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Gustakh Dil 13th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rina putting the knife on Nupur’s neck. Saraswati is shocked. Sagar says I have recorded our talk, its all gone, Nikhil says this was expected, I m not a fool, I know what are you trying to do. He says Jasmine exposed you, so you want to defame her. Jasmine says no need to blame Sagar, even Lajjo is involved, she wants a chance to break our friendship, she is jealous of me. Lajjo asks why will I. Jasmine says as Nikhil spends more time with me, Lajjo feels you have started loving me. Jasmine says Lajjo cheated you, and doubting you. She has insulted me always, she is a cheat, she is not as good as you. Lajjo slaps her. Nikhil looks at Lajjo being shocked. Sagar smiles.

Rina ties Nupur and Saraswati to the pillar and says she will run with all items, everyone will

come late today. She takes the bag and starts leaving. Barkha comes with the police and stops Rina. She says she is the woman, and is shocked seeing Nupur and Saraswati tied. She frees them. The inspector arrests Rina. Barkha asks who is she. The inspector says she is a clever theif. Barkha apologizes to Nupur and Saraswati, and says its good I came on time.

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Nikhil says I m sick of Lajjo and Sagar, just get out of here. He shouts on them. Lajjo says I want to bring the truth out today. Jasmine has lied about me, I will tell everything. She says she has blamed Sagar and I want to clear it. She says sorry Jasmine, your plan has failed. She says we know that Sagar’s pendrive was not having any proof, the original is with me. Jasmine is shocked. Lajjo says all data is in this, I knew you will do something that Nikhil can’t see the proof. She says sorry Sagar, I have hidden the original one, to show it on right time. Sagar smiles.

Sagar plays the pendrive and the recording starts. Nikhil is shocked to hear Jasmine saying she has blamed him of molestation, and why did he not expose her. He hears Jasmine saying she can do anything for Nikhil, she has already started. Nikhil looks at Jasmine and says enough, I heard and I don’t want any proof now. He says so this is real Jasmine, this is your truth, you are my friend and cheated me. She cries and says no, this is lie. She says Sagar planned this with Lajjo.

Lajjo says if this is lie, what about this, this is the truth right. She shows Nikhil and Jasmine’s close up pics, as she has sent it to her, after making Nikhil drink. She shows her message and pic to Nikhil. He is shocked. Lajjo says if you are his real friend, why did you send this pic. Shalini comes to them. Lajjo says if you did not wish to break my relation with Nikhil, why did you send this. Shalini says Lajjo is right, I m saying this, I m Jasmine’s mum, Nikhil can trust me. She says all the misunderstandings are because of Jasmine, she wanted to break your marriage.

She says Jasmine did hotel cancellation, and she instructed waiter to mix something in Lajjo’s drink, she took you to Agra to show you some wrong picture. Nikhil says Jasmine did this with me, I thought you are my true friend. Jasmine says I m sorry and cries. She says I did this for you. She says I love you a lot, and can’t lose you, I thought if Lajjo goes from your life, you will become mine forever. Nikhil says you deserve this, I won’t see your face from today, our friendship is over.

Shalini apologizes to them on Jasmine’s behalf. Saraswati tells everyone that Nupur has helpd her in catching Rina. Barkha says thanks, that was brave of you. Inder says I m proud of you. Nupur says the credit goes to Saraswati, she caught Rina by doubting her. Barkha says yes, she is brave too. Gunjan apologizes to Nupur and thanks her for saving our home. They smile. Shalini tells Lajjo and Nikhil that Jasmine can harm herself in anger. They go to Jasmine.

Jasmine tells Shalini that she does not love her, she is taking revenge. She ruins the room and says you just love Adi. Shalini says I love you more than Adi, that’s why I protect you, you were wrong. She says it was not love, you will get love on right time, become strong, I will take care of your treatment, I love you, don’t feel you are alone. Jasmine hugs her. Shalini says I will get Adi home, I can’t manage things alone. She thinks Adi has to come home for her and Jasmine.

Nikhil apologizes to Sagar. Sagar says he is glad that there is no misunderstanding now. He says you both are made for each other. He says I just want you both to be together and happy. Nikhil says so you have forgiven me. Sagar says on one condition, you will never hurt Lajjo. Nikhil smiles. Sagar shakes hands. Sagar leaves. Nikhil looks at Lajjo.

Nikhil asks Lajjo does she love him. She asks any doubt. He says I have always doubt you, will you be able to forgive me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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