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Ep 9

Ra: I need sans u marry me to san
Ap: wat…? Wat u saying
Ra : tat….
just then laksh comes ma wat discussion going here
Ap: tat ragini saying ur bad boy she don’t like to marry u
Lak: wat…oh I understand y she is saying like dis c ragini ur favourite chocolate he show her.
ragini : seeing tat chocolate she feel so happy oh chocolate she took it and says laksh ur so sweet I like u so much she went as she is happy with so many chocolates given to her( here San feel helpless)
Ap: dis ragini na I can’t manage
La: ma u don’t worry I. M Thier na to manage her moreover dis chocolate is Thier na..
Ap: u laksh ur just becoming like ragini be careful ah then she went
La: wat careful ma I hope I dont get Chocolate baby atleast….??

Then he c san standing in bolcony ans think of something and follow ragini. ragini going to room he stops her by holding her waist..
Laksh : hey ragini do u know I. M so happy tat ur marrying to me…I m waiting for tat day…he kiss her cheek…between u don’t give me kiss then she also kissed him
Lak : no I need kiss to my lip
( San feel sad first he is helpless not to stop dis later his anger force him stop it )
Ragini go closer to kiss him San hold her hand stop it ragini… u don’t have Shame to do dis y ur not understand ing dis.. u laksh hv some shame to do it for her..
Lak: y San wat shame she is my fiance I hv right to do it
Sa: wat right Lak u don’t know her memory is weak u should not do it..
Lak: if memory weak means let it be who told not to kiss my future wife..between what’s prb u always come for fighting i hv a doubt whether I. M kissing ur wife or my future wife..he hold his collar u laksh mind ur language…Ap hears thier fighting sound comes to Thier San please leave him he leaves him…
Ap : wat is dis San y u fighting like dis…u laksh wat happen….?
La: c ma ragini ask kiss so I. M giving kiss to her dis San he to can’t love or marry anyone he feel jealous towards us
Ap: wat San
Sa: ma u also…
Ap: i know why u both doing like dis so I decide to fix marriage on next 3days tat mean Sunday..has laksh is urgent to marry her after marry let him do whatever …as ur unmarried u don’t like other love..u can’t tolerate it..if dis marriage happen u will understand what’s d value of marriage love relation etc,,now u both stop fighting go from here.
Sa: ma I. M not fighting y u not understanding me
Ap: wat understand San I know about u now u go from here …he went..Raglak also go from thier..

San pov

Ma what you know about me do u know wat laksh doing he is kissing my girl.. s my used girl..how can i keep quiet how can i say u?? i rape one girl tat to small girl tat is ragini….if i say truth r u alive to see me..r u happy for me..ma I m really bad boy no one do like me..ma ragini is my girl he should marry me how can I say dis to u..please God do something I want to marry ragini..she is my girl….??i want to do something to stop dis but wat can I do y I. M feeling helpless..//or else can I say d truth or can i let my used girl to marry my own brother…??


Let c how San able to stop dis marriage whether his guilt speaks to stop dis marriage

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  1. Rakhi

    Interesting.. Sanskar is jealous.. Waiting for next update

  2. Follybraverl

    Ohhhh so poor Sanky awesome

  3. Inu

    Superb wpi. Feeling sad for ragsan. Nice description.

  4. Lovely7


  5. she’s 14 how can ap want her to marry and that too mentally unstable thats wrong
    she dont even know whats right for her

    1. Divyashankar

      But she told indirectly after 18 they will do grand marriage and raglak can start Thier life..because how can she keep unknown girl for long time moreover doc told she won’t get her memory if she get her life would be in danger…let c wat next

  6. Keerthu

    Poor sanky.. Its his mistake.. He should Say d truth to laksh..

  7. Shrilatha

    Awesome dear small request…don’t let sanky call her as my “used” girl..

  8. superb

  9. awesome dear

  10. Amazing dear

  11. Awesome

  12. Asra

    awesome dear..

  13. A.xx

    nice but feel bad for ragu xx

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