GUILT(A RAGSAN FF) SEASON II: Main Tenu Samjhava Ki – Chapter 2

“Ragu get up. First day only you want to be late kya?” Vikram walked beside her room. “Bhai please na some more time” she pulled the quilt. “Ragu get up fast. Then you will skip your break fast” he pulled the quilt away. She pulled it to her side. “Leave na bhayyu. Please” she pleaded. He huffed looking at her. He neared her and started tickling her.

“Ouch bhai leave me. This is not fair” Ragini rolled over the bed to get rescued. He lifted her like a small kid and placed her inside the washroom and locked it. “Now you don’t have any option. Get ready and call me I will open the door” he stood leaning to the door. “Bhai” she cried like a small kid. “No means no. Unless you get ready and come out I’m not gonna open the door” He crossed the arms. “You are the worst Bhai in the world you know?” she put the paste on the tooth brush. “You are the best bro in the world”a voice ringed in his mind. He composed himself. “I know” he said casually. “Bhai hogaya” she screamed from inside after some time. He unlatched the door and walked out of the room.

“Vikky” Sumi placed her hand on extremely lost Vikram sitting on the dining table. He came out of his thoughts and gave her a weak smile. “What happened?” she looked at him concerned. “Nothing maa…” “Mumma I’m hungry” Ragini ran to Sumi like a small kid and encircled her hands around Sumi’s neck. She smiled holding Ragini’s hand. “Bhukkad” Vikram glared her. “Vikky”Sumi glared him. She brought Ragini to the side holding her hand and made her sit. “I will get you breakfast” she walked to the kitchen. Ragini showed her tongue to Vikram and grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl and chewed it looking at him from the corner of her eye. He smiled nodding his head looking at her childish acts.

Sumi walked to the dining table with the food bowls. She served Ragini and Ragini hugged her stomach and Sumi kissed her head and smiled caressing her hair. She served Ragini who ate the food enjoying every byte. “Don’t you think maa she is doing too much Nautanki today” Vikram placed his hand on his chin and looked at Ragini from corner of his eye. “You are so J bhai” she glared him and continued eating the food placing her one leg on the chair. “Ragu behave. Is that the way to sit?” Vikram signed her to put the leg down. “Mumma” she cried looking at Sumi. “Let it be Vikky.” Sumi pleaded Vikram. “But mom” he was interrupted by Sumi who said “Enough you both. For God sake it is dining table not battle field” she huffed and walked to the kitchen. Ragini teased Vikram and continued her food.

There was a fear in Vikram’s heart. A fear which he couldn’t share with anyone. A hollow feeling. Feeling that he will lose something very precious to him soon or the thing he had treasured so far will go away from him. In a second everything will change his world will go upside down. But when that moment was gonna arrive in his life he himself didn’t knew. He glanced at the most precious treasure of his life his baby sister who was unaware of her brother’s emotional state. He wanted to protect her. Protect from everything which might leave her shattered. A truth also which he had been hiding from her. That truth might leave her just defeated and he wasn’t sure how will she react to it. No he can’t let it happen. “Bhai” she waved her hand in front of him bringing him out of his thoughts. “What?” she signed. He just looked at her blank. “Budhu Bhai” she hit his forehead and stood nodding her head and walked out taking her bag.

“Wish I could tell you bacha. I just wish” he thought and a tear tripped his eye. A tear tripped out of someone’s closed eye in an unknown place.


“You know na Bappa. What I want? Ohho Bappa you are so Buddhu seriously. Today is my first day. Just be with me” she smiled and nodded her head closing her eyes. “Hogaya?” she opened her eyes hearing a voice. “Yes Kaaku. Oopsi Pandit ji” she bit her tongue forwarding her hand for Prasad. The Pandit nodded his head and placed the prasad in her hand. She ate it and closed her eyes enjoying the taste. “Kaaku bye” she screamed getting out of the Mandir. “Haa dhyan se jaana” the Pandit screamed looking in her direction. He smiled turning to the Ganesha idol. “Bappa bass meri Ragu ki raksha karna. Aur maaf bhi karna bahut nadaan hai”(please protect my Ragu from dangers and forgive her for her childish behavior) he patted his cheeks crossing his arms and asking for forgiveness from Vigneshwar(Another name for Lord Ganesha) who solves everyone’s vignas(problems).

