Gustakh Dil 23rd July 2014 Written Episode Update


Gustakh Dil 23rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikhil telling Lajjo that Barkha did all this. Lajjo says I know, as she did not wish me to win, she also framed you with Ratri. He says you will come with me in few days, she will be there who did so much to make you a failure, its on you, you want her to win or not, you can leave the competition and come home, but mum will insult you. He says if you feel going Sonbarsa is right, I will take you, but I want to take you somewhere before you take a final decision. Ayesha comes to meet Adhiraj. Adhiraj asks what does she want now.

Ayesha says I came for your work, publishers liked your writing and he is ready to print it. He says oh, so you took my poems and begged to them. She says no, I did beg them, my Chachu read it and went to publishers. She says I should have told

him that you like poverty. He stops her and says come sit, please. He thanks her and says sorry. She sees Lajjo’s article and shows him saying this is my Bhabhi, Nikhil’s wife. He says this? Yes, you told me. She says she is from a simple family, from a small village Sonbarsa, Nikhil married her and did not accept her as wife, as she did not belong to our society, but she has proved background does not matter.

He asks are you saying this to inspire me. She says does love not inspire you, to do something big that someone is proud of you. He smiles and says you know my answer. He says you said your family did not accept Lajjo, so you don’t repeat this now, we are not a match, understand this, please. She becomes upset. Nikhil brings Lajjo to the same stage and she is tensed. She thinks of the wardrobe malfunction. Nikhil says come and holds her hand. Lajjo shouts no, take me back from here. He looks on stunned. Nikhil holds her and hugs her. He says I m doing this for you, the past is gone, this is today, no one can make you a failure. Barkha and Ratri tries to take your confidence and pushed you in darkness, its on you if you want to stay in darkness or light.

Lajjo thinks about how she promised Barkha that she will become like her society women. Nikhil encourages her and says you are born for this, this is your dream, I m waiting for you near light, your Nikhil will wait for you here, if you want to come to me, come out of the darkness and come in this light. Prove me no one can fail you by any wrong thing, come on, get rid of all your fears. Nani is angry on Barkha. Barkha says it was Ratri’s plan. Nani says but you knew it, you should have stopped Ratri, or informed Lajjo or Sagar. Barkha argues with her. Nani says the lower you fall, the higher will Lajjo rise. She says love will win, not you.

Nani says you lost two sons already, now you will also lose your mum. Barkha looks stunned. Nani leaves angrily. Nikhil asks Lajjo to come forward else their love will fail, as she is still in darkness. He asks her to walk towards light. She goes in the light and he smiles. She says I m doing this for my love, I can’t make it lose, I will win and not let wrong people win. Nikhil hugs her. Nikhil comes home and sits to check about the client. He calls his boss and asks is any stone missing. He says then where did this diamond come. The reporters come to question Sagar and he defends Lajjo. The reporters misbehave and Sagar gets angry. Lajjo comes there dressed in modern outfit and answers them that someone has damaged her dress. Sagar asks her not to answer them, and asks Anjali to take her inside. Lajjo says she won’t go, and says the people who wanted to fail you, play dirty games. She says Sagar and Anjali are nott involved in this. They ask did she do this drama.

Sagar says how dare you. Lajjo says why will I do this, if people love me. They ask her if she has a proof. She askst hem to find the truth. She says go and find her, but she will not move back from competition now. I want to give a message that I will not lose. Sagar looks on surprised. Lajjo says my confidence has boosted now. Sagar is happy. Lajjo says now I m sure that I will win this competition. Anjali and Sagar smile.

Barkha gives a blank cheque to Kabir and says Trishna should not win this competition.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks for the update, well done Nani and Ranjo . Now Nikhil is aware the dirty work done by Barkha and Ratri what next. Get them exposed as Asp please. It’s getting interesting. How many more series are left when it will come to an end as I don’t like series to go for ever like some A year is about right

  2. Plz update fr 24th july

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