Gustakh Dil 21st July 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 21st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikhil waiting to talk to Lajjo, but she is not taking the calls. He gets worried and mutes the tv, not hearing the breaking news of Lajjo’s wardrobe malfunction. He sees his pic and says I m just worried, I will call you tomorrow, if you get time, we will go for lunch, I want to go on date with superstar Trishna, my Lajjo. Its night, Lajjo is sleeping and gets thoughts of her wardrobe malfunction and many hands ready to touch her. She wakes up and shouts. Rancho wakes up and asks what happened. Sagar hears her shout and comes to see her. Lajjo says many hands are coming to touch me, stop them, what will I do now, how will I face him, I will die with shame. Sagar feels hurt by her pain. Rancho consoles her. Its morning, Lajjos’ mum is thinking about her. Her husband asks what


He asks her not to worry for Lajjo. Her mum says my heart is worried, don’t know what is happening there. She asks him to call Lajjo once, and she will talk. He says she might be working, let her work. She says please, once, I will fine hearing her voice. He says fine and calls Lajjo. The call does not connect. Barkha sees Trishna’s news and Nani is shocked seeing it. She looks at Barkha calm. Barkha thinks now she won’t come on stage again. Gunjan comes. Nani asks Barkha if she was there, why did she not tell them. Barkha says its such a small thing. Nani says it’s a big thing with Lajjo.

Barkha says I left the show before it got over. Nikhil comes there and sees the news. He is shocked. The reporter says Trishna did this intentionally for publicity. Nikhil says they are saying nonsense, Lajjo can’t do this. Barkha gives a contrast opinion and says the whole city is talking about her. Nikhil cries and says Lajjo needs me now, she might be disturbed. Gunjan and Nani get upset. The reporters come to take Sagar’s interview, while Singh wants them to go. They ask how did this happen, call Sagar and Trishna.

Lajjo hears them and starts crying. The reporters says it means its pre planned thing. Sagar says enough and scolds them. The reporters says who knows, you planned this. Lajjo is shocked and cries. The reporters go to her and she runs inside. Sagar says one more word and I will kick you out, say anything, print anything, Sagar does not want cheap publicity, get out of my house. Lajjo thinks of their words and cries. Lajjo shuts her ears. Sagar comes to her and sees her crying. He tries to console her. Lajjo asks him to leave her alone. Sagar says these reporters only want story and fun, who are they to judge you, they don’t know you.

She says this things affect me, I m new to this, I m very sad and hurt, how can they tell this about me. She says this is not right happening. He says don’t ruin your life for these people. She says leave me alone please. He says I will go back to Sonbarsa, let me go. He says fine, if you want to go. I will drop you, but please stop crying. Nikhil comes there and looks at Lajjo. Sagar turns and looks at him. Lajjo senses Nikhil and turns to see him. She runs to him and hugs him crying.

Sagar thinks he has met Nikhil before twice. Sagar leaves. Nikhil consoles Lajjo and asks her not to cry, my Lajjo is a fighter, don’t cry, I m with you. I don’t care what people say, I know my Lajjo, she is very nice, she can’t do any wrong thing. He says now you have to come with me, your Nikhil is earning well, we don’t need to be dependent, we will have a small world away from here. I promise I will keep you very happy, I will take you where to tell me. Lajjo says you are right, I don’t want to become Trishna now, I want to be your wife and go back. I want to go to my parents back to Sonbarsa.

He says yes, I will take you tomorrow. Barkha celebrates with Ratri. Ratri says she did not know its so easy. Ratri says yes, I did it. Barkha says I got something for you. Nikhil comes home and misses to see Barkha and Ratri. Lajjo’s phone rings. She tells her mum that she is coming back tomorrow with Nikhil. Her mum asks did he know you are there in Delhi. Lajjo says I will come and talk and ends the call crying. Ratri shows Barkha how she is making people laugh on Trishna.

Barlha gifts Ratri and feels she is very different from Trishna, as she does not know publicity is also required. She says I told Sagar many times, but he was sure about Lajjo. Ratri says he has much ego. Now Sagar won’t be able to make anyone the star, he humiliated me, he does not know I could reply him, I thought to ruin him, and I did. Barkha looks at her and says cheers.

Ratri and Barkha talk about Lajjo’s wardrobe malfunction and Nikhil hears them hiding.

Update Credit to: Amena

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