GUILT(A RAGSAN FF) SEASON II: Main Tenu Samjhava Ki – Chapter 1

“Ragu” a lady screamed as she passed by a room. “Maa just few more minutes” someone spoke below the blanket. “You have an interview today to attend. Have you forgotten?” “Fine I’m getting up” said she as she sat with the blanket covering her face. “Stop playing Ragu get going” the blanket gets pulled from her face revealing her face. She had closed her eyes pouting and all her hair was scattered around her face.

“Bhai” she screamed annoyed and the person who pulled the blanket started laughing looking at her pointing his finger(Vikram Asthana played Harshad Chopra). She opens her eyes and started chasing him all over her room. “Ragu stop” said he trying to get saved from her. “Stop it both of you” Sumi stood in between them. “Everyday same thing. Do I need to tell you same dialogue?” she glares both of them who stood pouting and with a finger on their lips. “Awww you both look so cute like still 5 year old” she pulled both of their cheeks. “Maa” both hugged her from either side. She held their cheek and smiled happy. “Look at the time. Ragu. Go get ready fast” said Sumi as her eyes glanced at the wall clock. “Oh fish” she hit her forehead with her palm and stormed to her room. Vikram encircled his hands around Sumi’s shoulder and smiled looking at her and she held his hand smiling and touching his head with hers.

“Maa mai chali” said Ragini as she was about to step out of the house. “Ragu how many times I should tell you. You should say I will come” said Sumi stopping her. “Hei? When I’m going why should I say I’m coming. So confusing mom” she said annoyed. “Just do what I say” said she glaring. “Fine Maatha(Mom)” said she folding her hands in Namaste in front of Sumi. “Mai Jaakar Aathi hu(I will come back)” said she and walked out of the house with her bag. Sumi nodded her head and walked inside the kithen.

Ragini stood near her bus stop and waited for the bus. As the bus arrived she boarded it and reached the center. “Kaaku give me a ticket to Tilak Nagar” she forwarded the money to the conductor who gave her the ticket and change. “Tilak Nagar” he announced after some time and Ragini stepped down out of the bus and walked to the address she needed to go. She was well aware of Mumbai’s every corner. So it did not take her much of a time to reach her destination. As the sun shone and increased intensity she felt the heat and started sweating. As the time passed every drop which was sucked by the heat made her weak. She walked inside the Air conditioned room and the cool air made her smile instantly. Her smile was something cheerful to everyone. And it was special for someone who was watching her across the glass wall which was semi transparent. She walked towards the seating arrangements where the candidates were sitting for the interview waiting for their turn and sat waiting for her turn.
“Hello Miss” said Sahil Raheja(played by Gautham Rode) as he glanced at the file in front of him. “Ragini Asthana” her voice made him to look up at her and found her smiling. A smile so contagious brought a smile on his face too. He continued the interview and he was impressed with her personality and skills. Appreciation was clearly visible on his face. “Okay I’m really impressed…” he was about to complete when his intercom buzzed. “Just a second” he excused himself. “What? How can you?” his tensed voice made her to worry and she looked at him confused. “I’m also a partner in this firm and it is my final decision” he banged the receiver. Ragini jerked due to it and looked at him horrified. He was fuming and ran his finger over his hair to cool his burning anger. “Okay Miss Ragini your job is confirmed and you can join from tomorrow” said he with a stiff face. Ragini was still trying to decipher what was happening. Then his words made her smile widely. “Thank you sir. Thank you so much” said she happy.
He smiled weakly at her. She shook her hand with him and walked out happy. Sahil sat confused of the things happening around. He brushed his thoughts and continued his work.

Inside a cabin someone banged the table with his closed fist. “I told you not to employ her Mr. Raheja. Why do you bring ego always in business” he hissed in anger.

“Same implies to you too Sanskar” someone entered the cabin with a file and Sanskar turned with annoyance covering his face. “Kavya I have told you many a times stop interfering in my life” he stated coldly. “And why should not I. I have full rights as we are engaged and will be getting married in a month” she stood in front of him crossing her hands across her chest. (Kavya Singhania played by Shiney Doshi)

“That’s for me is just a business deal what your dad presented. And don’t expect anything more than that” he looked at her from the corner of his eye. Her eyes reflected her pain. “You were never so rude Sanskar. Why have you become one now?” her voice cracked as words tried escaping.

“Time changes Kavya and people do change with it. I’m no more in this emotions game. Nothing effects me” he looked outside the window. He saw her looking at the fountains amused and smiling widely. Her smile wanted to draw a curve on his lips but his mind did not let it happen.

“Really Mr. Sanskar Rawat. I will wait for the day when these emotions will cover your heart so much you will not have an escape” she stormed out of the room. He pulled the strand of the curtain which closed his view. “I will never let it happen. Never ever” said he gritting his teeth.
“Maa maaa” screeched Ragini twirling Sumi. “Arrey Sambhal ke Chipkali” said Vikram holding Sumi who stood holding her head. “Bhai” she complained. “Will you tell me what happened?” asked Sumi putting a pause to the world war. “I got my first job maa” she held Sumi’s shoulder.

“Kya Sachi(What? Really?) asked Sumi surprised. “No today is April first na so I’m making you fool” she stood crossing her arms across her chest. “Oye hoye who employed this chipkali?” Vikram pulled her hair. “Bhai.” she screamed again. “Rawat and Raheja Group of Companies” said she as she smiled widely. Sumi’s eyes widened in shock. Vikram held her hand to stop her from depicting her emotions outside.

