Gustakh Dil 10th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Gustakh Dil 10th October 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 10th October 2013 Written Update

The show starts with IS(Ishana mom) searching for her. Ishana does not reply and she keeps calling her name till her room. She shocked to find her on the floor with a slit wrist.
Shreya calls Nikhil and inform him.
Lajjo is feeling suppressed and suffocated of staying in her room as she can’t move in the house also. After talking to herself she decides to make a swing and uses her sari which she ties to the rope in her room. As she sits the rope breaks and she falls down. rishi runs to Lajjo room and asks her if she’s fine’ she reluctantly says yes and Rishi laughs at her for the funny idea of making a swing in her room. They both laugh…
Lajjo sees colours in Rishi hand and says she likes to paint…

In the hospital Nikhil runs to see Ishana and inquire with

everyone present of what happened to her… No one says a single word until Ishana is brought from the operation theater. IM asks the doctor about Ishana? he says he can’t say anything as she’s still weak due to loss of blood. IM asks the doctor if she can go and meet her. The doctor grants the permission to one person only. Nikhil wants to meet her but Im holds his hand sayting she’ll go.
Ishana opens her eyes and tells her mom she must be infuriated with her… IM says no she’s only fear to lose her as she lost her hubby. She tells Ishana if she does not mean anything for her is Nikhil more important for her, he married some one else that mean she must die… Ishana says sorry to her mom. She sees Nikhil standing and watching her at the window. Nikhil recollects all his days with Ishana.

Lajjo goes in the kitchen and asks Sheila for new rope. Sheila asks why does she need new rope again when she gave the rope, just a day before. Sheila taunts her she must have put her clothes without squeezing it.
Sheila asks her to go to the store room and find it herself. Lajjo goes upstairs and enters aakash room she’s mesmerised by all the toys and thinks it must be the store room. She plays with Aakash ball and sees his picture. Barkha arrives and screams at the top of her lungs, finally Sheila arrives and takes Lajjo out, Lajjo asks who’s picture it is?
Barkha says sorry to Akash and put all his toys in place.

in the hospital, Shreya gives some coffee to Nikhil Kunal makes the cup fall and tells him that whatever happened to Iashana is all because of what he did and he’s responsible. Cobra tells Kunal it is not the right time and place to discuss about all these. Nikhil says kunal is right. He hate himself for what he did…

Barkha is in deep thought and NN comes she puts on the light. Barkha asks her to light off. Nn says they are still finding a way to put Lajjo out their house.. Barkkha says how can she reach the room of akash she keeps on roaming everywhere in the house as if she’s the mistress, how dare she?
NN says one day she’ll be the mistress of the house what a big deal it is? they are giving her time to solidify her relationship. at the beginning it is easy to break a relationship but they are giving time to Lajjo and Nikhil to build their relationship. When she’ll be the mistress only God will be their saviour. NN challenges Barkha to put Lajjo out… Barkha calls Mrs Ahuja and invites her for lunch. NN asks her they are searching for a way and she’s inviting people.. Barkha says she finds out a solution NN also gives a thought to it and the scene freezes on both faces.

The Ahuja’s are at Bharadwaj’s place and both NN and Barkha ask Nikhil to bring Lajjo and presents her to the guests.. Nikhil is surprised.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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