Gustakh Dil 17th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Gustakh Dil 17th October 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 17th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Nikhil telling Ishaana that I will drop you home. She says no, you have to go to the party and will get late because of me, I will manage. Nikhil says its ok. His friends say Ishaana’s mum will be annoyed if she sees her with you. Ishaana leaves. Nikhil looks on. Nikhil asks Shreya to wait. Shreya says you have to go to the party and you will get late, I will also leave now. Gunjan is making Lajjo ready and takes her photos. Lajjo says she can’t believe its her. Gunjan says I m thinking how will Nikhil react seeing you. Lajjo laughs.

The party starts and Inder introduces his brother in law Ravi to his friends. Barkha meets her friend Ritu in the party and talk and gossip. People are waiting for Nikhil and his wife. Barkha says they might come any moment.

Nikhil comes with Lajjo. She says it’s a great and big party. Nikhil asks her to speak slowly, s it’s a party not her village’s exhibition. Nikhil meets the guests and introduces Lajjo as his wife. Everyone says Lajjo is beautiful. Inder, Barkha and her brother talk about Lajjo. They say Ayesha is worried because of Lajjo. I lost money because of Lajjo, why did she come here in this party, we will have to face embarrassment because of her. Lajjo asks Nikhil what happened to one guy. Nikhil says please… stop it.

Ishaana is on the way thinking about Nikhil. She is upset. She misses Nikhil in her life. The car breaks and the guy goes to call the mechanic. Lajjo is in the party asking why people are hugging. Nikhil says they are meeting. She says in our village, we meet by touching feet. Nikhil meets his friends. Everyone calls Lajjo pretty. Lajjo kisses the woman on her cheek. The woman say omg, whats this. Nikhil says they kiss in air, not on the cheeks. Some other women meet Nikhil and Lajjo. Lajjo meets Parvati and is glad as her cow’s name is also Parvati. Lajjo’s stupidity is making Nikhil insulted.

Parvati gets annoyed as Lajjo called her a cow. Nikhil says sorry to Parvati. Parvati says she is making fun of my name. Nikhil asks Lajjo to say sorry. Lajjo says why should I. Nikhil says everyone are looking at us, don’t argue, say sorry. Lajjo apologizes. Nikhil takes Lajjo with him. Nikhil scolds Lajjo and asks her to stay where he left her, as he has to go to make a call. Lajjo sees the drink and chicken starters. She comes to know its chicken and spits it. Nikhil comes and says what did you do now. Lajjo says I have to wash my mouth. Nikhil thinks what she will do now.

Ishaana is on the road waiting for the mechanic. She says I think I should take a cab as my mum might be waiting. She argues with her friend. He says you are overreacting, lets go nearby and have some food. Ishaana says I don’t want to. He says lets go come on. He requests her and Ishaana agrees. Lajjo is annoyed by her sandals. She stops a waiter and asks for waiter. He says its wine. Lajjo drinks it, Nikhil comes and says what are you drinking, its wine. Someone announces Nikhil and Lajjo’s dance. Barkha and Inder looks on as everyone claps for the couple. Nikhil asks Lajjo to do the same way as he does. Lajjo agrees. The song Hulchul hui…. plays… and Nikhil and Lajjo dance.

Lajjo somehow manages, everyone laughs as her sandal breaks. Nikhil asks Lajjo to sit and don’t move. He asks her not to go anywhere. Ishaana is having panipuri and have fun and smiles. they wait for the mechanic. The car starts and they leave. The guy does it purposely to spend some time with Ishaana. Lajjo hears the women gossiping and how they behave. A guy misbehaves with Lajjo and Nikhil sees them and Lajjo puts the wine on the guy’s head. Everyone are seeing this.

Nikhil brings Lajjo home and says sorry.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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