Hi sorry for d delay actually I. M not well stomach pain but also I. M writing something only for u

Ep 7

San Pov

Even I. M attitude boy I never c or touch anyone
..in office also I never c any girl..but tat one night change my life I never expected my life changed like dis…i used to drink alchol every weekend I used to enjoy in pub but tat 7 peg make me beast a rapist if anyone know I. M a beast or a rapist who will talk to me who care for me tat too a small 14 years school girl wat dis society think of me who will respect me if dis news spread to media then wat about my future my family reputation…oh God wat can I do tel me..he think for a while s d only thing is I should beg ragini not to tell anyone… I have to ask her not to tell anyone he went to ragini room..

Ragini sleeping San goes near her ragini ragini
Ra: she opens and says sans chocolate
Sa: ya ragini I came to give chocolate for u
Ra: then give I. M hungry
Sa::he gives but u should promise not to tell tat day chocolate matter
Ra: which day which chocolate matter
Sa: oh God I just forget wat doc said….her memory is weak how can she say against me…she is just innocent
Ra: wat san
Sa: nothing u eat and sleep well I will go..
Ra: she hold San hand he come closer..he ask wat, ragini took another chocolate from his pocket and kiss him with excitement.
Sa: he touches his cheek..and remember tat day incident how he give chocolate and take her to room etc then he went with guilty……

Ap dp room

Ap: Ji I want to say something regarding ragini wat u think about her
Dp: she is very good and innocent girl who save my life my wife from danger
Ap: ya ji do u know I think to do dis like ( then she say everything ) if u agree tomorrow I speak with San about dis
Dp: ya ofcourse sure u may proceed later they doze off

Next day

Sans ready to go office ap stops him…y ma ask San
Ap: San I decide to do ur marriage
San: shocked wat marriage
Ap: ya San marriage
Sa: ma u don’t know i don’t like marriage and all y u again asking me same question I don’t have mood to marry pls leave me alone…
Ap: ya u may leave but my words is not complete r u sure u don’t need marriage y I. M asking v can’t wait long time as now laksh is grown up v r responsible to do his marriage for ur sake v can’t delay so any prb
Sa: no problem u can marry no objection from my side now can I go office
Ap: u may go but u don’t want to know who is tat girl
San: I know swara
Ap: No swara ….its ragini…
Sa: he just stunned ma Ragini for laksh,,,
Ap: s San v decide to marry ragini with laksh
Sa: no ma I object dis….???

Ep 8

Sa: ma wat u saying u don’t know ragini condition between swara..just then swaragini and laksh comes wat sasuma ask swara
Ap: ya swara I decide to marry raglak..as ragini is very good girl but if San agree I can marry u to him but he don’t like marriage so I decide to do laksh marriage… swara just shocked her heart beat skips by hearing laksh marriage with ragini…
Sw: sasuma raglak marriage
Ap: ya our ragini only she is suitable for him even laksh is happy with it ah na laksh
La: ya ma firstly i only love with dis chocolate doll i.m so happy with u..u understand my feeling ur d best mom in d world…
Sa: ma lak wat u saying u dont know she is small to marriage
Ap: ya i know but dis marriage is simple just v call our relation after she turn 18 years v can do her marriage grandly even laksh know dis…
Sa: ma wat u saying how can u do dis I just dislike dis he feel so disappoinment he went to his room..
Ap: I. M sorry swara I can’t do ur marriage with San as u know she go inside with tearly eyes ( ap thinks swara like San but Swara loves laksh)

San room

San : ma how can u do it u don’t know i rape…shit how can laksh marry her, he don’t know he is marrying tasted fruit how can I say him ur marrying to i used girl…who can help me y dis to me y my destiny change y God y dis problem to me..if dis marriage happen no God forgive me tat girl life will spoiled I have to do something just then ragini comes with sweet

She comes to him San sweet
Sa: for wat purpose
Ra: my and laksh marriage
Sa: u also agree for marriage between do u know wat is marriage
Ra: marriage means
Sa: ya tat only I. M asking what is marriage (then he think of one idea) c ragini listen if u married no one will give chocolate to u….laksh always beat u and scolds u he is bad boy..so u go to ap unty and say I don’t like to marry laksh..
Ra: wat he won’t give chocolate he is bad ah
Sa: ya he is bad boy…later he give lots of chocolate now go and say…
Ragini went off San follow her…

Ap in dining area Ragini comes to her ma I don’t won’t to marry laksh,
Ap: with shock y ragini
Ra: he is bad boy he always scold me he won’t give chocolate to me so I don’t need laksh I need Sanskar…u marry me to San…????

Screen splits with Ap San shocked face

Precap: wait and read….???

Next episode I will give big one tat is tomorrow

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