Gustakh Dil 11th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Gustakh Dil 11th October 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 11th October 2013 Written Update

Barka’s Room:
Barka and Nani are talking and Nani says to Barka, “here we are talking about getting rid of this girl and your inviting guests over?” Barka says to her mom “I’m finding a solution”. Nani responds “Solution, what kind of solution?” She says to her mom, “Nikhil informed us that this girl is his wife. But now it’s time for him to accept her in front of society and in front of his friends…I guess it’s time for him to for him to tell everyone (sarcasm really suits Barka, )… and you know once Mrs. Ahuja is here…” (at this particular point in their conversation, Inder has arrived home and is in the doorway to his room)). She continues with “You know her well”…(she lets that sentence just trial…) Nani’s wheels start to turn and she finally

clues into what Barka’s up to and says “Oh my baby is so smart…God Bless Me!”
Anyway, at this point Inder (still by the doorway) says “Barka? What are you doing? There are so many problems at home and your inviting the Ahuja’s over?” (meanwhile Nani has gone and sat on a chair in the corner of the room so she’s still privy to the convo between husband and wife)
Barka acts all innocent and replies “What’s the problem? It’s been many days since we’ve met. I’ve just invited her for lunch to talk.” To which Inder replies “Talk? With Mrs. Ahuja? You know right that Mrs. Ahuja doesn’t “talk” she only gossips! And I bet that once she arrives here the only thing she’ll do is gossip about Sid and Ayesha.” Barka responds and says “Reeeally? (there’s that sarcasm again) Is that such a secret anymore? That happened in front of everyone Inder! Everyone knows about it!” Inder responds saying “Yes, but everyone does not know that Nikhil has gotten married so why do you want to take that risk?”
“III…Want…To…Introduce…Nikhil’s Wife!…exclaims Barka (imagine all this with the pauses between each word and plenty of hand motions and eye rolling and of course we can’t leave out the sarcasm can we? )
Inder exclaims “What??? Laajo? You want to introduce that girl in front of everyone as Nikhil’s wife? Have you lost it! Have you gone crazy???”…
“Why not?” Barka responds. “She’s Nikhil’s wife. We all know that. Don’t you?” (lol, she’s at it again). “The only benefit of hiding that girl Inder, was when we still had hope that Nikhil would agree to take her back home and you know full and well that Nikhil will not do that! How long will we hide her for? We’ll have to tell everyone won’t we???” (acting all innocent with that question)
Inder at this point, (I’m sure it had not only to do with the fact that he knows her well but probably something to do with her antics during the conversation you know the sarcasm, hand movements, acting all innocent etc.) basically is not buying her story ). He says to her “Barka, don’t give me these reasons! What exactly are you trying to do? What’s your plan? Your planning to shame and humiliate her further aren’t you? Or are you trying to embarrass Nikhil? What is it??? And why? Why don’t you just leave that poor girl alone? As it is she stays holed/locked up in her room the whole day why don’t you just leave her alone!”
Barka finally (looks like it took her a moment to think of another cover story ) responds with “Embarrass Nikhil????” (as if she could ever do that even in her wildest dreams ) “That’s something Nikhil should have thought of when he decided to get married! And Inder, bringing that girl out of her room is what I am trying to do!” (Lying with a straight face to her hubby, gotta give Barka kuddos for that one too) Finally Nani (who’s been lying back on the chaise, listening in on their conversation and every now and then nodding her agreement with Barka in the corner where no one is noticing her… pipes in “Of course, after all it’s her right to live life too, to stay happy, God Bless her” (now I see where Barka gets the theatrics from).
Inder says “You know what Barka? If you think by doing all this you will be able to change/influence Nikhil’s, then you are wrong. I’ve talked to Nikhil and he will not send that girl back to her village. So it would be better if you would just accept her. Please…”
Barka replies “I’ve accepted her… Plus it’s not us, but Nikhil that has to accept her. In front of our society and friends…And I’m just trying to help Inder (yeah right you are) because you won’t do anything”…(great job…she turns the tables on Inder). “Let me do something” she utters…