“I’m on time on my first day. Thank God. Otherwise this Mumbai Traffic is like I thought I will reach today evening only” she was continuously blabbering and walking and collided with someone who held her by her waist and prevented from falling. “Mummy” she cried closing her eyes fearing she will fall down. She slowly moved her palms down and looked around. Sigh escaped her mouth when she found herself not on ground. But wait then where was she. She slowly looked at her right. She smiled weakly at her savior. “Sorry. I mean thank you Sir” she blabbered. He made her stand straight. “Ms Asthana. You should be careful when you are walking” Sahil looked at her. “Sure sir. I will remember this for next time for sure” she gave him a sheepish smile. He sighed and walked from there. “Buddhu kahi ki. Why can’t you concentrate on other things in your life. Other than talking of course” she cursed herself walking inside.

“Hello my name is Riya” Ragini smiled at her when she forwarded her hand. “I’m your HR come neighbor” Riya signed her desk which was next to Ragini’s desk. “Wow that’s great. You know I was so scared that where I will have to sit in a cabin with some male boss or surrounded by all male colleagues. No they aren’t bad but. You know we girls should be careful. You know near my area last week only a girl was raped and now days tho you cannot trust men only. All men are same. D…” she paused and looked at Riya who was controlling her laugh looking at Ragini.

She bit her tongue looking at Riya. “Zyada bol diya?(Did I speak little more?)” she looked at Riya nervously. “Kuch nahi bahut zyada”(Not little you spoke a lot more) Riya burst out laughing. Ragini smiled at her nervously. “Hey chillax I’m your HR not your Sadu Boss. So you can be free with me. But only one request” Riya smiled at Ragini. “Hmm?” Ragini cocked her eyebrows looking at Riya. “Please talk little less. I mean inside the office you know. After the work you can talk anything you want to but during work hours only work talks okay” Ragini nodded her head like a small kid when Riya instructed her the company rules.

Sanskar entered the office with still his shades on. Ragini who was reading a file looked up and found someone entering a cabin which was in front of her. She could only see his back. She cocked her shoulders and got back to her work.


“Excuse me Mr. Raheja” Sanskar peeped inside Sahil’s cabin. Sahil who was busy over a call signed him to enter and sit. After disconnecting the call he sat on his chair in front of Sanskar. “Yes Mr. Rawat how can I help you?” Sahil gave him a serious look.

“See Sahil I will come to the point straight. Why did you appoint that girl even after my disapproval” Sanskar bent his head. Sahil squeezed the pen in his hand. “Mr. Rawat” his voice was clear and harsh. “She is assisting me and under my company roles and I think I can choose my staff” Sahil rested his back on the chair giving a pointed look to him. “Yup I do understand. I just wanted to put forward my opinion Sa..” he paused “Mr. Raheja” Sanskar took a deep breath. “Thank you so much for your opinion Mr. Rawat. I think I’m clear on my decision” he turned his chair a bit. “Of course” Sanskar stood up and walked out huffing. Sahil nodded his head annoyed and got back to his work.

“Damn. What does he think of himself” Sanskar hit his chair frustrated. “Excu….” Tarun stopped at the door finding extremely annoyed Sanskar. “N…no problem sir. I will come afterwards” he nervously smiled at Sanskar and walked out scared. Sanskar sat on his chair frustrated. He held his pen in his hand and played with it and rested his head back. His eyes looked out of the glass wall of his cabin. She was right in front of him. She was busy looking into a file. He couldn’t help but observe her face which attracted him. She had placed both the elbows on the table and was and her face was so near to the table. Was she really working? He found it weird. Then he saw Tarun passing in front of her and his thoughts were disturbed. He looked around blank.

“Hey Tarun” Riya stopped him. “Kya hai?” he turned annoyed. “OMG how dare you talk to HR like this?” Ragini interrupted their conversation. Riya controlled her laugh. “Hei?” Tarun gave her a confused look. “You know in my Bhai’s company one fellow was behaving like this with the HR and the smart HR was keeping a track of all his behavior. And at the time of increment he was not given promotion due to the HR. Be careful. But I know Riya madam is not like that but you know you should learn manners…..” Tarun looked at her with open mouth. Riya burst out laughing. “Sorry sorry” she apologized Ragini and Tarun who were looking at her. “Actually the Riya madam you are talking about is my to be wife we are officially engaged” Tarun showed his engagement ring. Ragini looked at him shocked and covered her mouth with her hand. “What’s happening here?” they all turned hearing a female voice.