She gave him a blank look and looked at Ragini and before she could notice she wore her smile back. “That that’s really a good news” Vikram spoke shocking Ragini for a moment. “At least iss shaytan ki naani se chutkara milega maa ko(At least mom will be saved from this devil)” said he quickly as he felt her questioning eyes on him. “He he very funny” she turned and walked to her room giving him a bore look.

“Maa” he held Sumi’s shoulder. She looked at him water covering her eyes. “Nothing will happen. Mai hu na. Apni Lado ko kuch nahi hone dunga(I’m there na. I will not let anything to my Lado)” he smiled at her. She returned him a weak smile. But her heart was racing like something is gonna happen to her kid. Something from which she had protected her from years.
Sanskar was sitting in his cabin. “Excuse me sir?” Tarun peeped inside his cabin. Sanskar was sitting staring the ceiling and was lost in his own thoughts. “Gosh. Iss hitler ne tho mujhe suli pe chadva dena hai aaj(This hitler will hang me to death)” he cursed looking around. (Tarun played by Jay Soni)

He made his heart strong and spoke again “Excuse me sir” a bit loudly. “Tarun. Come after 10 minutes” Sanskar roared jerking him. “Yup sir sure.” He said and escaped from there. “Shiv ji tho thandav ke mood me hai(Shiv ji is in tandav mood)” he whispered walking out of his cabin. “I heard that” Sanskar’s voice made Tarun’s heart flinch. He stopped and stood numb.

He heard a familiar voice of laugh and sighed. As he turned he saw a girl who was laughing uncontrollably. “Riya” he glared her. “Sorry sorry Tarun but you were looking damn cute when you heard Sanskar sir’s voice which I was mimicking” she held her stomach. “Stop it Riya. You always scare me” he huffed and stormed from there. “Taru wait na I was just kidding” said she and followed him.(Riya played by Ragini Khanna)

“Where are you Shona I miss you so much. You know I met a girl today. Her smile is same like yours. She reminded me of you Shona. Please come back to me. See I told you that day only I can’t live without you and you promised me you will not leave me and go. But where have you gone leaving me. I feel so lonely without you” tears escaped his eyes and darkness covered his face and his hands moved to wipe his tears.
“Hmmm hmmmm” Sumi patted Ragini’s head as she was peacefully sleeping in her lap and a cute smile on her face. Vikram stood at the door and watched them. He wiped the tear which developed at corner of his eye. He looked at Sumi who was signing him to control his emotions. He nodded his head smiling at her. She kissed Ragini’s hair and Ragini smiled widely in her sleep. Sumi placed her head on the pillow and walked behind Vikram.

“Why can’t it just vanish maa?” Vikram asked as he rested his head on Sumi’s lap. She looked at him painfully. “Because that’s life Vicky. It will go on it’s pace and on it’s own plan. We cannot change it according to us” she caressed his hair. “What if?” he said. “Shhh” Sumi interrupted. “Probabilities and possibilities are part of life but we have to live our life with them not avoiding them or worrying about them. Whatever happens will have a reason and just wait for God’s plan to unfold” she looked at the photo hanging on the wall. “Kash you were with us. Kash” she thought and wiped her tears.
“Doll” Dayal caressed Kavya’s hair.(Dayal Singhania played by Bhupinder Singh) She lifted her tear filled face and immediately hugged him and burst out crying more. “He doesn’t love me dad. Why did you fix our marriage?” she asked for an explanation. “Because you love him” he dragged her out of the hug and cupped her face. “Marriage is not game dad. We both should love each other then only it will have a meaning” said she looking at him painfully.

“Exactly marriage isn’t a game. And what about arranged marriage? Don’t they fall in love after marriage? You love him na and I know you will make him fall in love with you. And I have that confidence on you. My doll will handle it” said he wiping her tears. “But dad?” she was interrupted “Shhh. Calm down. Leave it on time. He will for sure fall in love with you” Dayal kissed her hair and made her slid on the bed and covered her with a duvet and walked out of her room smiling.

A/N: Expected? No na. Even me. But it just popped out of my mind. Kya karu? *pouting. I know this ain’t be as good as the season 1 but just hoping it will at least reach nearby scale. And as usual I don’t know when I will publish next chappy. Just on the process of developing. Don’t worry this is not going to be mystery genre so your confusions will clear soon. And I have temporarily taken Sanyas from mystery genre. And no more of this mysteries until I finish and come out of betrayer. Phew. It’s just gives me shiver.

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  1. Thanku thanku thanku… Thanku so much dear… I was missing GUILT a lot and our favourite RAGSAN.. thanks a lot.. Do continue as soon as possible..

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    Amazing, as title as story. And a big hug to you for bringing Vikram sahil tarun ria nd Kavya. As usual Kavya words i loved it… I expected swara will come later but after reading the final para i was clr something is related to Ragu and swara. U said u r gng to take rest from mysteries, but frst episode itself shows many questions.
    I’m really sorry for not commenting dr. But u can trust me that I’ll read all ur ff. I’m really sorry for other authors too. I’m reading all Raglak and Ragsan ff but not getting proper time to comment each one. All here in TU are really doing a great job by spending ur time to make swaragini fans happy. I appreciate u all. Thanks everyone and thanks Sally dr. Take care.

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    it’s awesome dear….we can see naughty chubby cute ragu na not like that sad full ragu na….omg fav philosopher vikram, best frnd sahil,cutie kavya, prey or ragsan tarun,sweet frnd riya, caring father dayal, misunderstanding sumi…ohh how I forget mandh budhi Sanky…and my cutie chubby ragu.. ..all r again come back….eagerly waiting for u sally dear….tkcr dear…

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