Gustakh Dil 20th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Gustakh Dil 20th February 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 20th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Gunjan asking Nikhil do you miss Lajjo, did you think about her. Nikhil says whats your problem, do you want to start a fight, remove this anklet and keep it inside. Gunjan thinks I know you are missing her a lot. Lajjo wakes up and talks to her sisters. They tell her that they won’t let her go to the hospital as its her mum’s orders, else she will beat us. Lajjo says I m not afraid of mum and tries to run. They stop her. Lajjo manages to run. Her sisters tell it to her mum how Lajjo jumped over the wall and ran away. Her mum scolds them. They run away to stay safe from her scold.

Her husband comes and says I m afraid seeing the state of Sonvarsa, it can become a dead valley, everyone are dying in every home. He says I m scared. She says you are worried

about everyone else, think and worry about Lajjo. I m worried she is treating the patients, if she gets ill, what will we do, call Nikhil and ask him to come and take Lajjo. He says Nikhil is going abroad for studies, it won’t be good to let him know this. He says if we tell him, he won’t do anything. She says remember about Ganga, she came here and dies because of this disease, her husband scolded everyone here after losing his wife. He says Lajjo is not like Ganga and Nikhil won’t do like her husband did.

Lajjo’s dad thinks how should I tell her that Nikhil does not have any relation with Lajjo now, he is happy with someone else now. Lajjo comes to the hospital and is worried seeing so many patients. She starts treating them. Nikhil is sleeping and dreams himself running in a jungle. He sees some men wearing white clothes and sees a woman lying dead. He wakes up shouting Ishaana. Ishaana comes to him and asks what happened. He says careful, its glass there. Ishaana says don’t worry, I m wearing slippers, what happened.

He says I got a very bad dream, are you fine. She says yes, what will happen to me. He says I m scared, I feel something bad is going to happen. She says no, believe me, everything good will happen. She says we both are going to London, see its full moon light, shall we go on a drive. He says promise me that you will always be with me, don’t go anywhere alone. She says I promise. Lajjo thinks about people dying and is worried thinking. Lajjo is upset and shivers from cold. Lajjo’s mum asks what happened, you don’t look good, you are shivering, do you have fever, tell me.

Lajjo’s mum sees some marks on Lajjo and says is this the same disease which is spreading. Lajjo says it can’t be. Her mum says I told you not to go there, but you did not listen. Lajjo says I m feeling hungry. Her mum makes her eat by her hands. Babul mohe na bhool jaiyyo……………plays……………. Lajjo rests. Her mum takes care of her. She slowly leaves and locks the door. Lajjo gets up to go to the hospital and finds the door locked. She knocks the door. Hr mum opens it. Lajjo says I will tell dad that you locked me. Her mum says I won’t listen to you and your dad, the disease will not ask you before coming to you.

Lajjo says this village is mine, are these people not mine, you taught me this, let me go then I will listen to you always, promise. Her mum says you won’t go anywhere, understand now you are married, you have a house’s responsibility on you, if anything happens, what will we tell to your family there. Lajjo says no need to tell anyone now. Her mum looks on.

Nikhil talks how organized Lajjo used to keep his room. Ishaana gets furious on him and says now everything has changed in your life. Lajjo falls in the hospital.

Update Credit to:Amena_Hasan

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