“Nothing Kavya ma’am. I was just introducing the new employee” Riya looked at Kavya nervous. “Introduction is over or still going on?” Kavya crossed her arms. “Over ma’am” Riya smiled nervously at her. “Good. Get back to work” Kavya walked from there. “Hey Bhagvan Ragini. Can’t you control your tongue? See because of you we were about to get caught.” Riya hit her forehead and looked at Ragini who was lost looking at a direction. “Ragini” Riya shook her. “Hmm? Oh I’m so so sorry Riya madam” she apologized to Riya. “Fine. Remember it for the next time. Now get back to work. And finger on your lips” said Riya glaring Ragini who did as Riya told. “Awww how cute is she. From where did you got her?” asked Tarun. “Barbie Doll shop” Riya huffed and sat on her seat.

“Oh teri. Tarun lag gayi. You shouldn’t have praised other girl in front of your fiance. Now to cool her you have to spend half of your salary. Reap as you sow” he spoke to himself. “Ri” he stood beside her and held her shoulder. Riya jerked his hands away angry. “Listen na…” he was interrupted by Ragini who spoke “But Riya madam. I’m not able to turn the next page like this can I take my finger away?” Riya and Tarun looked at her and burst out laughing. “True… She is so cute” Riya removed Ragini’s finger which was near her lips. “How to manage this half kid” Riya looked at Tarun. “She will learn” Tarun smiled at her and walked away. Riya smiled looking at him. She turned to Ragini who was looking at her confused. “Ragini. I meant to say first finish your work and when you get time then you speak. Understood” Ragini nodded her head and smiled widely. “Pagal” Riya nodded her head and got back to her work.

“Ragini. Lunch time” Riya called Ragini who was busy in taking some points. She placed her pen back and headed with Riya to canteen. “This so yummy” Ragini widened her eyes as she took the first spoon of noodles. Tarun and Riya looked at her confused. She smiled as she ate each portion. “She is crazy I’m telling you” Tarun whispered in Riya’s ear who hit him on his hand and glared him. “What?” he asked confused. She huffed and looked at Ragini. She was special. You can’t stop yourself from getting attracted to her smile. It was something heavenly.

As they were walking out of the canteen. “Kaaku” she called standing at the counter. “You know any one here?” asked Riya surprised. Ragini smiled at her. The server came out. “Kaaku food was very tasty thank you” she gave a sweet smile to him which made him smile too. He had been working in the office canteen from almost 20 years. Nobody said those words to him. He was so happy for the first time someone appreciated his work. “Thank you Beta” he smiled at her. “Mention not” Ragini smiled at him. Riya and Tarun looked at her blank.

“Are you okay. I mean I have never seen someone thanking a server?” Riya gave her a confused look. “Mumma says we should appreciate everyone in our life may be they serve us only for one meal also we should thank them” she smiled at Riya. “That’s actually a good thought” Riya nodded her head confused. “She is different seriously. Who listens to their hearts in today’s world” Riya thought to her self before shifting her gaze.

“Okay Ragini you can leave to home now and tomorrow 10.00 you should be in your place and from tomorrow you will be assisting Sahil Sir. He is very particular about timings. Be careful. So I will leave. Bye” Riya waved her hand and walked to Tarun who was standing at the door waiting for her. Ragini smiled looking at them. She started packing her stuff and stood up to walk out. She stopped when she heard someone sob. She looked around but nobody was there. “Nobody is here” she walked back and analyzed the place. Her steps stopped near the door of a cabin when she heard the sobs clearly. She without thinking opened the cabin door and found Kavya crying. Kavya jerked due to the door opening and looked at Ragini confused. “What are you doing here and how dare you enter my cabin without knocking?” Kavya screamed and wiped her tears. “I’m sorry ma’am. I heard you sobbing so was just worried” Ragini stood near the door.

“None of your business. Get lost now” Kavya screamed again. “Ma’am are you okay?” Ragini still stood unmoved. “Can’t you understand English? I said leave” she screamed again. “Ma’am I think you are not understanding my question. Are you okay?” Ragini looked at her confused. Kavya looked at her. She found concern in Ragini’s eyes. But she was not in a state to share anything. “See It doesn’t concern you so please stay out of my personal life” Kavya’s voice softened. “Okay ma’am” said Ragini and was about to turn but stopped. “But ma’am you know you should never take anything in your life seriously. You know my mom scolds me everyday for torturing her but I never cry. You know my mom is expert in insulting me but I never take it seriously. At last she only cools down” Ragini smiled at extremely confused Kavya.

