Gulmohar Grand 7th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Gulmohar Grand 7th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neil seeing the cactus and recalling Annie’s words. He smiles and his colleague Rishi smile. Neil says there was something on it. Neil sits seeing the live feeds and sees a lady hiding her face, waiting in the lawn. Neil leaves. Parinda waits for Sid. Ronnie talksVto Neil and asks about Pathak’s daughter, and asks him to see CCTv feeds and find her. Neil tells himt hat he has seen a girl in the garden area and they rush. Annie imagines her mum, coming to talk to her about Jaitley’s love and annoyance with her. Annie says he still loves her.

Her mum asks her to go back and leave trying. Annie says she will try her best and succeed. She wakes up from her dream and cries on not finding her mum. Its morning, Annie looks for Neil and sees the flowers. Neil comes and

recalls her dance. She thinks he will again give lecture to her and says why is he staring. She confronts him and says she did not do anything. He denies and says whats the big deal. They start arguing. She gives his sandwich and he thanks her. He says someone tried to enter the hotel yesterday night, I came to check wires. She goes to pluck flower and he says its not permitted. He leaves. She says I m sorry and plucks a flower/blue iris.

Teeshay says Pathak has locked Parinda in her room. Tina asks whats the matter. Teeshay says she tried to run with her BF and was caught. FB shows Pathak stopping Parinda and failing her plan to elope with Sid. Teeshay says Parinda loves that guy. Tina says she should take a stand for herself. Parinda cries in her cries. Pathak asks her to have food. He calls Neil and asks about securing her room. Neil says yes, we gave a guard there too. Neil sees Ronnie with someone. Ronnie says he is Meghji bhai, a buyer of Gulmohar. Meghji talks to his men and says he will stay here tonight, and Jaitley will surely sell the hotel to us.

Anirudh talks to Jaitley about his meetings. Annie comes to him with his food and also the blue iris. Anirudh talks to him about Meghji Bhai. Annie leaves. Jaitley sees the flowers and Anirudh asks is this those…. Jaitley says yes. Annie thinks Jaitley still recalls his daughter and gets glad. Annie meets Sid and he tells about Parinda, he wants to meet her, they love each other, he has good job but he does not match with their status. He asks her to help her. She says how can I help you, its her marriage today. He asks her to make this letter reach her. She stops him.

Parinda’s Bua tries to convince her for marriage, saying Sid did not come yesterday, he is fraud, forget him. Parinda cries thinking Sid has broken her trust, she did mistake to trust him, if he came yesterday, she would have fought with everyone. She agrees for this marriage and they get glad. Neil sees the cover in corridor camera. He sees Meghji’s men making the hotel dirty. Annie plans to unite Parinda and Sid and Neil argues with her. Teeshay and Tina smile seeing their argument. Neil says he is doing his duty and asks her to stop it, else he can question her. She gets tensed. He leaves. She says why do I get angry on him. Tina says chemistry exists where there is spark.

Annie says she is thinking about Parinda, no one is allowed to go in her room. Teeshay says she will come out, she has spa appointment, I will make this letter reach her. Teeshay gives the letter to Parinda. She gets Sid’s letter and reads it. Sid says he has come yesterday, till then her dad was there, he loves her and can’t see her worried. She cries. Parinda comes to meet designer and asks the security guard to be outside.

Jaitley tells Anirudh that he has kept the money here. Anirudh says we have to call police. Jaitley says Meghji is over police. Anirudh says how did the slab fall when you were seeing the safe and calms him. He asks him to trust him, he won’t let anything happen to him and Gulmohar, and promises him. Annie and Tina tell Parinda that they will help her. Parinda says she knows Sid since she was 16 year old, he has good job, but he is not rich, so dad is objecting. Tina says we will help, call Sid and ask him to reach here at 8pm, everything will be possible by magic. Parinda asks what.

Meghji talks to Jaitley and taunts him. Anirudh talks to him and takes some time to save the hotel. He sounds confident and answers Meghji. Parinda introduces Annie, Tina and Teeshay to her mum. Annie asks Parinda to behave normal, the magic show will start in 15min. Parinda says she is tensed. Teeshay says she will be going from the stage. Parinda smiles. Anirudh says how can the big amount get stolen from Jaitley’s room. Neil says he wants to check and Ronnie panics.

Teeshay says magician is stuck in traffic and Sid is already here. Pathak says he will cancel the magic show and keep engagement first. He announces about the engagement ceremony and invites the guests to bless the couple. Annie says what will happen now. Tina says we tried, no one can change fate. Neil checks the safe and gets the same wrapper there, as seen before which was thrown by Meghji’s men. Neil says if Jaitley could not return the money, it will be profit for Meghji, I think I know who has the money. Neil catches Meghji’s man in the bar and asks for money. The man runs and Neil follows him.

Parinda’s engagement starts and she gets teary eyed. Neil and the goon come there and the engagement starts. Pathak asks whats happening. Neil asks them to bend down and asks the goon to throw away his gun. Neil gets shot and the crowd runs being panic. Tina asks Parinda to run and takes her. Neil catches the goon and Annie sees his hand bleeding. She worries for him. Tina takes Parinda along and they rush outside to meet Sid. Neil says he is fine, he will not die. She stops him from saying so. They have an eyelock. She ties the kerchief to his hand. He leaves.

Pathak asks about Parinda. His wife says she has gone, let her go, everything is over. Annie comes to Parinda and asks her to promise, once everything settles she will call her dad and tell him she loves him. Parinda smiles and leaves with Sid. Anirudh gives the money to Meghji and taunts him. Meghji angrily leaves. Anirudh asks Annie about Neil. Annie says she was helping Neil and he was shouting on her. Anirudh says relax. She says first aid is done, he is fine. She sees time and rushes to take the food for Jaitley. She sees him sleeping and keeps the flowers on the piano. She leaves and he wakes up. He sees the flowers.

Its morning, few men find about the invitee list, who will be staying in Gulmohar grand in the business conference. He informs Vikram that he has got all details. Vikram promises to ruin Gulmohar.

Neil saves Annie and they have a heated argument later on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. by day the story is becoming intresting

  2. Nice show and I loved the cute arguments of Annie and Neel?
    And of course I like the name Annahita its very good ?

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  4. I love this serial. Superb Superb Superb. Sad its just once a week a long time to wait.

  5. nice serial,also like the annahita

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