Gustakh Dil 1st October 2013 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 1st October 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 1st October 2013 Written Update

Laajo was having fun in her room alone when Ayesha’s husband entered. Not finding Sid Ayesha asked her mother-in-law about him. Sid was lasting over Laajo when laajo turned face to face with her. Laajo asked what was he doing in her room. Sid was trying to force her to dance with him. He also said as her husband left her someone else can take care of her. Ayesha climbed up the stairs to search. Sid held her arms and tried to force on Laajo, when Laajo threatened him that she will scream. Her voice was quite loud when Ayesha heard. Laajo slapped him when he refused to leave her hand. Ayesha entered when Sid and Laajo was fighting. Sid tried to save his ass by lieing to Ayesha saying she was the one who forced him to dance with her. Ayesha accused Laajo and called her name. She became upset.

Ayesha’s mother and grand mother went to check what was the matter. Ayesha said Laajo slapped sid making both the elders dumbfolded. Sid too matched with Ayesha’s tune.
Nikhil came to see Ishana when her mother refused to let him in. When Nikhil was trying to convince Ishana’s mother they heard glass breaking sound from Ishana’s room.
All the guest were enquiring about what was happening upstair hearing Ishana’s raised voice. Sid’s mother wanted to go and check but Nikhil’s father stopped her.
Ishana’s mother and Nikhil went to her room and stopped her from destroying things. Ishana asked for sometime from her mom to talk to Nikhil.
Sid purposely tried to create scene and asked his parents to leave the venue then and there while Nikhil’s grandmother dragged Laajo downstairs to tell everyone what she had done to Sid.
Laajo was asked to apologies Sid in front of everyone for slapping Sid. Sid lied that it was Laajo who manipulated sid and attract him. He said she tried to be over friendly. Laajo said all these were lies. Sid started screaming and so did Ayesha. She told the truth but no one believed her because she was poor and was from village. Sid’s parents asked what the hell was she doing in the house when everyone was quiet. Sid’s mother demanded to throw her out of the house when gunja tried to call Nikhil.
Nikhil was trying to talk to ishana when Ishana said he doesnot want to see him because it hurts her a lot. Nikhil wanted to assure Ishana that he still loves her and he is hers. But ishana said it was all over for them.
Nikhil’s uncle wanted to ask laajo the truth but Sid’s mother was stubborn and said she will take step.
Nikhil’s father asked laajo to apologies and end the matter. Laajo was shocked. She said she will not apologize shocking everyone in return.

Precap: Nikhil’s mother asked shaila to throw her out of the house. Laajo kept on pleading.

Update Credit to: appy_indy_KD

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