Gustakh Dil 13th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 13th March 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 13th March 2014 Written Update

The show starts with both younger girls cleaning and studying. Saraswati starts getting food ready for Laajo when someone complains about Laajo stealing guava from his Fields. But Laajo came back with guava. He said your daughter is married now, she needs to behave herself. Saraswati started to run after laajo to beat her but Ram bachan stops her .Saaswati started to feel happy about Laajo’s cheerfulness.(come on guys what was need of that ,so why was Laajo on her death bed all sad and ready to die for Nikhil, I have no idea guys).she told Ram Bachan that our daughter has come back,same old Laajo.
Nani,barkha and Inder were having tea with barkha thoughtfully thinking that Divorce opapers must have reached Laajo as it takes about 5 days for registered mail to reach.Nanai said both

Nikhil and Ishaana are going to London in 3 months so we need to think of Nikhil’s future.Barkha said she si thankful that Nikhil’s in laws ddi not demand anything from them, while inder was not happy with this observa tion.Inder was thoughtful throughout the scene.Nani went on to say that why don’t we get Ishana and Nikhil engaged as we cant marry them until divorce proceedings are fully done. After all Ishaana would need some commitment.
Nikhil came downstairs and heard last part of conversation. He asks nani what commitment. She said I understand you two watch films together and all but what about good news about spending life together.And she asked him hwo was film? He answered -well it was time pass.You could see Nikhil was not happy with conversation. Nani went on to say they should get engaged.Nikhil said Nani but I am still legally married,don’t you think we should wait.Barkha went on to say Laajo’s documents wile b back soon, am sure she has no objection, otherwise she wouldn’t have left.Inder said I think we should wait, even though it was very easy for us to sign and send divorce papers but it may not be easy for Laajo to sign those papers. Nikhil looked very uncomfortable during this conversation. Barkha rebuked Inder while Nani went on about confused men(who can be more confused than your grandson nani)
Both nani and barkha blackmail Nikhil into saying yes.He said may be you are right, may be I should get engaged to Ishaana(he was not at al happy saying all this”so I am not at all angry with him today. his days of peace are so glad).
Laajo was talking to jamunia ,she had Nikhil’s gifted bell on, she told jamuniya that my mom’s babuaji(Nikhil )gave you this. She went on to show the bracelet he gave her and said he put it in my hands himself. She went on to tell jamuniya how Nikhil had cared for her when she had her hand burnt and hwo he came running for her when she got sick. She said everybody asks me why ddi I not go back to Delhi with him. even my parents and sisters must be thinking. But what can I say? I love him and did not go with him for his happiness sake.Saraswati overhears and looks shattered. (Amazing performance by sana”she rocks such scenes, emotional touching scenes ..too good)
Buaji and Chachu are talking, chahu looks sad and thoughtful bua asks what is wrong?
He said he is so worried about babuji,he is very upset about Laajo and is reading bhagwat Geeta(religious book that teaches one about good deeds and destiny etc”amazing Indian philosophy as well)bua said baba will go to haridwaar ,chahu tried to coax her to go to Delhi but she declined.
Saraswati asked Laajao do you love your husband, she said yes mom but is it wrong .Her mom said no From childhood one is taught that one should love her husband ,so how is it wrong. Love is not about getting person you love, it is also about sacrificing you’re everything for him. Her mom asked is you not angry with him. Laajo went on to ask her mom to stop blaming Nikhil as he had told her beforehand. She said give him your blessings that he stays happy with Ishaana and never think of me(amazing scene yaar am crying)Her mom asked her how will you live alone, she said my life will go on with his memories.
Gang is hanging out. Bheja and Ranjana are talking about new show on Life ok.Ishaana and Nikhil came to den. Ishaana said she has amazing party idea, we will have engagement party for both of us. both bheja and shreya were excited .Bheja went on to say he needs something dhmakedaar (explosive ) just like Trip to sonbursa that changed everyone’s life. Nikhil looks on guilty and rest of clan was shocked. Bheja realized what he just said and looked sheep faced.
Ishaana said no one’s life is changed, everything is just like before.Ranjana snapped and said yes both your and Nikhil’s life is exactly same .but what about Laajo.her life ,would it ever be same..ever. She went on to say one wrong marriage, no no one accidently happened marriage and on top falling ion love with someone…she stopped and Nikhil asked her what falling in love with someone who…she went on to say who could never love her back. Nikhil was shocked to core(amazing job Vibhav salutes) .Ishaana looked mad at Ranjna who smiled serenely. He said no ranjo you are mistaken ,she never loved me.Ranjana said no Nikhil you are one mista ken ,how could you not know, don’t act as if you did not know, did you not see her love for you.

Pre cap”sarswati is worried that laajo loves Nikhil while ram bachan thinks lord shiva has put this love in laajo’s heart and wil show right path.I shaana is saying so what if Laajo loves Nikhil both Nikhil and I love each other, isn’t it Nikhil.but Nikhil just left…

Update Credit to: sami01

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