Gustakh Dil 19th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Gustakh Dil 19th February 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 19th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo asking doctor kaka to save everyone. They treat the patients. Nikhil and Ishaana are together. She asks for a party. She is drunk. He asks her to stand ad he will bring her belongings. She dances with him and is very happy thinking he signed the divorce papers. Gustakh Dil………….plays……… Nikhil is happy too. Ishaana says Nikhil loves Ishaana and Ishaana loves Nikhil.

Its morning, Lajjo’s mum is worried for Lajjo as she is missing and did not come home all night. Her husband says she is strange, I will go and see her. She says scold her. Lajjo comes home. Lajjo says stay away from me, medicine smell is coming from me. Lajjo’s mum scolds her. Lajjo’s dad supports her. She says I will call Nikhil and ask him to come and take Lajjo with

him. He tells Lajjo that your mum is so worried about you, this is your house, your family.

He says I m talking to you, if anything happens to you, we both will die. Lajjo says I will go and bath, then talk. Ayesha asks Inder to let her attend driving classes. Barkha says what. Nani supports her. Ayesha says I have to learn driving and then I want a personal big car. Ask someone you know to train me in 15 days. Inder says can you drive. Barkha says you can, but its not safe, look at the traffic. Ayesha says I m learn driving. Nani asks what happened that you want to learn driving.

Ayesha thinks about Adhiraj. Ayesha says I want to drive my own car. Barkha says fine, I will find yo a good instructor. Nani asks Barkha to solve Nikhil’s problems. Barkha says we have to send the divorce papers to Lajjo so that we can know the address. Nani says do you have their postal address. Barkha asks Inder to take their address from Baba. Inder refuses. Chaya hears this and is upset.

Anu and Baba have a talk with doctor kaka. Anu tells Baba that Lajjo is serving people. Doctor kaka says we need your help. The medicines are ending, how to save this village. Lajjo is sleeping, her mum takes care of her and says if you work so hard, you will be tired, today I will not let you go anywhere. Ishaana is happy chatting with Nikhil. They have a lovely chat. He tells her what she did being drunk and shouting to the world. She asks him to come over.

Nikhil hears an anklet sound and thinks that Lajjo came back. Its Gunjan who is wearing Lajjo’s anklet. She says I wore this as I was missing Lajjo. They talk about Lajjo. Nikhil thinks about Lajjo. Nikhil says stop it, I m getting irritated by this sound, I just hate it, remove and keep it. Gunjan says fine. She says Lajjo never wore this as you don’t like its sound. Gunjan says you thought that Lajjo came back, yo thought about her right. Nikhil looks on.

Nikhil is shocked to see a dead body.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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