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Gustakh Dil 15th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lajjo betting ready. Sagar and Anjali come to see her. She looks stunning in the white gown and Sagar is struck by her beauty. Lajjo asks what happened, am I not looking good. He says no, you are looking beautiful. He says come, lets go. They arrive for the press conference. Nikhil is already waiting there and Lajjo gets down her car while the media takes her pics. Nikhil sees her and is happily shocked to see her so much changed. Nikhil calls Lajjo and she turns to see him. He thinks how she was before. The guard stops Nikhil and Lajjo goes in and thinks of Nikhil.

Sagar takes her inside the conference hall and Nikhil is left alone outside just staring at her while she gets off his sight. She turns to see and then he turns. Ayesha comes to Adhiraj and asks why did you

send the lawyer back. He asks why are you worried. She says your life can get ruined, it’s a murder case, this won’t be done as you say, I will go in court to give my statement and lets see who stops me. He asks why are you helping me. She says I know you are innocent and want to save you. He asks is this the reason. She says I love you, I tried hard to forget you, but I failed.

He says let me prove the truth, I promise if you let me do this, then I will never come back here. He jokes as she comes back to take her bag. She leaves and he smiles. Samrat comes home and Gunjan is glad seeing him. She tells him he missed so many things, Lajjo has changed. He says yes, I know, I saw the hoardings. Gunjan says Nani is supporting now. He asks did you meet Lajjo. She says no, I m sure Nikhil will go to meet her. He says I m proud of Lajjo and smiles.

Lajjo comes home and thinks about Nikhil. Sagar comes to her. She says all this is of Trishna, not of Lajjo, I m my parents’s Lajwanti. She says everyone thought I m misfit in this society. She tells him what Nani told him once, and says she is afraid that if she loses all this. Sagar says nothing will happen like thism you are being what you are, its your talent, world knows this. Lajjo starts feeling sadwhile Sagar talks to her. He asks what happened, why are you lost, is there any problem. She says no.

He says I know something is bothering you, don’t you want to share with me. She says in press conference. He asks what. She says I felt like I have seen him, he was there. Sagar says your husband. She nods yes. He asks did you see him. she says no, but I felt he is near me. She says my heart was saying that he was there. She cries and Sagar consoles her. He says its matter of few days and then you can go back. She says I don’t want anything except him, I want to be with you. I m incomplete without him.

Nikhil sees Lajjo’s pic and talks to her at home. He says I m afraid Lajjo that you can go far from me. Samrat comes and hugs him. He says I came today and came to know everything, good to see you. Nikhil says he went to meet Lajjo today and what happened. He says I felt very happy seeing her, but I m scared that she can go far from me, it’s a big time I met her, I felt my Lajjo is not mine, she became Trishna. He shares his fears with him. He says he could not meet her. Samrat says trust your love, love ends all distance.

Lajjo is still crying. Sagar says you don’t need to become a star. She hugs him. He holds her face and consoles her. He asks her not to call her Sir. She calls him Sagar. She says he saw my hoardings and did not call me, does he feel I m not deserving. He says I m here for you, and this can’t happen, how will anyone not love you after knowing you, you have always been a star, he wipes her tears and cuos her face. He says you are my star and she hugs him smiling.

He thinks this is his imagination. Lajjo asks what is he thinking. He says nothing. He asks her about her husband, he might have seen hoardings. She says yes, he might have seen it. He says he must be proud of you. She says yes, he will be very happy for me, he would be eager to meet me and I also want to meet him, this competition to end and I want to go back to him. Sagar says yes yes. He says do the costumes trails tomorrow with Anjali. She says yes and leaves. Sagar says you love your husband a lot, you trust him, why can’t I accept this, whats happening to me.

Nikhil comes to meet Lajjo at Rancho’s house. Lajjo hides seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Now please let Lajjo meet Nikhil and show some romance between them

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