Meanwhile at the hospital the gang is all standing outside Ishana’s room waiting to find out how’s she’s doing. When her mom comes out they inquire about Ishana. She tells them that she is now out of danger. They’re all relieved to hear this and ask if they can see her. Everyone is filing into Ishana’s room and just as Nikhil is about to enter, Ishana’s mom stops him.
She says to him “Nikhil, you can’t go in” Nikhil says “Aunty, please…” she interrupts him and says “Why Nikhil? Is there anything left for you to do? Do you want to kill by daughter too? Why won’t you leave my her alone? If you can’t give her happiness than at least let her live. I have no one in my life except for my daughter…Please don’t take her away from me.”(she puts her hands together in front of him)…She then says to him, “Go from here!!!! If you don’t go I’ll call the police!” {Poor Nikhil he’s so hurt and shocked to hear his aunty say this to him, yet it is necessary for him to hear it as has to choose either Laajo or Ishana he can’t have both… (as the saying goes…You can’t have your cake and it it too…)}

Rishi’s Room: (Nikhil’s younger cousin brother/Gunja’s brother)
Laajo goes to room Rishi’s room, there she finds him having a hard time doing some math question. She listens to him talking out the math question to himself and decides to help him. She does the question in a matter of seconds and he’s amazed as he’s been trying to figure the answer out for a couple of hours. He tells her she’s a genius. She says how come you look so stressed. Rishi proceeds to tell her of a big list of homework assignments he has yet to complete, amongst them happens to be an art project. Laajo says she’ll help him by doing his art project for him. Rishi thanks her and explains to her what needs to be done.

Nikhil’s Room:
Nikhil is all upset and crying thinking about his relationship with Ishana. He ends up falling asleep (fully clothed) with his and Ishana’s album on his chest… Later that evening, Laajo comes to his room to say something to him. She finds him asleep and decides to make him more comfortable. She removes his socks, shoes, watch and then the photo album. She’s about to turn the album over and have a peek (a pic of Ishana and Nikhil was obviously what she would find) but before she could do so Nikhil moved in his sleep so she quickly closed the album, covered him with a blanket and left…

Laajo’s Room:
Next morning we see Laajo in her room busy working on Rishi’s art project (looks like she’s making a 3D model). She says to herself she wants to do her best as it’s a matter of honor for her village of Sonvarsa… Of course being Laajo, she manages to spill a couple of the paint bottles and makes a mess trying to clean it up with her hands (you’d think she’d grab a rag to clean it up but then I guess we can’t have Monday’s drama can we???). She ends up wiping her paint covered hands all over her face and even has a few streaks in her hair. She continues on with the project (leaving the whole mess of paint on the floor and on her hands (of course not realizing she has some on her face too) and admires her project and says to herself that Rishi bhai will be very happy too…

Nikhil’s Room:
Nikhil wakes up and wonders how he ended up covered with a blanket, as he’s removing the covers he notices he’s barefooted too. He looks over and sees his shoes & socks by the bottom of the bed…Then he starts feeling his chest wondering where the album went (now you’d all think he would have noticed it wasn’t there right away since he was sitting up and I’m sure he would have noticed the album sliding/falling down as he sat up). Anyway he looks around and he notices his album, phone and watch all to one side of the bed. He’s very relieved to see the book, he reaches over grabs it and then hugs it to him. Then his next order of business is to pick up the phone and call Shreya to see how Ishana is doing. Shreya assures him that Ishana is fine and that she will stay with her and take care of her and tells him not to worry…
Then a servant comes to Nikhil’s room and tells him that Barka wants to see him downstairs. Nikhil asks “Why?”. The servant replies he doesn’t know why so Nikhil says tell her he’ll be down.

