Gustakh Dil 22nd October 2013 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 22nd October 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 22nd October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo getting tensed thinking she should get the gifts which her parents send for her. She asks the servant did anyone come. The servant says no. She says give me some work, I will do it, as I m getting bored. He says this work won’t suit you as you are this house’s bahu. She says I can do it, its my duty. She sends the servant to bring vegetables. He says we already has vegetables. Nikhil meets Ishaana at a restaurant. She asks him to sit. He says I came to college for some work of yours. Ishaana is happy and says I remember. She thanks him. Nikhil says I found a prospectus for Engalnd’s college. We can meet up for coffee and decide. Ishaana agrees saying yes why not, we are friends.

Nikhil asks her did you meet Shekhar. Ishaana says he is always the

same. They both joke over the guy saying his lines and laughs making fun of him. Nikhil sees Ishaana smiling and is happy. Kunal sees Ishaana and Nikhil together and is angry. Ayesha scolds Lajjo for disturbing the peace of the house. She says why are you cleaning the house and asks her to stay in her room. Lajjo says everyone are gone, now I will get the gift sent by my parents. Ayesha is still at the home. Lajjo is worried thinking if Ayesha sees the gifts then what will happen. Barkha asks about Ayesha and asks the maid to bring all the items required for making the dinner. Lajjo asks the maid did anyone come. The maid says no one.

Lajjo asks the maid can I help you. The maid says no. She says I m cleaning the fridge. Lajjo says I will clean the fridge, you go. The maid says but… Lajjo says you go, its final. The maid thanks her and leaves. Lajjo thinks her gifts can come anytime and she sees the food remaining from yesterday’s food. Lajjo cleans the fridge. Ishaana’s mum asks her when to nook the movie tickets. Kunal tells her that he saw Ishaana with Nikhil. Her mum asks did you meet Nikhil, after promising to me, how can you meet him. Ishaana says we met by chance. She says Nikhil and I are just friends. Don’t tell me we can’t be friends. She says I know you are worried about me, please understand. Her mum gets angry.

Everyone comes back home. Barkha calls the maid and asks her to make chicken salad for Ayesha. Lajjo has thrown the items. The maid is worried. She thinks maybe Lajjo has thrown all the things. Ishaana’s mum is angry with her. Ishaana scolds Kunal for informing her mum about her and Nikhil. He says sorry as he did not know her mum will be annoyed. She says then why did you not meet us. She says were you being a spy after me. Kunal says no, I was not spying, I saw you getting hurt once, I can’t see you break down again. He reminds her of what Nikhil did. He says I was concerned about you. He says I can’t forget that you tried to commit suicide because of Nikhil. She says stop it, I don’t want to talk about it. She leaves in anger.

Kunal looks on being upset. Ayesha is happy with the shopping. She calls the maid Chaya for the food. Chaya sees the chicken salad in the dustbin and Ayesha is shocked to see that. Ayesha shouts mom and shows the dustbin to Barkha and Nani. Barkha asks Chaya who has thrown it. Lajjo comes there and says I have thrown it as it was rotten. Ayesha scolds her. Barkha says Lajjo does not know anything, why are you explaining her. Barkha asks Chaya to tell her to hire someone else, but how did she ask Lajjo to do the work. Lajjo takes Chaya’s side.

Lajjo asks for the punishment. Nani says we will give you a chance to rectify your mistake, Nikhil’s teacher is coming tomorrow for lunch, we bought these items for it, but now you will make the lunch for them. Lajjo is shocked. Nani says Chaya will give you the menu list, and you have to do it alone. Barkha is annoyed. Its Nani’s plan against Nikhil and Lajjo. Lajjo sees the list and thinks how will I make it.

Nikhil talks to Barkha and says Lajjo can’t make the food. HE says my Sir is coming on lunch, she can’t make it. Barkha argues with him.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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