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Gustakh Dil 14th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nani telling Barkha that she knew this that she is hiding about Lajjo. She says you did not tell anyone, Inder and Nikhil, you thought how can you stop from a village girl from becoming a star, you did all those dirty games like putting Nikhil’s pic with Ratri. She says now she is a star and you forgot that she loves your son, and he too loves her a lot, he is in this house and doing a job for her. She says he wants to give her the best, even if you want to treat her like junk. He trusts her and his love. Barkha says who cares about talent, its not necessary that she wins, if she wins, even then she can’t come in this house. Nani says she will come, no matter how many times you plan against her, she will win and defeat you. Barkha gets angry.

She says if this is everything

for you, I did not learn to lose and I never challenged Lajjo, she is doing this by her wish, I did not tell her. She says I did not promise Lajjo and Nikhil, that if she become something, I will welcome her in my home. Nani says fine, Lajjo is trying to be between high profile society, they want her autograph today. She says Lajjo has become a star now. Barkha says you amazed me. You did my upbringing in this high society, if she becomes a star, even then she will not belong to this society.

Nani says yes, I m also a part of it, but before it, I m Nikhil’s Nani, whose mum did not give him love, and when he is getting love from Lajjo, you can’t bear this. Barkha says you tire me, I can’t talk now. Nikhil is on the way and sees Trishna’s hoardings. He thinks Lajjo, how can she be on hoarding. He stops his car and comes out to see it. He is surprised seeing it and thinks about her, having heard her on radio, whom Sagar is launging, she is Lajjo. He smiles and says Lajjo is Trishna. Nikhil thinks of her promise and is very happy.

He shouts Lajjo, OMG, you did it, you proved a lot more than you said, I love you. He tells people that’s my wife, see how beautiful she is. He dances on the road. He thinks of Lajjo’s parents who came to meet her that day when he met them. He says you were close to me and I did not know this. He cries with happiness and says I m proud of you Lajjo, I really love you Lajjo. Barkha comes and asks Nani whats this sets. Nani says jewellery. Barkha says I can see that, but what are you doing. Nani says that you should have done. Barkha says why. Nani and Barkha again have an argument.

Nani says I mean its Ayesha’s marriage ahead and nothing is done. Barkha says I just forgot. Nani says you are just thinking about Lajjo and Nikhil, think about Ayesha now. Nani says take this list of jewellery, which we have to make for Ayesha. Barkha says we have last time jewellery. Nani says I won’t let her wear this, I m superstitious, that relation broke off badly. Barkha says fine, what do you want. Barkha says where is your traditional bangles. Barkha thinks Ayesha took it last time.

Ayesha comes asking for her charger and sees the jewellery sets. She smiles. Barkha asks about the bangles and she gets tensed. She says I gave it for polishing, but forgot to take it, I will bring it for tomorrow. Nani doubts on her. Barkha does not think much. Anjali and Lajjo have done good shopping and Lajjo says I can’t believe this, I bought this with my own money. She thinks about Barkha’s words.

She says I m from a poor family. Anjali asks about her inlaws who are not poor. She says Gunjan and Rishi told me everything. I know you are Nikhil’s wife. Lajjo says I also got to know that day that you are their mum. Anjali says I respect your privacy, now everyone will know, you are a star now, I know Barkha well and that she was not happy with her bahu. Lajjo says she feels I m not suitable for her son. Anjali says yes, but now things have changed. Lajjo gets emotional and cries.

She says now I can to go to Nikhil anytime, it was my promise that I won’t go there till I become deserving according to her. Everyone in Barkha’s house see the newspaper about Trishna. Ravi says when I saw the hoardings, I was shocked, thinking is she Lajjo or not. Inder says I feel I m alone who missed all this. Ravi asks Barkha why is she quiet. Barkha says what to say. I don’t understand. Its just a hoarding. Ravi says she is Nikhil’s wife, just imagine we saw her with lower eyes and now, she is bgreat, we care now.

Meera says its good you are positive now. Ravi says I m not in all this, but I must say it’s a miracle. Iner says she is a real diamond. Ayesha says yes, I have everything but I could not become like her, she is so special and talented. Nikhil comes happily and they show her Lajjo’s pics. He is glad seeing it. He says I saw her on all hoardings, I will catch up later as I have office work. Barkha is tensed. Nikhil comes to his room and sees Lajjo’s news that she has press conference. He says fine, I m coming to meet and talk to you today and smiles.

Lajjo arrives and Nikhil calls out Lajjo. She turns to look at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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