Gustakh Dil 18th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Gustakh Dil 18th October 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 18th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with a man misbehaving with Lajjo. Nikhil sees him but Lajjo manages herself by putting the wine on the man’s face. Nikhil shouts no and all the part scene was Nikhil’s imagination. Nikhil says it was a dream. His friends ask him what he saw. Nikhil says fine.Lajjo is waiting at home for Nikhil. She thinks maybe he is busy in work or might be on the way. She waits for him. She sees the bindis for applying one.

The part is over. Barkha apologizes that Nikhil and his wife could not come in the party. Lajjo is still waiting for Nikhil and thinks of eating something as she is hungry. She sits hungry. She thinks Nikhil told her that he would come. She says now I feel he won’t come to take me. She says if he does not wished to go to the party then why… She cries

and thinks she could not go to the party now. She removes her ornaments. Lajjo thinks about Gunjan’s words and her trust on Nikhil.

Nikhil comes home and sees Lajjo sleeping on the floor. He thinks how excited was Lajjo for the party. He feels sorry for her. He thinks how much Lajjo trusted him. He lifts her up and makes her sleep on the bed. His watch gets stuck to her mangalsutra. He looks at her. He says sorry Lajjo. He leaves. The next morning, Lajjo wakes up and thinks how she came on the bed. She thinks did I sleepwalk. Nikhil’s keys fall and she picks it up and says its Nikhil’s jeep’s keys.

Barkha confronts Nikhil and asks him why did you not come in the party, we got embarrassed because of you, you would have informed us or send a sorry note with the flowers. She scolds him. Lajjo saves Nikhil and says its my mistake. She says he came on time but I said no. She says I did not go in any party so I got tensed, I thought there might be anything wrong by me and you all will be insulted so I did not come. Barkha scolds her and asks Nikhil to explain her to attend social gatherings and parties. She says she has to meet our friends, I can’t give excuses every time. Barkha says if she wants to be this house’s bahu, then she should do her duty. Barkha leaves. Lajjo stops her and gives her the jewellery back. Barkha thanks her and leaves.

Nikhil tries to talk to Lajjo. Lajjo gives him his jeep’s keys. She says you forgot it in my room. Gunjan comes to Lajjo. Gunjan is upset. Gunjan’s dad tells a kids story to Lajjo and makes her laugh. Gunjan says I can’t believe you are happy after all that happened with you. Lajjo laughs and says I understand what Gunjan wants to tell me but I m still happy. Nikhil talks to Ishaana and asks her did she reach home safely. Ishaana says yes, I was with Kunal, his car broke down and we went to have panipuris. She says I had a good time with Kunal. Nikhil asks her will she come today and meet him. Ishaana says not sure. Nikhil says please try. He asks her to take care.

Gunjan confronts Nikhil and says you are selfish as you don’t care about anyone’s emotions. Nikhil asks what are you saying. Gunjan tells him about Lajjo and that he feels embarrassed to take Lajjo to the party. She says hiow can you be insensitive, you came late so that you can’t take Lajjo to the party, she was so happy and waiting for you but you did not come. She says you don’;t care for her emotions. Nikhil says so you know why I came late. She says yes, you are afraid to introduce Lajjo as your wife.

Nikhil gets angry on Lajjo and says it was your decision to keep up this marriage even after I told you that I can’t give you the happiness which a husband gives to his wife.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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