Gustakh Dil 14th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 14th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikhil apologizing to Lajjo. He asks Lajjo you love me right? She asks any doubt. He says no, I mean you still love me, I always had doubt on you and you have bear everything. She says this is called love. He asks will she able to forgive him, will you be able to forget everything. She gets tears in her eyes and looks at him. He holds her hand. She says don’t apologize to me, I know it very well, that you were more hurt when you have hurt me. He says I know but you did not ever doubt me, even after Jasmine did so much, your trust was there on me and our love, its my mistake, I did not tryst my wife, I was believing Jasmine, I m sorry, I promise I will always trust you. She says fine and wipes her tears. She says she does not want anything else, she just wants his love and

trust. He smiles and asks you still love me. She says more than before. He hugs her.

Lajjo looks around and says what are you doing, we are in someone else’s house. He smiles and says I thought I went in flashback, as Lajjo you spoke as Sonbarsa’s Lajjo. He says he is very shameless, he is thinking to take her to bedroom. She says lets go home, I will pull your ears. She says she will go and meet Shalini now. Ayesha comes to Adhiraj and tells about Rina being caught by police, as she was professional thief. Adhiraj says how did you know this. Ayesha says Saraswati had doubt on her, and Nupur and she has caught her. Adhiraj says you should go home and say congrats.

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She asks about his meeting with publisher. He shows the offer letter. She smiles and says you signed the contract. Adhiraj shows the cheque. She says our first cheque and hugs him happily. Nupur thanks Saraswati. Saraswati asks what. Nupur touches her feet and hugs her smiling. She says I would have gone if you did not stop me, and I would have not got this family, I have everything today because of you. Saraswati says every child has a right to get family’s love. She says everyone is very good here, I came here for few days and gave me so much love, and you belong to this house.

Adhiraj comes to meet Nikhil and tells everyone that his book got published today. Everyone clap. Nikhil says its first, there will be many. They all play cards and enjoy the family time. They have a laugh. Nupur joins them. Barkha says Lajjo has to join us and asks Chaya to make the pakodas. Barkha gets the icecream for everyone. She says that one is of Lajjo and stops Ayesha. Gunjan shares with Ayesha. Nikhil kisses Lajjo on her cheek and asks Ayesha to hold Adhiraj’s hand. Barkha asks him to make Lajjo have the icecream. Nikhil makes her eat and everyone tease them.

Gunjan says Ayesha is waiting for Adhiraj to make her eat it. Adhiraj jokes and they laugh. Lajjo says I always wanted our family to be happy and smiling. Inder says God bles you. Nani smiles seeing things getting fine between Barkha and Inder. Lajjo says we won’t tell anyone good bye here, as every story ends giving space to someone else. She says Radha and LD story, they can become our friends. She says she is Mumbai girl, sharp. She says LD is from Mathura, sportsman and popular with girls, he studies in Mumbai now. Nikhil asks whats this LD. Lajjo says LD’s name is special. She says this is the stpry of their love and hate. LD’s name is Leela Dhar, and he tried to change it, but his grandpa asks him not to feel ashamed of his name, as its his identity. Radha fights with Dada ji and LD gets angry on him. Radha got married to him and even then does not value him.

Radha and LD come to them, and tell about their marriage. They start fighting. Lajjo and Nikhil ask the viewers to love Radha and LD. The Gustakh Dil team thanks everyone. Radha and LD continue arguing and everyone smile seeing them.

Show ended

Update Credit to: Amena

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