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Gustakh Dil 22nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ratri talking to Barkha and says she would have won anyhow, and she did not want to take any chance, as Trishna was tough competitor. Nikhil thinks about Lajjo’s wardrobe malfunction and how she is broken now. He is worried for her. His boss calls him and asks him why did he not come office and scolds him. Nikhil says sorry, I had some personal work, I will give briefcase tomorrow. He says don’t do this next time. Nikhil looks for the bill and gets it. He sees a diamond in it and is shocked. He thinks from where did this diamond come, maybe it fell from any set, I will find out from client.

Ratri laughs telling Barkha about Lajjo’s face when the strap fell. She says it was simple trick. Ratri says no, it was not so simple, I went to the green room at night and damaged

the outfit, and tells how she acted friendly to Trishna and made her wear that dress. Barkha smiles. Nikhil hears all this and is shocked. He claps seeing them. Barkha is shocked seeing Nikhil. Nikhil says congrats mum. I can’t believe you can do this, I m so happy and proud of you, you won, as you wanted to ruin Lajjo. Ratri says Lajjo,who? Nikhil says you won mum.

Nikhil says you are great mum, I m a fool, I should have understood as you were against her all the time. He says you did this to outdo my wife. Ratri is shocked. He says I m prasiing you. Barkha looks at Ratri hearing everything. Barkha says behave yourself. Nikhil says what wrong am I saying, whats there to be ashamed infront of Ratri, you are a woman and you are having fun about a woman’s wardrobe malfunction. Ratri says I don’t regret this. Nikhil says you just shut up, leave form my house, I don’t want to see your face, get lost. Ratri leaves annoyed.

He says I m ashamed that I m your son, why do you do this things. She says let me clarify this, Ratri did this, I was not involved. He says but you were celebrating with her. She says yes, I will, if I knew it, I would have not stopped Ratri., Lajjo challenged me, she wanted to prove herself. She argues with Nikhil. Nikhil says enough, Lajjo is my wife, she will win this competition, you do what you want, I promise you I won’t let you a reason to celebrate again, all the best. He leaves. Sagar is in his room thinking about Lajjo and Nikhil. Singh comes and sees him seeing Lajjo’s pic.

Singh asks him to call Trishna. Sagar says I don’t want to talk now. Singh says fine, we will talk in morning. He leaves. Sagar thinks about Lajjo and the time spent with her. Gustakh Dil…………..plays………….Rancho talks to Lajjo. Lajjo lights the diya and says she is happy as she is going with Nikhil tomorrow. She says Nikhil said he trusts me a lot and no need to prove anything to world now. She says I don’t want money that makes me lose my pride. Rancho asks you light diya daily, till when will you do this. Lajjo says till I stay with Nikhil. Rancho feels sad.

Lajjo asks is she not happy. Rancho says she will miss her a lot, if she goes Sonbarsa. She says Nikhil came to take you before, what happened now that you are going now. Lajjo says I can’t go on stage now.I was doing this for Nikhil and now he does not want all this, so I want to go to him. Rancho says you are right, but what about your decision. She says can you live with the fact that you failed. She says your image will be spoiled forever, that you are a failure.

Kabir meets Sagar and taunts him. He is amazed as Sagar left drinking. Sagar says you fell so low to sabotage a girl’s dress. You have broken her strength. Kabir says you know it now, this is industry, we know this, she won’t know. Sagar gets angry and catches him to beat, but leaves him as he has pity for him. He asks him to be away from Ratri, as she can cheat anyone and he is next now. He leaves.

Nikhil comes to meet Lajjo and says we have to tell the truth to your parents. Lajjo does not have the courage. She asks are you asking me withdraw from this competition. He says no, my Lajjo can’t lose, all this is their plan, as they are afraid of you. Nikhil says do you want to know who did all this dirty tricks. Lajjo asks who. He says my mum. Lajjo is shocked. He says she did to make you withdraw and you can’t do this, you have to win.

Lajjo talks to the reporters and says someone damaged my gown to make me afraid.

Update Credit to: Amena

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