GUILT(A RAGSAN FF) SEASON II: Main Tenu Samjhava Ki – Chapter 3

“Guess who” someone covered Kavya’s eyes. She jerked and stood in the parking. She was busy thinking who it might be.

“OMG only five minutes are there. Bappa please today also make me reach early na” Ragini held her bag and was rushing inside the office. She saw Kavya near her car. “Haaaw yeh kya. Kidnapper?” she opened her mouth shocked. “I will teach him a lesson” she slowly walked to the car and neared the person.

“What’s this Kavi….” before he could complete he felt a heavy blow on his head and screamed wincing in pain. “Ouch” he held his head and turned back. Ragini was holding the umbrella in her hand and fuming looking at him and was ready to attack him for the second time.

“Mumma” he cried and hid behind Kavya. “Yohan?” Kavya looked at him shocked. “Kavi save me. Save me from this Gundi” Kavya who was looking at him confused looked forward and found Ragini who was trying to hit him.

“Kavi don’t come in between. How dare he try to kidnap you. Is it that easy to kidnap Ragini Asthana’s friend?” she tried hitting him. “Kidnap?” Kavya looked at her confused. “Friend?” Yohan stood straight behind Kavya. Ragini was ready to charge Kavya stopped her.

“Ragu. He is not any kidnapper. He is my best friend” Kavya tried calming Ragini. “What?” Ragini’s eyes widened with shock. “Haa” cried Yohan.

“OMG. I’m so so so stupid. Sorry Best friend ji. Wo you were behind her and covering her eyes na so I just misunderstood. Waise fault was yours okay. You shouldn’t behave like that. Whoever watches from far for them tho it will look like you are trying to kidnap. You know now a days can’t trust anyone…” she was interrupted by Yohan who said “Pause” Ragini stood with open mouth and then closed it.

Kavya was controlling her laugh looking at Ragini. “Doesn’t she get tired. Muh hai ya grinder bandh hi nai hotha?(Her mouth is a grinder oh what it doesn’t stop at all)” Yohan looked at Kavya annoyed.

“Yohan” Kavya glared him. She turned her face to Ragini who was looking at her pouting. “Don’t mind his words. Monkeys without brain speak like this only” Kavya stood beside Ragini. Ragini burst out laughing looking at him.

“Ahhhh. Stop laughing” Yohan glared Ragini. “Sorry I cannot” Ragini held her stomach. Kavya pressed her lips to control her laugh. “Kavi” cried Yohan. “That’s her weak point Yohan she can’t control her laugh and smile at any situation” Kavya apologized him.

“Ha ha very funny” he crossed his hands and looked away annoyed. “I’m really sorry” Ragini held his shoulder still laughing.

“Yeh ajeeb prani kaha se leke aayi(From where did you get this strange animal from?)” Yohan finally smiled at Kavya. “Who else our great Sahil has selected her” Kavya nodded her head.

“OMG” Ragini placed her hand on her head and looked at her wrist. “What happened?” Kavya looked at her worried. “I should have been in Sahil’s cabin at 10.00 am and it is 10.10 am now” she made a puppy face. “Yeh tho gayi aaj(She is gone today)” Yohan nodded his head.

“And this is all due to you Gorilla” Ragini showed her forefinger. “Haaaw” Kavya opened her mouth and closed it with her palm. “You…” Yohan was about to charge at her but she held her bag and ran from there. He stood huffing looking in her direction. Kavya leaned to the car to control her laugh.

“Chote” Yohan who was looking at Kavya turned hearing a voice from behind. “Sanky Bhai” his face glew and Kavya’s face fell. Yohan ran to Sanskar and hugged him.

“How are you and when did you come? Did not feel like informing your bro ha?” complained Sanskar dragging him out of the hug. “I thought Sahil Bhai will tell you..” he stopped when Sanskar’s happy face turned sad.

“Oh I’m sorry Bhai. See I came to meet you as a compensation” Yohan tried lifting Sanskar’s mood. He smiled at Yohan weakly. Kavya looked at them.

