Gustakh Dil 10th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 10th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayesha scolding Nupur and saying she can’t become a part of our lives and family. Nupur cries. Lajjo pacifies her. Jasmine asks Sagar why did he call her here. Sagar says calm down, tell me what will you have, take your seat. He says I want to thank you first, your Agra trick has worked out good for me. He smiles and says thanks, for booking just one room for Lajjo and me. Jasmine looks on stunned. She thinks she booked one room. He asks her to sit down and talk. He says I know what you want. She asks really, what do I want? He says what I want? Lajjo and Nikhil’s breakup…. She looks on.

Sagar asks am I right. Jasmine gets tensed. Sagar says you love Nikhil, I love Lajjo. She is shocked. He nods yes. He says you want Nikhil, I want Lajjo. She asks are you serious.

He drinks wine and says I m very serious, now you know I love Lajjo, you know I also want their marriage to break, and here is the thing, to sweeten the deal, I have a special offer for you, I want a new face for my next show and I decided it will be yours. He says I will make you a big star and smiles. She says I have put the molestation blame on you, you did not confront me, you should have proved yourself right. Sagar says yes, but why would I, am I a fool, it was benefitting me, I also wanted them to break up.

He says you wanted Nikhil to hate me and he should believe that Lajjo and I are having affair, even I wanted this. Enemy’s enemy is friend, so I want you to make you a bigger star than Lajjo. She says she did not take formal dance training. He says there are many starts who did not have training, you just need x factor and I can see it in you. He says how did I find Lajjo, she was an illiterate girl and I made her a star, and you are a beautiful Delhi girl. She smiles and says well, it seems like a plan. She asks what was he saying about Lajjo and Nikhil’s breakup, she does not know how will they break up when she becomes a star.

He says please sit, when you become star, you will become famous, people will die to click pi with you, you will be the most desirable woman. He says Nikhil or anyone would like to love you, and when Nikhil starts spending time with you, he will leave Lajjo here with me, he will leave her and we will get our love. She smiles and says she did not think this. He says if you become star, you will win over Lajjo, Nikhil will be yours. She says I m sure of that. She says I m ready to do anything for him. He says I can do anything for Lajjo, shall we increase misunderstandings between them. She says don’t worry, I started.

He says you won’t tell anyone that I m launching you, else Nikhil will doubt, when we get ready, I will tell that you were sponsor’s find. She says yes, it’s a deal. They smile. She says till she gets what she wants, she can do anything. She says I will keep this secret till you want, deal. They shake hands. Lajjo talks to Nikhil and says she wants to keep tuitions for Lakhi at home. He says personal tutor. He says like I was for Mili. He says good idea, keep. She asks him to help her in finding a tutor and she will take Lakhi to computer classes. He says he will think and say.

He says Lakhi is bright, she will do well, she plays good video games. He gets Jasmine’s call and Lajjo gets stunned. Jasmine says Nikhil and cries. He asks why is she crying, as he can’t help her if she does not tell him the reason. She tells about her friend having cancer and he says don’t lose hope, its curable and I will help you. He finds about it and talks to her. She acts really upset and cries. She says I m sorry, I can’t come today for doing the assignment. He says fine, don’ t worry. Lajjo gets upset and cries till he talks for hours.

Inder tells Nupur to stay in hostel as he knows she is not happy in this house. He says I m sorry. Nupur asks when she has to go. He apologizes to her. Barkha comes and says Nupur will not go anywhere. Nupur and Barkha look at her bring surprised. Inder says what do you mean. Barkha says she can stay here in this house. They are shocked.

Nikhil tells Lajjo that he is sorry as Jasmine called. Lajjo says its fine and leaves. He thinks how it is possible that she is not annoyed, or is it she is not showing.

Update Credit to: Amena

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