Guilty,but why?????-#kanchi OS by yaashi

Hii guys.. i was supposed to post first part of my new story Bhaag chale???-Lets elope..
But writing this os before .. will post it soon ..
So lets go,
it was late night around 1.00 pm ,
Kabir was walking restlessly in his office since one and half hour.
He was constantly thinking about last night and his lady love. Who?? Ofcourse sanchi!!! Who else!!!!
” ohh god,i m feeling so guilty! I need to meet sanchi right now”
Actually they were dating since two month now,but secretely..
Last night ,
Sanchi was working in record room,when ria locked the door from outside unaware of the fact that kabir was also there … poor ria!!!!.
So they were locked in the room ALONE..
after doing some lovey dovey talk,they slept there..
After sometime kabir woke up and saw the most beautiful sight of the universe…. his lady love sleeping peacefully with her mouth slightly open…
Her eyelashes were closed and adding more to her beauty. He smiled at her .. he bent down slightly and kissed her cheek..
And now,
He was feeling guilty for kissing her without her knowledge 😀 😉 😉 ..
He tip toed inside the dorm and his eyes searched for his lady love.. finally he found her walking in corridor alone!!! He finally reached behind her and hold her waist from behind …
“aaaahhhh,Bhoot…bhoot…bhoot…bhoot ..bachao bachao .. me marna nahi chaahti.. koi bachao” she start yelling…
“Shhh,shhhh its i look like a bhoot(ghost)” He was finally successful making her silent..
“Yup,handsome bhoot!!!!” She quipped.. and then realised what she said..
“But why ,u came here. If someone caught us then???” She panicked..
He dragged her toward pillar and stood there..
” wo actually .. i ..wanted.. ..say u” he stammered..
“Sorry for what??” She was amused!! After all khadoos kapoor was saying sorry,there should be some big reason, she thought.
” wo sanchi,actually …. i.. kissed u on ..cheek..when ..u were fast asleep last night..” he said lowering his head.
She stepped toward him slowly giving him cold glares and he moved back with her each step!! She finally pinned him to the wall.
He wondered at her sudden actions and was about to say something when she placed her finger on his lips..
Sweet waala music plays in background…..
She leaned closer to him even more..they were so much close that their lips were just mm apart and thier noses almost touched…
Due to this much closeness,he closed his eyes.. she goes near him and husked in his ear ” u know what!! U are not needed to say sorry ,because…”
“Because??” He asked in daze.
She goes even more near his ear and said loudly ” BECOZ i kissed u back when u were sleeping”
Saying this she ran from there and he stood there smiling like idiot…

Thank u for reading…

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  1. RuCh23

    ??? so cute ???

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    Yaashi….Choo Chweet dear.. hehe cute one.
    KABIR at Sanchi’s Place and Sanchi at Kabir’s place…interesting to read.. amazing dear

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    awwww………such a cute one yaashi dear………luv u a lot sweetieeeeee………

  7. superb yaar. it is so cute . loved it very much.

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    Omg so so cute os ….really light and lovey dovey!!! Love it!! Love uh!!

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    Hey yashi ab tak ka sabse short nd cutest os i just loved it

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