Downstairs in the Living Room:
The Ahuja family plus Barka and Nani are all having tea. First thing Mrs. Ahuja asks “Barka, what’s the matter? I heard that Ayesha engagement broke…Is that true?” Barka is about to answer her but Nani steps in and says “Unfortunately, it is. Nothing personally really, just a business deal that went sour and affected the engagement.” At which point Barka chimes in and says “It was just a sad episode for the family.” Mrs. Ahuja responds saying “You know the saying everything that happens, happens for the best. I’m sure Ayesha will get suitors even better then him”. To which Barka happily agrees. Some small talk ensues and then finally Nikhil arrives, and joins everyone at his mom and Nani’s request. (both btw are acting so pleasant ).
Barka asks to Nikhil “You probably haven’t meet Nana before have you? That’s Vicky’s wife.” (Mrs. Ahuja’s DIL and son) Nikhil greets her.
She then says to Nikhil (as if the thought just occurred to her “Oh yes, and why don’t you introduce your wife to Vicky? (Nikhil looks at his mom in amazement,as if to say what are you up to now???) . “Why dont’ you call her…” she continues.
Of course gossip central gets a hold of this tidbit of information and she’s ready to bite. She exclaims “What are you saying??!! Nikhil got married???? Where??? With whom??? Sharma’s daughter? What was her name… oh yes, with Ishana?”
(Nikhil at this point is still staring at his mom thoroughly perplexed while pissed I’m sure!). Barka replies “No, not with her, Mrs. Ahuja”.
Nani decides she wants part of this entertaining convo and says “Actually Nikhil just meet Laajo a short while ago”…
Hearing the name Laajo…, Nana finally decides to speak up she says “Laajo???” (Nikhil looks at her when she repeats Laajo’s name , as I’m sure he detected the laughter in her voice..) and Nani decides she’s going to expand that even further and say “Lajwanti is her name”. Hearing the name Vicky starts to snicker and his wife elbows him (although I’m sure she was trying hard to keep a straight face too). Of course a point to note here is that Nikhil seemed to notice this too as he hadn’t looked away yet from when Nana said “Laajo”…
Mrs Ahuja not wanting to be exuded says “How romantic, it must have been love at first sight! Is that right Nikhil?” Nikhil just gives a small affirmative nod… (what else was he supposed to do)
Vicki says to Nikhil “That’s quite a surprise!” Barka replies “Actually that was quite a surprise for all of us.”
Finally after all this time Mr. Ahuja gets a chance to finally say something and chirps in “That’s not fair Barka, you got your son married and you didn’t even bother telling us he was married let alone invite us to the wedding?” Barka apologizes to him and says “As I had mentioned, everything happened quite unexpectedly. We didn’t actually get anytime to inform anyone. And you know our DIL arrived at our home quite unexpectedly too…” and then she gives a small laugh…
Mrs Ahuja then asks the ultimate question “But where is she?”
Barka turns to Nikhil and says to him “Yes, where is she Nikhil? Why don’t you call her down? Bring her her and introduce her to everyone.”
Nikhil doesn’t say anything just stares at his mom so Vicki says to Nikhil “Why are you being so possessive about your wife? Why don’t you call Bhabi down so we can all see what taste “Nikhil the perfectionist” has?”
Nikhil trying to avoid the situation says “Actually Vicky, she’s taking a shower so it will take her a little while”.
Nana responds for all saying “It’s okay, we can wait, where all excited to meet your wife Laajo…” Nani (having a super big smile on her face) says “Lajwantiii”…
Barka then turns to her mom and say “Mom, why don’t you go up and get her instead” (Boy the two of them are having a blast with their acting today). Nani agrees and is about to get up to go get her but Nikhil stops her and says he’ll bring her down himself. { guess he wants to prep/warn her before bringing her down or perhaps he knows that they’ll (Nani and his mom) will bring her down in what ever state she’s in ehhh???}

Nikhil goes to Laajo’s room and says “Laajo”. Before he can say anything else Laajo says to him “I’m glad your here…It took me a lot of time and effort to make this effort and the gate’s falling of…(she’s still on the floor with the art project, covered in her mess of paint – thank goodness Nani didn’t go and get her…-I just hope everyone’s not impatient and decide to come up and see her themselves). Anyway she turns her to face Nikhil and he sees the mess she’s made of herself…

Update Credit to: Parm

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