Hi thx for ur comments I hope dis story is reaching u..then other thing I like to share is few months back one 8th std girl get rapped in our village side tat girl parents came from gulbarga for house building work to our village…Thier only worker boy used to observe her in lunch time she went to toilet far place tat time he also went and rapped in village side no public bathroom facility they have to go far area.. after tat incident tat boy elope from tat village their parents beat tat girl keep dis matter in suspense later they give tablet not to conceive but tat small girl asking for not to kill tat baby now its got clear now she is k so for dis matter only government introduce SWATCH BHARATH MISSION thier is a advertise of vidhya balan like girl should marry to d house which has bathroom and toilet facility… if thier is one toilet room for each house v can complete dis mission even reduce harrasment towards girls…so be careful and be bold to face any problem!!!and fight for justice…

Epi 6


Ma Ma where is RAGINI
ap comes y sanskar wat happen
Sa: nothing happen, but nothing should happen so I bring doctor to check RAGINI and her so called brain and to prove she is acting ur just believing her tats it between I don’t want to waste time call her
Ap :San be cool she is sleeping in her room
Sa: oh how can she sleep peacefully she should go away from dis house come doctor I will show her room then he went to her room


RAGINI sleeping peacefully sans comes and make her awake forcefully

Sa: hey u how can u sleep… today I show ur face doc pls check her
Doc: k I will check u go outside
Sa: y shd I go outside u check here
Ap: ya San come outside doc will check ur doubt will cleared
Sa: no ma whatever he do I want to c because I can’t believe anyone
Ap: San don’t act like kid
Doc: ji no problem he may stay here let his doubt clear

Doctor: goes near RAGINI no doc uncle I don’t need any injection no pls no he give injection ahhhh…later he ask some questions she answered it, he touch her head and ask r u getting any pain in touch area..she says no….and give other injection and make her sleep and all comes outside

Sa: tel doc she is lieing know she is ok know
Doc : no san she is not k her memory is weak
Sa: no doc ur lieing she is acting
Doc: no I. M not lieing now u listen wat I. M going to say she may met any accident in smaller age even I can c stitches in her head, u too can c later..dis stitches it’s so old may be 7 years back she may falls to dis prb I think dis cannot cured if v do operation or if v give any other treatment it may effect to her brain she may die…
Ap : oh god than she wont get her memory back
Doc : she may or may not get but it’s should get by its own if u force or if she takes so much stress it’s danger to her I hope u understand especially u san pls leave her alone and try to be friendly with her now I gave injection to her she is sleeping now I will go then he leaves..
Sa: full shocked he don’t know wat he heared he just stunned by his words
Ap shake San
Sa: ma
Ap: did u understand wat he say so pls be friendly with her…then she went

Sans breakdown on d floor oh God what I did why I. M acting dis..due to my mistake I. M planning to send one innocent girl out oh shit what I did due to my kick I just use.. chi o God y dis to me today onwards I never drink alcohol just then he went to his room….

Ap : I don’t know y san acting like dis today he bring doc tomorrow I don’t know whom he will bring to send RAGINI out between for tat I have to take decision she think for a while s dis is best decision if I did like dis RAGINI will stay in dis house forever….??

Let’s c what her decision now onwards san guilt start provoking…( then for 2 days I can’t make RAGINI pregnant ur so fast friends )

Precap: ap decision out……??

Next episode tonight

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  1. Lovely7

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    ap planning to arrange marriage to raglak..

    1. Divyashankar

      R u in fb then do know tat u should read next part

  4. what is ragini’s age here plz show?

    1. Divyashankar

      14 she is in 10th but act like baby because she met accident in early age

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    Nice dear..update next part soon

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    Awesome plzzzz don’t make Sanskar negative

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      No no here San positive only situation makes him tat type moreover in his drinks his friends put drugs so he did tat like…later he will came to know later his guilt will make him to fall for ragini…

  9. Sreevijayan

    Awesome update dear…d saddest facf is dt rape has become a fashion or routine in india…

    1. Divyashankar

      Ya because until girls doesn’t fight boys used to harassed us..today in TV 9 one boy put knife to girl in afternoon time she died due to loss of blood..tat boy is married he don’t won’t her wife he need dis girl he ask her to marry but she doesn’t agree so he killed today sad thing is tat girl is my neighbour friend unty( she is a teacher don’t have parents she and her brother staying together )afternoon she is washing clothes in home he go and killed her..but one thing I can say she is educated y can’t she give complaint she keep quite today her life become quite…

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    Supwrb epi. I am so lucky read ur ff cuz u are doing a great job with this.

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    awesome update, sanskar is repenting now. waiting for the next

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    Sorry for late comment but truly awesome concept…and I don’t read swasan ff. But this ff..even if it was swasan I would have read it…

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