Gustakh Dil 21st February 2014 Written Episode Update


Gustakh Dil 21st February 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 21st February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo telling her mum that there is no need to answer everyone. Her mum says why. She sees red marks and asks is it the same disease. Lajjo says don’t touch me, I have to go through a test. Her mum says you will not go there again. Lajjo says don’t talk about sending me back as no one is waiting for me there. No one is thinking how I m, where I m. She says I have left everything and came back. She says I have broken all the relations. Her mum is shocked.

Lajjo asks her are you not understanding. Her mum asks did Nikhil make you leave the house. Lajjo says no. She says then what happened. Lajjo says I left the house by my wish. Her mum asks did you had any fight with Nikhil. Lajjo says he married me but did not accept me. Lajjo leaves saying this. Nikhil’s

gang talks about Lajjo missing her. Ishaana comes and asks what happened. Rancho says Lajjo was trapped in circumstances. Ishaana tells them that Nikhil is coming to take me, he asked me not to go anywhere, he has some phobia, he had a bad dream and he asked me not to go alone else something bad will happen.

Ishaana sees Nikhil and Lajjo’s pics in Rancho’s phone and asks her did you keep them safe till now. Rancho sas why are you seeing this. Ishaana asks why did you keep it. Rancho says do you have any problem, its our memories. Ishaana says delete them. Rancho says I won’t. Ishaana insists. Ishaana gets angry hearing Rancho’s no. Lajjo is treating patients at the hospital. Lajjo starts feeling unwell and shaken up.

Lajjo’s mum is upset thinking about Lajjo and her husband lying to her. Her daughter comes and sees her upset. Her husband sees her sitting silently and asks what happened. She says is it not your duty to tell me the truth. He asks what did I hide her. She says you lied to me about Lajjo. She says I gave birth to Lajjo and you lied to me about her, why did you lie, am I nothing to you and her. She cries a lot. He looks at her. She says my daughter’s life is ruined and I did not know about it.

Nikhil comes to Ishaana. Ishaana gets angry on him as he came much late. He says I came late to impress you, I was getting ready. He says if Lajjo was there, she would have kept my clothes organized. Ishaana fumes. He says sorry I did not mean that way. She says I rearranged your room like before but your life changed, now it won’t be like before. Nikhil says sorry. Ishaana says if you are missing her, go and meet her. Nikhil says I gave her divorce and we are going to London, what else should I do. I don’t have any feeling for her, I love you. Ishaana says but she comes in between us.

Nikhil says I married her, she can’t be deleted from my life. He says don’t you trust me, you are creating an issue, why do you overreact hearing her name. Ishaana says sorry Nikhil, I think I overreacted. She hugs him. Doctor kaka asks Lajjo why are you looking pale. Lajjo sees the marks on her hand and is worried.

Lajjo falls. Her mum comes running but is stopped by doctor Kaka.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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