Gustakh Dil 13th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Gustakh Dil 13th February 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 13th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo asking doctor kaka to talk to the city doctors. Doctor kaka says stop it now, come here infront of me, sit, whats all this, you are saying you won’t go back, does your parents know about this. Lajjo says no, don’t tell them, if they know this, they will not be able to live. Doctor kaka says they will know it some day and they will ask you why are you not going back, till when will you hide this. Lajjo says till I can hide it. Lajjo says my mum in law is right, I don’t deserve her and her family. Medicines fall by Lajjo’s hand.

Rancho talks to Ishaana and says you wanted Lajjo to go, but now why are you upset. Ishaana says I felt bad, seeing Lajjo’s dad like this, I really felt bad. Nikhil will give divorce to Lajjo. Nikhil will marry me, but

what about Lajjo. She is not like us, she won’t marry again. Ishaana says I m not this bad. She starts crying. She says I know Nikhil loves me, there is nothing wrong in it. Rancho says there is a difference, you know Lajjo wants Nikhil to be happy, she loves him a lot, you know that, still she left Nikhil, she is a villager, she is an illiterate but she did what you could not do.

Lajjo knew where she has to stop, so she left. You did not let Nikhil stay happy with her. Nikhil comes to Samrat and says I m sorry. Nikhil says I should have said that day. Samrat says its ok, I did not feel bad. Samrat asks him to think again about his relation with Lajjo. He says I don’t know about you and Lajjo, but give her a chance as she is a good and true girl. Nikhil says I know everything that she left me so that Ishaana and I can stay happy. Samrat asks whats the problem.

Nikhil says Lajjo did not tell anything to her parents, but Barkha told her dad. He was shocked knowing it. I felt bad seeing that. He says its happening because of me. I ruined Lajjo’s life and hurt her family. But I m not a bad guy. I took away Lajjo’s happiness. Lajjo’s mum is waiting for her husband. Lajjo comes home. Lajjos’ mum asks her where is your jewellery. Lajjo’s dad comes home and is upset. Inder and Samrat talk about Nikhil. Inder says its not Nikhil’s mistake in this. He went on me, he thinks about everyone, he wants everyone to be happy. He is a weak man by heart like me.

Samrat says you are not weak. Inder says I m else I would have gone with you to meet Baba. He says I m unable to face Baba. Baba and Barkha are strong individuals, and I m stuck between them. Samrat makes him relax and smile relieving him of the tension. Inder and Samrat have a laugh. Lajjo’s mum asks Lajjo to get ready while Lajjo wants to talk to her dad. Lajjo’s mum asks what happened to Nikhil’s house. He sees Lajjo laughing with her sisters and smiles.

Lajjo’s mum sends them out. He looks at Lajjo and says I have went to Nikhil’s house, they welcomes me so well. He lies to her and says they were very happy to see me. They have praised Lajjo. Lajjo hears this and understand he is lying. Lajjo’s mum is happy. She asks what will Lajjo do here with us. He says they did not tell me anything to bring Lajjo. Lajjo looks on and cries.

Ishaana asks Nikhil what have you decided about your divorce. Nikhil looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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