Gustakh Dil 21st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 21st March 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 21st March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Nikhil thinking what happened to him, why is he over thinking. Chaya comes asking him to come and have food. Nikhil gives her the shirt and says give it to anyone. Chaya says Lajjo gifted this shirt. Nikhil says yes, give it away. Lajjo is studying at night. Her mum comes and talks to her. Lajjo asks her not to worry about her. She says I m married, how can I forget Nikhil. He came to meet me at clinic and asked me to study, he wanted to help me. She says I left everything far. Her mum says I feel bad when anyone talks about you.

Her mum says what you are doing is right, you must study and do as you wish. Lajjo hugs her mum. Gunjan tells Nani about the shirt issue. Chaya says Nikhil gave the shirt to her asking her to give it away. Samrat comes home. Everyone are

happy to see him. Nikhil looks at him. Samrat tells Nikhil that Lajjo is studying and joined a college. He says Lajjo is happy. Nani blesses everyone. Lajjo’s mum makes Lajjo’s fav food. They have a talk.

Lajjo thinks about her sisters and tells her mum that she is going to meet Putti. Lajjo talks to Putti’s mum asking her to allow her to study. She scolds Lajjo and says you will make us ashamed, we don’t trust you. Putti stops her mum. Her mum takes her inside. Barkha makes new divorce papers and increase the alimony amount. The lawyer says make the settlement fast. Nikhil comes and asks what. He asks what is the divorce papers doing here. Nikhil says I know the address was wrong, but why is it taking so much money.

He says do you think Lajjo needs money, she has moved on, she does not need any of us, she is strating her life. He says I m confused and at same stop. I will go to Sonbarsa and get the divorce papers signed. Barkha is shocked. She says you will go again? Why? She thinks about her dream. Nikhil says you want Lajjo’s chapter to end right, I m sick of all this. Inder says relax, on whom are you angry, we are not forcing you.

Nikhil says why can’t anyone go there and take her signs. Inder says sit here, we will send the papers tomorrow, we got the right address. The lawyer says it will take time for divorce, it has lot of things. Divorce does not happen in one day. Inder says I did not see you so upset before, what is it that you want. He says we are doing what you want. Then why this anger.

Lajjo wears the saree which her mum gave her and looks beautiful. Her dad comes and talks to her mum. He says people are telling we are spoiling village girls by sending Lajjo to city. Lajjo hears this. They change the topic. Lajjo says I heard everything, I don’t care of anyone. My parents are with me, why will I worry about anyone. She says I m sad that I hurt everyone. Her dad says no, you are the best daughter.

Nikhil thinks of Lajjo. Lajjo has to fight against hurdles that is coming in way of her education.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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