Hi thx for comments then all hv questions where I got dis story actually in my village side one mentally disable girl always going in road she has daughter she is married too ..now she only looking tat mentally disable girl or her mother no father he leave them ( I don’t know y she become loose) she used to go in our road but from last one year she is not seen. Then I came to know she is conceived and delivered a boy baby… I don’t know who did tat like but one thing I can say God doesn’t leave them sure definitely one day they will punish…by dis I think a story and writing dis…( but many saying dis thing may be did by son in law or some road pupil because she used to roam day and night in main road but now also she roaming I don’t know wat condition of tat baby is who is feeding but tat baby look by her sister )

Epi 5

Ragini come closer so closer…. San push d door and calls lucky…..lucky come to sense pushed Ragini other side ah San tell me did u need anything
Sa: no but I want tat..
La: wat tat…
Sa: tat I want to know who is dis girl means who is she y she is here
Ragini takes chocolate from laksh hand moves off
Sa: tel me who is she
La: ma didn’t tell anything
Sa: no( he lied him because d only way to avoid kiss from him )
La: she is Ragini she helped ma so ma bring her here dis much I know if u want more clarification ask ma…then he moves out πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™‚πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™‚
Sa: (in mind ya laksh I know but how can u ask kiss from her tat to knowing she is…Chi..// ) I hv doubt y she helped ma …? Really her memory is weak or did she need anything or she following me oh God how to find it ….??? between her name is Ragini, RAGINI I WILL FIND UR IDENTITY….then he too moves …

Here laksh just miss y he comes to my room he don’t hv sense to knock d door how cutely she come to kiss me dis San don’t know about love romance naughtiness he to don’t love anyone not allowing us to do…midway cat 🐰🐰

Next day dining area

All r having break fast San also comes and Sit in front of Ragini, laksh sit near Ragini,ramu kaka serve food to all, Ragini c d food and told I don’t need dis food I want jamoon chocolate ice cream I don’t eat dis u laksh where is my chocolate u didn’t give one also she screams….San remember yesterday raglak incident and say ma y she acting like dis y laksh shd give chocolate to her,, !her sound irritating me,
Ap says San I told u know she is innocent she doesn’t know wat she doing,,
Ap: Ragini do u know already laksh bring so many chocolate for u… if u eat food I will tel laksh to give more chocolate otherwise he won’t give u…now ur good girl know eat dis
Ra: if I eat u give chocolate know
Ap: s
Ra: k then feed me
Ap: ah then my chotu Ragini shd sit dis side
La: ma y to come dis side I will feed Ragini( swasan shocked )
Ra: ya feed me fast I want chocolate
Laksh start to feed her she eats so fastly sometime she bite his hand laksh is enjoying with her act..swasan fuming with jealous especially San…
Sa: ma stop dis nonsense y u all acting like kid ur treating her like a God first of all y she shd stay here u all believe her know I will prove ur decision is wrong I will send her out hey u πŸ‘‰πŸΏπŸ‘‰πŸΏπŸ‘‰πŸΏwait till evening he went with anger leaving all surprised
Ap: I don’t know y dis San act like dis y he is angry with dis girl I fed of him but whatever he say I don’t bother I can’t send my Ragini out its not respect by God. ..she comes to Ragini really u impressed me I want to do something tat u shd stay in dis house only,,……

Precap: doctor checks Ragini and said something San shocked….???


  1. Shrilatha


    |Registered Member

    Shame but true many people r still in this society u don’t know the difference between wife and sister ….awesome dear ..I love this and I support u r story…I hate laksh

  2. surbhi

    Awesome.felt bad for that girl.what will doctor going to say……. about her brain problem or that she is pregnant?post next part soon

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