Gustakh Dil 21st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Gustakh Dil 21st October 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 21st October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Gunjan confronting Nikhil saying you are afraid to introduce Lajjo as your wife. Nikhil gets angry. Gunjan says if you fear then why did you make a fake promise to her for taking her to the party, you broke your promise. She says you did not tell anything when she took the blame on herself. You did not tell that its your mistake, not hers. She says she was ready for the party waiitng for you and you let her down, you don’t have her emotions’s value, why you did this to her. Barkha hears everything that Gunjan said. She looks at Nikhil and asks Nikhil did you realize she is not made for you, did you understand what we wanted to explain you.

Gunjan leaves. Barkha says can you tell it to the society that Lajjo is your wife, can you go with her outside the

house, the truth is the same and won’t change. Open your eyes and see she can’t be a part of this family. She says don’t play with her life too. Nikhil leaves. Barkha is angry. Ayesha sees Sid talking to some girl and calls him. She asks Sid who is this girl and gets hyper. He says we were talking about business. Ayesha says why did you not take my call. He says sorry and don’t be upset, he had work so he had to go out of town. He asks her not to be upset aas his dad is also upset. She asks why. He says my parents wants me to choose a girl. He says I can’t tell them that I want to marry you.

She says what will we do now. Ayesha is tensed. She hugs him. Sid smiles cunningly. Barkha calls her mum and says I have a good news for you. She says our plan is working. Nikhil came late purposely so that he could not take Lajjo to the party, Lajjo saved Nikhil from my scoldings. She says it will work when Nikhil realizes. Barkha says he is realizing now. She says we have to do something to send Nikhil and Lajjo together. Barkha says that day is not far when Nikhil sends Lajjo to her house. Her mum says why did Lajjo lie for Nikhil.

Barkha says its fine. She says is Lajjo falling in love with Nikhil. She gets worried. Lajjo sees Nikhil in her room and says you. Nikhil is silent. Lajjo asks him what happened. She says its good you came here, I had to tell you something, I slept on the floor yesterday night, thanks for making me sle\ep on the bed. She says one more thing, He says I told you I can’t be a good husband, I can’t give you the wife’s right, I cleared everything even then it was your decision to keep up this marriage, right? Lajjo says yes, when did I say no. Nikhil says I cleared that don’t expect anything from me. Lajjo says I remember everything but why are you saying all this now. She says can I ask you something. She says did I blame you for anything, did I ask you why you did not take me to the party, you give me respect and thats fine for me. She says this much respect is fine, I don’t have any expectations from you and your family.

Nikhil says she is right, she did not ask me anything till now, and did not complain too. Nikhil leaves. Lajjo thinks of Nikhil’s words and that he loves Ishaana. She smiles and says there is a difference is saying and doing. She says what I said that day, I understand it now.

Lajjo dad comes home and her mum asks her to have sweets. He tastes the sweets and like it. She says I made this for Lajjo, to send this to her in laws house for Diwali. He says its ok but who will bring the items for the sweets. She asks him not to worry. He says will it be good to send only sweets. She says I packed many things for Lajjo that she won’t get in the city. He says we have to send clothes also, but we don’t have money. She says lets send some clothes. He says no, we can’t take our other daughter’s happiness for Lajjo’s sake. He thinks about Nikhil. He says don’t worry, we will send everything.

Sid calls Ayesha and flirts with her. She says we met just now. He says I m missing you sweetheart. She says I m not missing you. He says close your eyes and see. She says whats going to happen. She closes her eyes. She bumps into Inder and says sorry dad. Inder says you look good smiling. Barkha asks where were you Ayesha, we are getting late. Ayesha makes excuses. Barkha says good, you should meet your friends, your smile is back. Barkha laughs. Ayesha hugs Barkha and says I troubled you a lot. Inder says she will be happy after all she is our daughter, she knows how to handle. He says there are many proposals for you. Ayesha asks them to leave and she will join them.

Barkha decides about Diwali gifts. Ayesha also gives some suggestions. Lajjo comes there and Ayesha leaves seeing her. Lajjo thinks even her parents will be sending gifts. She thinks of the last time’s saree and thinks if her parents send the same saree again, then it will be a problem. Everyone will make fun of her parents and they may even tell them about her marriage’s status. Her parents will be shocked knowing this. She says I have to do something that I get the gifts first. ‘

Nikhil talks to Barkha and says Lajjo can’t make the french dishes. Barkha argues with him.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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