Gustakh Dil 11th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 11th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anjali asking Sagar not to have any hope as Lajjo is married. He says yes I know this. Its morning, Rancho and her gang sees Lajjo’s pic as Trishna on the hoardings and are proud of her. Rancho says I brought Lajjo here. They think not to tell this to Nikhil. They think he will see this, maybe he has seen it. Rancho says no, he is not in Delhi, he went to Mumbai. Shreya says don’t you think she will change. Rancho says no, as she just wanted to prove herself and Nikhil’s family respects her. She went much ahead. They are really happy seeing her. Nethra and Jessica is also happy seeing Lajjo’s hoardings that she went ahead of Ratri.

They say Ratri is a cheated and will be jealous seeing this hoardings. They just love Trishna and say she is really a born star. The

landlord is happy and give sweets to Rancho and Shreya. Rancho tells about the hoardings. The aunty says now she is star and will earn a lot. She says I will increase the rents. Rancho says she is a star, why are you increasing my rent. She says Lajjo will pay your rent. Rancho says why will she and jokes.

Shreya and Rancho say will Lajjo change. They come in the room and see her painting. Shreya says we saw your hoardings and joke. Lajjo says I m cleaning the spider webs. Rancho says I said she will never change. They tell her that we all saw the hoardings. But Nikhil did not, as he went to Mumbai, but if he sees this, he will not identify. Lajjo says no, this can’t happen. They say what about Barkha’s reaction, she will accept you. Lajjo says I m doing this so that she accepts me. I should not embarrass them.

Lajjo gets sad. Rancho and Shreya say she will accept you. Now you are a star, the city will talk about you. Lajjo shows them some attitude to scare and then they have a laugh. The lawyer comes to Adhiraj and asks him to say what he tells him in the court. Adhiraj asks who has sent him. The lawyer says Ayesha has sent me, I m advocate Prashant. Adhiraj says I don’t want any lawyer, I can’t give fees. He says Ayesha will give the fees. Adhiraj says I don’t want you, give her my message not to interfere in my case. The lawyer says but you will appoint someone. Adhiraj says court will appoint him, please leave. He leaves.

Nani wants to take Gunjan and Rishi for a surprise long drive. Bakrha too joins them. Nani smiles thinking Barkha will be shocked and says I promise you will be surprise and I wish to see your expressions. Lajjo is blind folded and plays with Mili at her home. Sagar comes there and Lajjo catches him. He holds her as she falls. Lajjo removes the cloth and sees its him. Sagar asks Lajjo to behave like stars. Lajjo asks does stars not play. He says no, of anyone sees you like this, do you understand. Anjali comes and asks whats going on.

He says take her for shopping for tomorrow, buy her some trendy clothes. Lajjo says I have many clothes, so many sarees. He says you are a star now, behave like star, you have to look glamorous. Lajjo is annoyed as she is not loving the star attitude. He says everyone will see you when you go in public, you have to keep distance. Mili says don’t make her star, she is my Lajjo miss. Lajjo says I will be Lajjo for my parents and Lajjo miss for you, I know how to behave with others, sorry. Sagar says pleas etry to understand.

Anjali says she knows, just relax, let me take her to shopping. Lajjo says I have clothes. He says its important conference tomorrow, shopping is necessary, I will play with Mili till then. Everyone is surprised. Mili laughs. Nani brings everyone to show the hoardings. Gunjan and Rishi are very happy seeing her, but Barkha is shocked. She asks Nani why did she not tell her, if she knew Sagar has chosen Lajjo. Nani says if you did not share, why would I, you also knew this Lajjo is Trishna. Gunjan says you knew this and didn’t help her.

Nani says Lajjo does not need anyone’s help and taunts Barkha. She says some people are still after Lajjo, troubling her, but Lajjo has faced all difficulties alone and now she has gone very high and ahead of all of us. Barkha says this is just a hoarding, the show is still not over. She says she has to become a star and she will not win. Nani says she will win and no one can make her lose. Barkha thinks she won’t let this happen.

Nikhil sees Lajjo on the hoardings and think how can she be this. Lajjo is Trishna.

Update Credit to: Amena


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