Gustakh Dil 11th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Gustakh Dil 11th February 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 11th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Doctor Kaka asking Lajjo to stay away from the patients as she may catch the infection. He asks her to go and have food. She says I won’t die if I don’t eat. He says don’t say that again, go now. She says fine, but I will be back soon. Barkha waits for Nani. Nani comes and Ayesha is so happy seeing her. Nani gets a call from home that she got her reading glasses in bathroom. Everyone laughs. Ishaana comes to meet them wearing a saree. Everyone are amazed to see her.

Lajjo comes home asking her mum to give her food as she is feeling much hungry. Lajjo’s mum asks whats all this, where were you. Lajjo says I was in the clinic, the patients are increasing day by day. Lajjo’s mum scolds her for beaing careless and for roaming like she is unmarried. She

asks her to get ready and look like a married woman. Lajjo agrees. Everyone praise Ishaana and says Nikhil will be staring at you for long. Nani says call Nikhil lets see his reaction.

Nikhil comes and is happy to see Ishaana. He says you are looking very beautiful. Ishaana smiles. Nani makes Ishaana stand beside him and says it’s a perfect Jodi. Lajjo gets ready to go to the hospital. Lajjo’s mum asks her where is the sindoor. You are married, the first thing after bath is you should apply sindoor. She applies the sindoor to her. Lajjo cries. Her mum says if you don’t apply, people will make news and gossip. She asks why are you crying, what happened. I m worried. She asks again and again.

Lajjo says I don’t know how to find the cure of the deadly disease. Her mum asks her not to worry and everything will be fine. She says we can’t control over this. Its all fate. Lajjo says do you believe in fate. Her mum says yes, you got married in a good big house and got a good husband, I could not dream such, but you became their bahu, its all fate. Ishaana and Nikhil are in Nikhil’s room holding hands and talking. Ishaana says we will go together for studies. Nikhil agrees and asks her to check about it on net.

Ishaana says I had to go on shopping and I m wearing a saree. Nikhil says you can go in saree too, no problem in it. She asks will you come with me. He says why not. Anu teaches some girls dance. Lajjo comes to meet Anu. Anu is happy to see her and says help me in teaching the dance to these girls. Lajjo agrees. Lajjo tells Anu about the long queue in the clinic. Anu asks Lajjo to learn dance in the city if she can teach the girls being a widow. Lajjo thinks about Samrat’s words about Anu.

Lajjo says don’t lie, I was there when you were talking to Samrat and Samrat showed your sindoor to Baba. Anu is shocked. Lajjo’s dad Ram Charan comes to meet Nikhil. He meets Chaya and gives her the laddos. He says I will leave as no one is at home. Chaya asks him to have some food. Chaya tells Ayesha and Gunjan that Lajjo’s dad came. Gunjan says maybe he came to talk about Lajjo. Chaya says I think Lajjo did not tell her family anything. Ayesha says is she mad to hide from them. Chaya says I think you both should meet him.

Ayesha says we are kids, we won’t talk. Gunjan says it will look rude. Ayesha says you go and talk. Gunjan says I won’t be able to lie. She asks Chaya to say no one is at home. Gunjan says give him some food. Gunjan tells Ayesha I m afraid of the consequences. Lajjo tells Anu that she knows she is not a widow. She says don’t worry, I will keep this secret upto myself. She asks how can you lie to yourself and everyone.

Barkha comes home with Ishaana after shopping. She is shocked to see Lajjo’s dad and asks how did you come, do you want anything. He says I thought to meet you as I came to the city for some work. Lajjo praises everyone a lot. You all have kept her happy giving her love and respect, thanks a lot. Barkha tells Lajjo did not go there to meet you, she went there forever. He looks on and is shocked.

Ayesha tells Barkha that Lajjo has saved her from Sid by sending Nikhil to the farm house on time.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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