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Gustakh Dil 11th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Barkha asking Nupur to stay in her house. Iner and Nupur are shocked and look at Barkha. Barkha says their relation can’t change and she knows Nupur is his daughter, she will stay here. Nupur touches her feet and Barkha says girls don’t touch feet, you can stay in Samrat’s room. I will make Ayesha’s room ready for you after some time. Nupur looks at Inder. Nikhil is in kitchen. Nupur calls him Bhaiya and says she will help him. He looks at her as she cries. He asks what happened. She says nothing, I have seen many ups and downs, and get emotional. I don’t know how to react.

Nikhil says so this time whats the reason. She says I m happy, as mum accepted me. He says its good, why are you crying, fool, my mum accepted you, its not a joke, you don’t know her,

the secret is she did not accept me. She looks on stunned. He stops and says anyways, leave it, if mum accepted you, I don’t have any reason to not accept you. He says help me and gets his hand burnt by touching milk vessel which was hot. She gets ice and treats his hand. He looks on and smiles. She asks what happened, why are you laughing, are you joking. He says no, leave the ice and shakes hand saying welcome to the family, Nupur Bharadwaj, you are my younger sister, so I can pull your leg, its my right. She smiles.

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He says Ayesha got married and left, so she will take her place. She says I did not come to take anyone;s place, but to make my own place. They laugh and he hugs her. Inder talks to Barkha and thanks her. She cries and says she knows he made a mistake, and he accepted it late. She says even I made many mistakes and you always supported me. He says you have forgive me many times, can’t I forgive you once. He holds her hand and says I m really very sorry.

She says I can’t promise I can give love to Nupur, but I will try. He smiles. Saraswati talks to Lakhi. Lakhi asks when will we go home. Saraswati says we will go home, but why. Lakhi says she is missing Dhani. Saraswati says we will go and thinks she is not feeling things right between Lajjo and Nikhil, how can she go. She asks Lakhi not to get after one thing. Ayesha and Adhiraj argue over Nupur’s matter. She says Barkha did not do right to accept Nupur, it means she accepted dad’s extra marital affair. He says if she did not, will the truth change.

She says what do you mean, a husband can cheat and wife has to forgive him. He asks her tho think that her dad did one mistake, and Nupur was born, he did not do any other mistake. Ayesha says I will never accept her, even when everyone does. He holds her hand and says your anger is right, but Inder made the mistake, he did not kill anyone like my dad, you used to tell me that I should forgive my dad. She recalls. He says I could not forgive him, as I never loved him, but your dad loved you and he has givem imp to your happiness, he agreed for our marriage, will you not give him one chance. Ayesha thinks. He says I m not forcing you.

He asks her to think once, maybe her heart will agree to accept this. Ayesha cries. He says now ask me how was my day. She says I m so sorry, I forgot to ask. He says his meeting is tomorrow, with a leading publisher, he is interested in printing my book. She gets glad and hugs him. He says nothing is final. She says I m sure it will be published and be super hit, as you are a good writer and good human being. He hugs her and they smile.

Lajjo comes to her room and Nikhil wakes up. She says she will get tea for him., He tells about Jasmine’s call and he got busy. He asks is she annoyed. She says its fine. He gives an explanation. She says its fine, if friend is in problem, we have to support her, yes I was waiting to talk to you, then I slept. She says she liked a saree, and wants to get one for her, as she is giving this as surprise to Nupur. He says fine, I will get one, as I m going to Jasmine’s place. She says fine, get pink one, bye and leaves. He thinks how is it possible that she is not annoyed or is she showing like this.

Barkha calls Rina and says they won’t be at home for dinner, only Nupur, Saraswati and Lakhi will be there, arrange dinner for them. Rina gets glad and says she was thinking to clean the silver tea set. Barkha says why not. Gunjan says can you help me in choosing clothes. Barkha agrees and leaves. Saraswati tells Nupur that she doubts Rina, she acts over sweet and she is hiding something. She says she is not like she looks, don’t tell anyone, till we get some proof, we can’t tell anyone. Nupur says don’t take tension, I won’t tell anyone, I will help you in finding out.

Nikhil is with Jasmine. Sagar and Lajjo come there. Sagar says I want to show you something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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