Gustakh Dil 14th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Gustakh Dil 14th February 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 14th February 2014 Written Update

The show starts with a bit of back story to the present situation with clips from various times how Ishaana sidelined her mom and was hell bent on getting Nikhil back.
Also show of Samrat asking Laajo to come back to Delhi but Laajo declined. Ishaana threw Nikhil and Laajo’s pictures which Nikhil picked back from trash can.Laajo’s mom sends Ram bachan to Delhi and then story starts again.

Babuji asks Laajo to bring him a glass of water while she kept looking with pleading eyes towards her babuji
Laajo’s dad reassures her mom who stayed worried.Laajo’s dad goes away and Laajo keeps looking at her mom with sad eyes and her mom scolds her by saying I am just worried ,as I am your mom SANA rocked here

Ram bachan was lying on bed outside and remembered barkha’s

words, He got up and held his head in his hands
Laajo comes and her dad asks how could you hide such a important thing from us. He spoke in very pleading voice
She asks for his forgiveness saying she tried best to fit in but she was just a babul tree of wilderness how could I stay there. I couldn’t give any happiness to my husband .I was just a burden on him. He had to suffer so much because of me .Finally I just came back to my own house(voice modulation here —too good)

she folds her hands and her dad said no my dear its my fault .How could I not see that in a big palace my daughter was like a princess. But couldn’t understand your pain.He said it was our fault. You hid it from us for our happiness . He asked Laajo to give time to her mom as she will be very upset both get overwhelmed and they hug and cry.What a perfect scene of father daughter duo–her dad says — yeh kaari kaari ratiyaan ..beetengi mori bitiya(the way he said it, those tears down his eyes)

Laajo and doctor try to handle the crisis of epidemic. Doctor advises everyone to be careful as disease was contagious.

Doctor said I would go to city to seek help as I need to find a way to stop spread of this disease to healthy people of the village( I feel these scenes are getting repetitive and need to be shown less now).Laajo wants to stay there and treat patients, she tries to remember how bheja had gotten itch in old days ,she smiles but si reminded of reality by doctor’s assistant,. Doctor teaches Laajo to give injections .He returned her jewelry saying he is seeking help from administration in city first..

Aditi is at Barkha’s house.Barkha tried to explain to that Laajo was gone. But Aditi said it was like extra marital affair. But nani started her funny rant about how it was part of society and anyways everyone knew about Nikhil and Ishaana’s affair.

Barkha tried to tell aditi about Divorce papers but Aditi is adamant .Ishaana comes there from upstairs and is very rude to her mom .Nani looked thoughtful (may be it is my imagination).Ishaana said that I would take signatures from Nikhil on divorce papers. Aditi said you can try but will Nikhil divorce her. Ishaana was going through dupaata’s Nikhil brought but it did not have mauve color . Ishaana did not like them. He said somehow you are never happy with me.Then Nikhil said you look good in every color so I brought them and I feel I would have to sell dupaatas in your love(what was need of that stupid scene.)

Ishaana tried to ask what next but Nikhil tried to make a light conversation about finding a job selling duppatas but Ishaana said I want to know when are you signing divorce papers.Nikhil was not happy with that .He tried to ignore that talk and tried to distract Ishaana by promising about new mauve duppatta. then Nikhil advertises for Hockey league. When Ishaana insisted then Nikhil said I would think about it and then distracted her again. Ishaana got thoughtful thinking I knew you would ignore this but I would make sure you sign those papers

Pre cap Laajo is in dispensary thinking there is no one missing her or love her while Nikhil is having dinner alone at dinning table remembering how Laajo used to wait for him for dinner

Update Credit to: sami01

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