“The Stone Sanskar Rawat is only soft to his younger cousin Yohan Raheja. Strange. I don’t know how have you changed so much?” Kavya looked at Sanskar painfully.


“Ha Mr. Kapoor I will surely look into the matter” Sahil opned the door of his cabin speaking over his phone. He disconnected the call. “Sorry…. sorry sorry” he heard a voice and turned before he could understand anything Ragini who entered his cabin slipped and was about to fall but held his blazer to prevent herself from falling. Sahil turned and held her on time. Ragini sighed and smiled looking at him nervously.

“Ahhh Ms. Asthana have you ever walked without falling down?” he made her stand and fixed his blazer. And when he was tightening his tie Sanskar passed in front of his cabin and looked at him and walked further. Sahil took a deep breath to cool his anger. Yohan who entered just then pushed Ragini and she fell forward and landed on his chest. “Oops” she looked up at Sahil who was glaring her. “This time it wasn’t my fault” she made a puppy face and looked back to find Yohan who was looking at her confused. “This is all due to this Chimpanzee” she pointed her finger at Yohan.

“Oye Hello” Yohan showed his finger. “Hello what ha? Don’t you have minimum common sense to knock a cabin door before entering you brainless monkey. Kavi I mean Kavya madam was right about you. You don’t have brain. Did you lost it during your birth or recently hit your head to some stone you buddhu…” she was interrupted by Sahil who screamed.

“Hey Bhagwan. Shut up both of you” He held his paining head. Ragini and Yohan stood with finger on their lips and looked at him. He nodded his head in disbelief. “Riya” he peeped out of the cabin and signed Riya to get inside the cabin. Riya gulped scared and looked at Tarun. “What happened?” he whispered. “I think Siyappa Queen has done her job” she hit her head and walked to Sahil’s cabin and Tarun controlled his laugh looking at her.

“Yes sir” Riya peeped inside and Sahil signed her to enter the cabin. She looked at her left Ragini and Yohan were standing like the kids whom principal had given punishment to stand with finger on their lips. She got confused and walked to Sahil’s table. He signed her to sit and she sat hesitantly.

“Riya I seriously can’t handle this half kid. Please put her as Sanky…” he paused. Yohan smiled widely when he heard his elder brother taking Sanskar’s name like before. “I mean Mr. Rawat’s assistant and shift Tarun to my roles. I think only he can teach her the job” Sahil glared Ragini who was giving death glares to Yohan and who was looking at her with same expression.

His face for a moment forgot that he is annoyed and formed a small curve. He composed himself and looked at Riya who was looking at him horrified. “Are you sure sir?” Riya cocked her head when Sahil’s gaze moved to her. “Yes. Do the formalities as soon as possible. Let her learn the things from Tarun today and join Mr. Rawat from tomorrow” he signed her that she can leave.

Ragini looked at horrified Riya who was walking in front of her and then at Sahil who signed her to follow Riya. Riya hit the door and Ragini chuckled looking at her and in return got glares from Riya. “Oh I’m sorry” Ragini apologized and opened the door and Riya walked out huffing.

She reached her cubicle and collapsed on her chair and held her head with her right hand. “Hey Ri what happened?” Tarun asked her concerned. “You have to assist Sahil sir from tomorrow and Ragini will be assisting Sanskar sir” she looked at Tarun worried. “What?” he looked at her with wide open eyes. She nodded her head helplessly. “Riya madam” Ragini stood beside Riya. “OMG OMG OMG” Tarun screeched happy and twirled Ragini happy. “Thank you Barbie Doll. You are the best” he started dancing happily. “Hey Bhagwan I can’t believe this I got my freedom finally” he looked up thanking god. Riya who was looking at him confused sighed as she understood his reason for happiness.

“Oh wow then we should celebrate na” Ragini smiled and shook his hand.  “Tarun” he heard Sanskar’s voice. “Who cares now for that hitler. I’m assisting Sahil sir let him call” Tarun sat on his chair with swag. “You are assisting him from tomorrow. Today still you have to bear Mr. Rawat” Riya fake smiled at him. He gulped in scared and Sanskar called him for the second time. “Oh no” he panicked and rushed to Sanskar’s cabin.

