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Gustakh Dil 10th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikhil looking on while the raid officers cut the flap of his suitcase. They come to know the drug dealer is caught and they rush to him leaving Nikhil. Ahuja takes Mili out to park. Mili says she wants to go to Lajjo and sees her in the park. Lajjo asks with whom did she come. Mili says with Ahuja aunty, please come home. Lajjo says I can’t. Mili says Papa is very upset and finding you. Lajjo asks how do you know this. Mili says I heard everything hiding. Lajjo says bad manners. Ahuja says Mili wanted to meet you, its good you are here, lets go home. She says I know Papa did mistake so you are not coming, come with me, I will ask him to say you sorry.

Lajjo says he promised and broke it. Mili says I will ask him not to do this. Lajjo thinks about Nikhil and their promises.

Mili says you know Papa changed a lot, he does not get angry, and tell me a story at night. Lajjo says taking his side, you will become lawyer. Mili says no, a star like you. Lajjo hugs her. Mili brings Lajjo home. Sagar asks where was she, he was so worried for her. I called you so many times, I went your home, atleast you could have informed us, Anjali was here, I know its my mistake, I m sorry, I know you are upset, sorry.

Lajjo says sorry and anger both. He cools down and says I m sorry. She says I have forgiven you. She says I came here as Mili insisted. He says you don’t know what you are for me……… I mean this competition is important for me. She says its important for me too. Like you have given your everything to it, me too. She says I want to prove that I can do something, I can’t back out, so I came back here. She says this competition is for few time, then we will move on, but Mili will be with you, if you fail and drink wine, how will it affect her. He says you are right, I promise I won’t do this mistake again. She says fine, I will go now. He says no, you will go home late, I will take permission from landlady. She asks why. He says I have a surprise. She asks what. He says I won’t say, you see it.

Nikhil comes home and is worried thinking about the drugs dealing in the hotel. He talks to Lajjo and says I m mad in your love that I m talking to myself, I really miss you. He tells about the police raid when he went to go for diamond set delivery, I m Lajjo’s husband and can’t do anything wrong. I don’t know I was tensed and scared, I did not do anything wrong, I felt like something bad will happen, intuition, I want to take advice from Inder, he already doubts my job, I m alone without you, your promise that we can’t meet and talk, lets meet but we won’t talk, I will see you and become very happy.

Ayesha comes in her room and sees Nani. She asks whats all this. She sees a canvas and all colors there. Nani says I want to judge your state of mind. She says using these colors, your emotions will come out on canvas. Ayesha says whats this therapy, this is ridiculous. Nani says please baby do this for my sake, splash the colors on it. Ayesha throws the colors on the canvas and Nani tries to judge. Ayesha asks do you know you. Nani says OMG, black, this is serious.

Ayesha says everything is black in my life. She leaves. Lajjo asks Sagar where are we going. He says patience. He stops the car on the road and brings her out. He shows her big hoardings of Trishna, that’s her. She is surprised. He says that is Trishna, new look and identity of Lajjo. He says you will be seen like this now. Lajjo thinks about everyone’s words who did not accept her before. She starts crying. Sagar thinks about her confidence and goodness.

Sagar says Lajjo, don’t cry, no one will call you illiterate villager girl now, no one will dare, the one who wanted to see you fail, you have given them answers, you won over them. Lajjo and Sagar smile. He says you are ready to reach sky, Trishna. Nikhil comes to talk to his boss and tells him about the raid. He asks did they get anything. Nikhil says sorry, did I had anything. The boss checks the bag. Nikhil says they were cutting the back flap and they got the drug dealer. He says thank God, we can’t trust them, they can do anything, not to worry, I will get this briefcase delivered.

Nikhil says I will leave. He says you are going Mumbai today, I can’t trust anyone else, this is your ticket, be careful. Nikhil leaves. Sagar comes home and thinks about Lajjo. He smiles and Anjali walks in. He says Lajjo…. Anjali sorry, I thought its Lajjo, why did you come here. Anjali says yes, I saw the hoarding and am very happy for her, is she happy, she might have cried. Sagar says it was a memorable experience for me, she was so happy. She says you are really a star maker. He says no, the credit goes to her. She asks him that Lajjo made a place in his heart. He says what. She says you were thinking about her, you dropped her and waiting for her. Sagar thinks.

Nani takes everyone for long drive. Barkha is shocked seeing Lajjo on the hoardings as Trishna.

Update Credit to: Amena

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