Gustakh Dil 16th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 16th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nani coming to Nikhil in morning ad telling him about Lajjo being in headlines and she is very happy for both of them. She says its time he goes to bring her back home as she has earned a name. He says yesterday he went to meet her but could not, its tough to meet her now. She says she knows Lajjo’s address and he can go and bring her now. Nikhil is happy and says you did not tell me before. She says that was not the right time. Nikhil says now I will go and meet her. He makes a surprise visit to Rancho’s house to meet Lajjo, and Rancho gets tensed and stops him, asking him why did he come. She makes him busy but he knows Lajjo is there. Lajjo hides seeing him.

Nikhil says I came here to meet your friend as she has to give his loan back. Rancho says what. Nikhil says

yes, I did all the calculations and want my money back from her now. Lajjo looks on amazed. He says I helped your roommate without knowing her, as she is a stranger, and now when I m asking money so you are calling me mean. He says oh stranger, come out, give my money. Rancho argues with him and says don’t do this. He says I have just one moral, Paisa Vasool and jokes. She says I will get angry. He says let it be.

Rancho asks him did he see the hoardings. He says I don’t care, about Ratri and Trishna, don’t divert me. She says Trishna is Lajjo. He says so what, I want my money. Lajjo gets sad. Rancho says is money important to you than Lajjo’s hoardings. He says yes, its my hard earned money, don’t emotional blackmail me, call your friend out now. She says I m talking to you about your wife and you are talking about my room mate. He says yes, as I gave money to your room mate. He says why does she not come infront of me and irritates Lajjo.

Lajjo comes out and says its her. Nikhil is so happy seeing her and his plan worked to meet her. He smiles. She says you are saying this, you will fight with your friend for money, you did not care seeing my hoardings. She starts crying while he is smiling seeing her after a very long time.

She asks why are you laughing. He says I love you and lifts her. He says my Lajjo can never change, even if she becomes superstar. Rancho says you did acting knowing she is my room mate. He says leave form here, I will talk to you later. Nikhil and Lajjo have an eyelock. He gives her hand and says autograph please. She smiles and hugs him. Ratri comes to the costume rooms to damage Lajjo’s dress. Lajjo and Nikhil have a soothing hug. Jabse tere nainon se……………..plays……………They smile and cry with happiness.

He holds her face and bows down. Mann bawra……………plays…………..He gets closer. She says if aunty sees this, she will kick me out. He says now you don’t need to do this, now come with me to our home, you proved more than you said, now no need to prove you, you were perfect before and now too. You are made for me. She says I can’t come now, I m just one step back. He says please don’t be adamant now, come with me, I can’t live without you. She says I know, I also miss you every moment, but I m doing this for you, just few days more, then we will be together.

He says he came to see her in press conference. She says I felt this, I knew you were there. He says I felt happy, but I also felt I have lost you. He says Lajjo, you are Trishna now, a rising superstar, but I was wrong, you did not change. Lajjo nods yes and cries. She says I will ever change, promise. He says I will wait for you and holds her face. She kisses his hand. Ratri calls Barkha and says what she did and how she will ruin Trishna. She says tomorrow Trishna will not come infront of anyone. Barkha is shocked.

Its morning, Lajjo’s mum sees Trishna is Lajjo and is shocked. Her dad comes and says I m proud of her. She reads the article and says its Trishna’s name in this. He says yes, everyone told me this. They are really happy knowing Lajjo is finally proving herself to the entire world. He says it’s a dancing competition where she took part. She says why did she not tell us when we went there. He says she will make Sonbarsa proud. She says why did she change such a good name Lajwanti. He pacifies her saying Yousuf Khan kept his name Dilip Kumar, and now Lajjo will be known as Trishna.

He says she will win this competition tomorrow, the people who insulted her, will bend infront of her and respect her now. Nikhil talks to Nani and says she did not come, just a matter of few days more. She asks what did she react. He tells her everything, I felt happy meeting her, all my fears are gone, she is like simple Lajjo even now. She says she is very happy. He says she wants to come after winning the dance competition, its fine, she will prove mum and society and then she will be here with pride. She says yes, I was afraid she won’t come before winning. He says I m sure she will win and thanks to you for helping her. Barkha comes ad hears them.

Lajjo gets ready for the competition. Ratri thinks her plan will flop.

Update Credit to: Amena

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