Riya nodded her head and looked at Ragini who smiling looking at Tarun. “Seriously I don’t know how is she gonna mange Sanskar sir. Sahil sir is okay but Sanskar sir by God. Simply Tarun doesn’t call him hitler but he is one. God ji. Please save this half kid” Riya prayed in her heart.


“Teach her everything Tarun please. I don’t want her to cry tomorrow” Riya whispered in his ear. He smiled at her. “You think she will cry?” asked he worried. “I don’t know but who knows him better than you?” Riya patted his shoulder. “That’s true” Tarun looked at Ragini worried who was taking down the points Tarun was saying.

“Please God ji. Save her tomorrow” Tarun uttered a quick prayer looking up. And then continued teaching her the things.

“She is damn interesting then” Yohan spoke looking at Kavya who was laughing narrating Ragini’s antics. His heart raced looking at her beautiful laugh. They were childhood friends and Yohan had loved her from childhood but he suppressed his feelings when her alliance was fixed with his elder cousin Sanskar. He knew how much Kavya was in love with Sanskar so he could never express his feelings to her.

“Oye” Kavya waved her hands in front of Yohan who was lost in her face. He nodded his head smiling and blushed caressing his neck.


“Heyya Ragu” Kavya hugged Ragini when she was leaving office. Tarun and Riya looked at them surprised. “Yeh kab hua?” Tarun looked at Riya. She nodded her head like she doesn’t know. “Chalo we are getting late” Tarun dragged her out.

“Heyya Kavi” Ragini hugged her back. “So how was the day?” Kavya sat on her desk. “Don’t ask me. I did not knew looking a monkey’s face before entering office will cost me this much work” she nodded her head. “See how is she talking still” Yohan came complaining. “Oh hello I’m talking truth okay you monkey” Ragini stood up and acted like monkey. Sanskar who looked up to drink water found someone in front of Yohan acting like a monkey and spit out the water from his mouth. He chocked and patted his head. “Gosh this girl” he wiped his face and looked away.

“You” Yohan pointed his finger. “Stop it guys” Kavya stopped both of them. “Ragu relax na. He is like that only. Leave him. You tell me what happened?” Kavya made Ragini sit on her chair holding her shoulders. She twisted her lips looking at Yohan. He huffed and looked away.
“You know I got scoldings on first day only and all because of this monkey. I first was falling down and Sahil sir held me and when I was standing this monkey opened the door and walked in. And because of that he made me to assist Mr. Rawat” Ragini pouted looking at Kavya.

“What?” Kavya jumped out of the table. Ragini jerked and looked at her confused. “Serves you better” Yohan burst out laughing holding his stomach. Ragini glared him. “Don’t worry Ragu I will talk to Sahil and you need not assist Sanky” Kavya cupped Ragini’s face. Ragini looked at her confused. “Why?” she asked with puppy eyes.

“Nothing I will talk to Sahil you don’t worry” said Kavya. “No Kavi. I come here as an employee and I should follow company rules. Sahil sir is the boss and I should abide by what he decides. And I will do what he says” Ragini held Kavya’s hands. “But Ragu Sanky….” Kavya looked at her worried. “Ohho Kavi. Don’t worry. I will manage” Ragini consoled her. “Are you sure?” Kavya looked at her. Ragini smiled nodding her head.

“I think better I take a leave from hospital tomorrow also. It is going to be fun” Yohan smirked. “Yohan” Kavya glared him and Ragini looked at him confused. “Half mental” she signed Yohan and stood to walk. Yohan glared and followed them. Kavya laughed looking at Yohan’s annoyed face.

And I’m keeping the old cast and Kavya will be Roop durgapal

And this is last before the break

Will meet you people after the break take care

Excited for RagSan meet. Lol let’s see what dhamaka will happen when they meet

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