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Epi 4

Sans see her image in d mirror and get shocked he turns and say u??????
Ra: chocolate uncle u?????? she keep coffee cup down…
Sa: hey wat u doing here who show my address y u come here r u…..
Ra: uncle u here wat u doing in my ap unty house..
Sa: hey who brings u oh God did u tell anyone about night incident tel me
Ra: wat incident uncle
Sa: tat i give more chocolate and I…
Ra: oh no do u know my dada beat me and throw me down from yesterday he is beating and scolding me so I hate him wat u did to me…?? taking chocolate is bad ah she said loudly
San closed her mouth with hand hey don’t shout I didn’t do anything u just listen wat I say don’t say dis matter to anyone if u don’t say I give u..he leaves her mouth ,,
Ra: can u give me wat I ask
Sa: what u want money property..
Ra: no no I want chocolate today I didn’t eat one chocolate also
Sa: oh s i can get u 100 1000 choclate but u shd promise me
Wat promise sanskar said ap………sans shocked ma tat dis girl says…. unty i will say he told i give chocolate u shd not say….sans interprets ma i told i give chocolate if u don’t say uncle ah na girl..
Ap: ah San I told her don’t call uncle for u and laksh again she call ah…
Sa: ah ma between who is she y she is here
Ap: oh San I forget to say u..do u know( she said everything ) and San do u know she don’t have parents so I and ur papa decide to keep with us between her memory is week
Sa: ma how can u keep dis type girl in our home ma please send her out u don’t know i dislike ur decision if she is robber or she is acting as her memory is weak how u bring her blindly
Ap: no San she is not bad girl how u think like dis she saved my life San u shd appreciate her instead ur disliking her
Sa: ma
Ap: now stop dis whatever u say my mind says she is good girl she will stay in dis house tats it…she moves taking rags ??‍♀
Sa: ma how can I say tat… oh God wat can I do if she say d truth to u all…
Ra: unty leave San giving chocolate but u bring me out
Ap: hey ragini I bring here too give chocolate take dis ???
Ra: unty only one ah
Ap: no ragini I told laksh to bring more chocolate for u go and take
Ra: where is he I want chocolate
Ap: then go to laksh room
Rag: where is his room
Ap : near San room go..
She went fast has she need urgently,,

Laksh room

Laksh laksh where is my chocolate said rag
La: wat chocolate who r u y shd I give to u
Rag screams I m ragini I want chocolate ap unty told u will give chocolate I want chocolate she screams louder by seeing her innocent face k k I bring wait I will give he took chocolate from his pocket and show to her??c here???? she told give me then ,,
Lak: between if I give chocolate to u Wats use for me anyways if u kiss me I will give chocolate means all chocolate in return
( sans passing on tat side see raglak and shocked)
Ra: oh I need chocolate give me laksh
Lak: if u need chocolate then kiss me here he show his chin ??‍♂and close his eyes
Ra: if i kiss u will give chocolate
La: s ragini kiss me fast ragini come closer so closer to his face///

Precap : ………………???

Next do u want payal mera beti or dis

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  5. what story is this? is it a ragsan or a raglak or what? don’t show stuff like the last scene. pls show logical scenes.
    u r telling this is a real story. it doesnt look like that.

    1. Divyashankar

      Hey u don’t have patience please wait for next episode here sans guilt should stole his heart how can I proceed without any twist

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    Is it based on a real incident? OMG

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    omg it’s real story….really feeling bad for that girl….
    and nxt update..u updated both na….tkcr dear….

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