gave it, she asked me to make it. Nikhil explains her what the dishes mean and how its made and what items it has. Lajjo says you tell me how should I make it. Nikhil tells her how to make it consisting what vegetables. He says it’s a famous French

dish. Lajjo says Nani asked me to make it for your teacher and his wife. Nani asked me to make all this alone. Nikhil is shocked.

Ayesha says Lajjo is totally mad, how can you ask her to make French cuisine, everyone will laugh on him. She won’t be able to make it. Ayesha says why did you tell her, its our family’s prestige at stake. Barkha says I understand, let the people laugh on Nikhil, let him realize. Ayesha says but… Nikhil comes to Barkha and says I need to talk to you, my guests are coming tomorrow, why did you give the list of French dishes to her, you know she won’t be able to make her. Barkha says till when will you protect her, how long will you protect her. He says I m not protecting her, my teacher is coming with his wife, its not the right time to experiment with them. Barkha says its my duty to teach Lajjo what she does not know. She scolds Nikhil. Nikhil says she can’t learn it in one day. Barkha says she has to do it some day. Nikhil says this is not the good idea. Barkha thanks him for suggesting her and Nikhil thinks he has to do something.

The next morning, Lajjo comes downstairs. The courier comes and Lajjo thinks her parent’s gifts dod not come till now. She waits for the gifts and thinks no one is at home, it would have been good if they came now. She tells the maid that I m caught in all this, how will I make it, even I can’t spell it. The maid says even I don’t know how to make it, I don’t know anything about it. She says what will you do now. Lajjo gets an idea and says I will make food. The maid says you, but how. Lajjo asks for some items. Ayesha tells Sid to convince his parents and hers for her sake.

She says I won’t marry anyone else. He says don’t worry, I will convince everyone but it will take some time. Believe me, I m trying, you see the result very soon and asks her to smile. Ayesha smiles. He asks her what she is doing this diwali. She says nothing. He says will you come with me to my farmhouse, everyone are coming, if you come, it will be greta for me. Ayesha says I will be with my parents, I won’t be able to come. He says as your wish, I would have been happy if you came. Ayesha says I don’t want to hide anything from my parents. Lajjo is working in the kitchen and Nikhil comes home. She is making food.

Nikhil says I brought ready food for my guests. He says I brought all the dishes which my mum asked you to make. He says serve this food, no one will know anything. She says I m making food. He says they won’t like this food. She says why won’t they like home made food. She says home made food has love in it. He says its about taste, they are hi fi people, serve the food which I brought. Lajjo looks on and does not say anything. Nikhil’s teacher comes with his wife. Barkha and Nani meets them and welcomes them.

They ask them to have a seat. They ask for Nikhil. Barkha tells them about Nikhil’s marriage. Nikhil comes. His teacher congratulates him. He says you did not tell us about your marriage. He says its wonderful to see you. They ask where is your wife. Nani says she is in the kitchen. Barkha talks to them. They say we are enjoying ourselves in India. He asks Nikhil what are his professional moves. Barkha taunts Nikhil and says he does his thing first then thinks about it. She says he is very adventurous. Nikhil leaves. Barkha says Nikhil’s wife made the food for you. Nikhil looks at Barkha.

Lajjo comes there. Barkha and Nikhil are shocked to see the Indian food. Barkha says whats all this. Nikhil asks about the French food. Nani says whats this. Lajjo meets them and they are happy to see her and says how cultured she is, wonderful. They like her. Barkha asks her to make French food, as they won’t be able to have this spicy food. Lajjo says the food is not that spicy, I read that the foreigners have less spicy food. They say we are happy to see so many dishes, did you make it all alone. Lajjo says yes. Barkha says sorry, we will order food. They say not at all, we don’t get such food there, lets eat this. Barkha and Nikhil look at them. They like the food and praises Lajjo. Barkha is shocked.

They are happy to see the variety. Nikhil is happy with Lajjo. Barkha and Nani are tight lipped listening the praise for Lajjo’s food. Nikhil looks at Lajjo and smiles. Barkha looks at them.

Barkha gets Lajjo’s parents gift parcel. She sees it with Nani.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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