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Gustakh Dil 18th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Barkha coming in the competition event and greets Kabir. She sees Sagar and hugs him saying its good you are back in the competition again. She thinks of Ratri’s plan and smiles. Anjali comes and greets Barkha. Lajjo is getting ready and wears the gown that Ratri has damaged. Kabir and Sagar are busy taunting and challenging each other. Barkha says lets see who comes out as a winner. Kabir laughs being over confident. Ratri smiles seeing Lajjo. Nikhil calls Lajjo and they have a cute and sweet talk. He is really happy as it’s a very big day for her today. Lajjo and Nikhil sound happy and he talks about their old life, which is going to change soon. She says she s nervous and he acts like her to make her smile and boost her confidence.

Nikhil talks to Lajjo further

and she gets a call to come now for the competition. She says I will talk to you later and ends the call. He says you missed my goodluck kiss. The Jalwa dance competition 2014 starts and the announcement is made to welcome all the rising stars. Sagar is very happy seeing Lajjo walk in looking very pretty. He asks her to be confident. Jalwa………….. fashion ka hai jalwa…………….plays…………. Lajjo does the rampwalk and smiles. Barkha looks at her feeling angry. The other girls also come and then Ratri. She also looks hot and Kabir smiles seeing Sagar with a challenging look.

Lajjo comes back on the stage and walks infront. Her gown top comes out and falls, exposing her. Everyone is shocked and Kabir and Ratri smile. Lajjo holds the cloth quickly and is shaken up. She hides her face as the reporters take the pics. Sagar is shocked along with Lajjo. Lajjo starts crying on the stage. Sagar says Lajjo………….. Barkha sees Ratri smiling. The other girls look on. Lajjo runs backstage. Sagar and Anjali come to her. Anjali stops Sagar and says let me talk to her, she won’t want to meet anyone now. Sagar says I have to meet her.

Anjali says let me talk first. Sagar says ok and waits outside. The reporters ask Barkha to comment and she leaves saying no comments. They ask Kabir what will this affect competition. Kabir says nothing, this is just unfortunate and Ratri is a star and she does not need this competition to prove herself. They ask is this publicity stunt. Kabir says its breaking news, I don’t need to tell this, you guys are smart. This becomes a breaking news. They ask Ratri about this. Ratri says very unfortunate, I sympathize with Trishna.

Anjali comes to Lajjo and sees darkness everywhere. She calls out Lajjo and sees her hiding at a corner. Lajjo thinks of her wardrobe malfunction and shouts as Anjali touches her. Anjali says its me, Anjali. She says it was an accident Lajjo, you were performing well. Lajjo says please leave me alone. Anjali says talk to me. Lajjo shouts. Sagar hears this and is worried. Anjali comes out to Sagar and says she is very afraid, she did not even see me. Sagar says I have to explain her it was not her mistake. She says no, she won’t talk to anyone, try to understand, it’s a big thing for a girl like her.

He says that’s why I m worried. She says she will be embarrassed seeing you. Sagar says fine and says bring her to my home, don’t let her go alone. She can’t face any reporter. Anjali says she is completely broken. Sagar feels sad for her. Lajjo cries and says Nikhil will know everything, how will I face him now, what will I tell him now. Nikhil is trying to call her and the tv is on. He gets disturbed by it and turns to see the news about Trishna, having a wardrobe malfunction. Lajjo changes her clothes and wears a saree thinking about that bad moment.

Rancho comes to talk to Lajjo ad hugs her crying. She gives her strength and says don’t worry, KI have come now, lets go home. Anjali looks on. Lajjo cries and says I won’t go out, I don’t have courage to go out. Rancho consoles her. Sagar talks to Singh and wants to find out how did this incident happen. He talks to all the girls and says I want to know who is responsible for this. Anjali comes to him and calns him down. Sagar leaves. Anjali talks to the girls to get come clue. Nikhil is shocked and says Lajjo………..

Barkha is celebrating after what all happened with Lajjo.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks for update how awful will Sagar Anjali and Laajo trust Ratri. When will Ratri dirty work will be exposed. I wished sooner

  2. this is bad tis is really really bad 🙁

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