“Oh not again. I think I blurted out little” Ragini bit her tongue. “Not little but too much” she looked at Kavya for her remark. Kavya burst out laughing and Ragini smiled looking at her. “You are so cute” Kavya stood near her and shook her nose. Ragini bit her tongue and hit her head lightly. “Thank you” Kavya smiled through her tears. “Mention not. But ma’am please don’t take that Dumbledore seriously . He looks half crack…” “Dumbledore who?” Kavya looked at her confused.

“Arrey that tall person with long hands. He scolded you in the morning na in that cabin and from there you ran crying. I saw that” Ragini looked at Kavya concerned. She was still confused then she realized about whom was she talking. “Oh Sanky….” she paused and burst out laughing and Ragini looked at her confused. “Sanky and Dumbledore OMG” she held her stomach and laughed. Ragini looked at her confused. “Gosh from where did you learn naming? And why are you calling him that?” asked Kavya as she controlled her laugh.

“He is so tall and I couldn’t see his face also and I saw his hands they were so long. I thought of calling him witch then he is male na and he looks like Dumbledore from back and he made you cry so he must be dumb only” Ragini blabbered. “Relax relax yar, I can’t handle more jokes for now.” Kavya held Ragini’s shoulder. “He is Sanskar Rawat and my fiance” Kavya looked at Ragini who widened her eyes shocked and gulped scared and smiled at Kavya nervously. It made Kavya laugh more. “Sorry” Ragini tried running from there embarrassed but her hand was held by Kavya who smiled looking at her. “He is actually sachi ka Dumbledore” Kavya held her hand for high five. Ragini was biting her nail nervous whether to give high five or not. Kavya gave her what are you waiting for look. “You won’t tell him this na. This is my first job and I don’t want to be kicked out the next day only please” Ragini pleaded her. “Hell no” Kavya took Ragini’s right hand and completed the high five.

“What’s your name?” Kavya asked when they exited Kavya’s cabin. “Ragini. Ragini Asthana” Ragini returned her a smile. “Nice name” Kavya smiled. “And my name is…” “Kavya ma’am” Ragini looked at her excited and she nodded her head with a wide smile on her face. “You can call me Kavya” she walked out of the office. “But only outside the office” Ragini smiled at her. “Come I will drop you” Kavya opened her car door. “No ma’am. I’m sorry Kavi. I feel comfortable in public transport only” Ragini waved bye and walked to the Bus stop. Kavya smiled at her and sat inside the car and guided the driver.


“Mumma” Ragini back hugged Sumi in the kitchen. “Wow my bacha is back from office” she caressed Ragini’s cheek. Ragini drooled happy holding Sumi. “How was your day” Sumi asked when Ragini sat on the kitchen platform beside working Sumi. “Super awesome. I just had lot of fun” Ragini narrated her first day in office. Sumi listened to her and smiled. “Maa I’m back” they heard Vikram’s voice. “Bhayyu” Ragini rushed out and hugged Vikram. “Ouch Chipkali. I’m tired” he dragged her out of the hug. “Aww Bhai have you find my Bhabi kya” Vikram choked the water he was drinking. Sumi patted his head. “What?” he asked confused. “Then what? Before if I hug you you used to say all my pain vanishes when my Ragu hugs and today you are saying you are tired” Ragini twisted her lips crossing her arms. Vikram smiled and dragged her holding her elbow and hugged her and kissed her hair. “Now okay?” he asked looking at Ragini. She spread her arms and hugged him. “This is the best” she smiled widely. Sumi smiled looking at them.

“Popsy. I’m so happy today” Kavya twirled Dayal. “Arrey what happened today?” Dayal stopped her and held her hands. “Pospsy you know I made a new friend today. She is so so so awesome” Kavya narrated Dayal everything. “Finally you got someone who can make you smile” Dayal caressed her hair as she hugged him. “Smile? Popsy she makes me burst out laughing all the time. I have never met such a sweet person all my life” Kavya smiled. “What else I want. Only your happiness nothing else. God bless that girl” he looked up praying.


A/N: I’m extremely sorry for being so late in posting this chappy. I hope you people liked it.

I know it won’t be that emotional and the characters are completely different in this story. I hope you like their these shades also.

Suggestion time. Will you like same cast as season 1 for Yohan?

Otherwise you can choose from the following

Yohan – Mohit Sehgal or Ravi Dubey

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