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Gustakh Dil 1st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the man exchanging the suit case. He slips and balances himself. He runs out of the room shutting the door while Nikhil is sleeping. Lajjo takes care of Mili. Sagar says you know so much in such a small age. Lajjo says yes, people have less money in villages so we use home remedies. He asks don’t you regret to marry at such a young age. She says I was annoyed at first, as I did not wish to marry, but when I know my husband, I was happy, he loves me a lot, and I also love him, he gave me freedom to study and be something. He asks if you love each other so much then why are you apart. She says I will go to him when I become something.

He asks do you trust him that he will wait for you. She says I trust him more than myself, I m lucky to get a husband like him. He says you

are…….. Mili wakes up and asks for water. Lajjo makes her drink. He asks Lajjo to go home now, you have meeting with sponsors, you need to look fresh. Lajjo says fine and leaves. Its morning, Nikhil is back and Gunjan is excited to see him. Nikhil says let me sit first and meets Inder and Ayesha. Inder asks you got busy now and don’t have time for us, can you talk to me in evening, or shall I take appointment. Nikhil says don’t embarrass me. He gifts everyone.

Inder likes the tie and the watch. He says its beautiful but its expensive. Nikhil says you liked it, that’s all I wanted. Inder smiles thanking him. Gunjan asks my gift. Nikhil says see this, here is it. Check it. Gunjan checks the box. Nikhil says I got gifts for everyone. Nikhil gifts Ayesha. She looks upset. Nikhil asks what happened, don’t you like it. Ayesha says no, I liked it. Nikhil talks to her. Inder notices Ayesha’s behavior.

Nikhil says is everything ok, why did Ayesha change so much. Gunjan says I told you. Chaya brings tea for him. Nikhil asks Gunjan to give a gift to Barkha. She says why me, you give it. Inder thinks Nikhil is spending so much, how is he getting so much money. Lajjo sleeps and Sagar brings tea for her. He wakes her up saying Trishna. Ratri walks in quietly. Sagar cares for Lajjo and holds her face. Ratri takes theiur pics hiding behind the curtain. She smiles. Lajjo shakes and holds her head. She falls and Sagar holds her. He asks are you fine, sit.

Lajjo says I m ok. She falls on him again and Ratri takes more pics. She says I m having headache, sorry. Their heads bump. He adds sugar and she says I want milk in it. He says fine and adds milk. Ratri keeps clicking some good moments between them. She claps and comes to them saying great pics of you both. Ratri says did I disturb you both. She says so this is the way you make girls a star. Sagar shouts Ratri. Ratri laughs and says cool down, she is a simple village girl, and she is going so ahead to0 be a star, great.

She says I have an editor friend, I will give this pics to him. Sagar asks what nonsense. She says I came to ask you to give me a chance and saw her compromising. Sagar says don’t play dirty games. Ratri says game already started. Sagar asks for the phone. She says fine, see the pics. She shows them the pics. Lajjo cries. Sagar is shocked and says I did not know you will fall so low. Ratri says did Trishna think I will fall so low, do you want to see the pics. Lajjo is shocked too.

She says this is wrong. Ratri says no, its not a lie, pics don’t lie. Sagar takes her phone from her hand. She says I already mailed on my id, so nothing can happen now. Sagar gives the phone back. Lajjo asks why are you doing this, I will be defamed, my life will be ruined, I m married. Sagar holds Ratri by anger and says I will not let you go. Sagar says he will call police. Ratri laughs. Lajjo begs to Ratri and asks her to delete the pics. Ratri asks her to stop competing with her in star race. Lajjo and Sagar are shocked.

Ratri says leave the competition. Sagar says impossible, this can’t be. Ratri says as you wish, think in two hours. She leaves. Lajjo cries and Sagar consoles her. He says she is losing, so she is doing this, she is just threatening. Lajjo says my mum will die if this pics come in paper, what about my sisters. Sagar says calm down, I will talk to her, trust me, nothing will happen. Sagar calls Ratri and she comes back to them, asking whats her decision.

Sagar says we agree to you, but delete all this pics. Ratri says fine, deleted. She says but I have in mail also. Sagar says I don’t trust you. Ratri says do you have any option. Ratri does her cheap tactics and leaves. Lajjo cries and says I m stuck here, everything is ruined.

Lajjo comes to talk to Barkha. They argue.

Update Credit to: Amena

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