Gustakh Dil 12th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 12th March 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 12th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Gunjan saying Nikhil that everyone gave money and jewellery last time to Lajjo when she went home, but she left everything here and took only books. She says she does not want anything from you. When there is no relation, what will she do with things. Nikhil leaves. Lajjo’s mum asks her daughter to go and study. Samrat and Anu come to meet Lajjo. Her mum says sit and talk, I will bring food. Lajjo asks them to sit. She talks to them. Samrat says I m thinking to write an essay on Sonbarsa.

Ayesha comes to a restaurant with her friend. No table is free. She sits with someone sharing the table. She talks to her friend about music. The man says I like people who loves music, can we become friends. He says what a musical name Ayesha, nice to meet you. Adhiraj comes

there. She asks what are you doing here. He says I have some work with you. She says I m busy. He asks for Rs. 7.50.Anu talks to Lajjo’s mum saying I know you are annoyed with Nikhil and us. Her mum says I was shocked to know it, I was angry and sad. I spoke rudely with you, I m sorry.

Anu says its fine, your anger was justified. The man says is this your friend circle. Ayesha says he is not my friend. Adhiraj says really, then why did you come to my house. The man says you went to his house? Ayesha scolds Adhiraj. Adhiraj talks sweetly and says you did not like me infront of that handsome man, why. She gives him a note and says keep the change. He says no, I won’t take tip. He says thanks for the tea which you did not give me. He gives her the change back.

Nikhil comes home and sits for dinner. He thinks about Lajjo. Barkha comes to him to talk to him about Lajjo. He says I did not leave Lajjo, she left home by her wish, I don’t deserve your forgiveness. She says I know I have been harsh with you, I know I felt you are responsible for all this. He says Im your mum and I do care. Nikhil says a 7yr old kid lost his brother and mum, I don’t believe you are forgiving me for Lajjo’s sake, that I should not let her come back. Barkha says I…. He says I did not know Lajjo is so important in this house. She says I lost my two sons that time.

Nikhil says how should I explain myself. She says let me try once. He says why, for Lajjo. He leaves. Barkha tells this to Nani that she tried to talk and forgive him. Nani says that was one little step, its not easy for Nikhil and you. Nani says everything heals with time. Lajjo is with her mum. Nikhil is with Ishaana. Kinaare……. Plays….. The time passes. Barkha is happy seeing Nikhil with Ishaana. Lajjo gets her anklet. She wears it and runs.

Shreya tells Nikhil that Lajjo loves you. Nikhil is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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    Hopefully Laajo and nikhil reunite

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