Hi I. M back and pair is ragsan and swalak then sorry for changing pair if now also I didn’t get response I will stop dis ff because I want atleast few to read because dis r d things happen now a days previous link

Episode 1
He is sleeping in his bed ramu kaka goes to him sans beta coffee with heavy head he get up kaka my head paining so much go and bring lemon juice
Kaka: beta did u again go with ur friends I told know don’t go with them they r not good they r spoiling ur life alcohol is injurious to health???stop Kaka u go and bring wat i say….his head is heavy my God I don’t know how I drink dis much I didn’t feel dis type before later he drink and move to washroom his body with nail mark oh God it’s not going wat to do if it stay like dis ( but sans doesn’t know his mark may go..but tat girl bad name mark does it go…??, ) then he took his clothes to wear then took his belongings in his old balzer Thier he found her earing wat dis…? Oh may be tat girl earing but who is she y she sleep with me she is….then y she oh leave it but I should keep dis earing with me then he keep dis with safety locker then he moves

Ap; ji did u ready it’s already late where is laksh swara, I will call sasuma( here swara is ap brother daughter no parents for her she love laksh but laksh doesn’t know dis) mom I m here said by laksh then where is San ramu kaka
Ji madam he is ready for office
Ap; wat office I told know v all going temple today so irresponsible boy
San : mom I. M here only mom I have meeting I have to go
Wat go San ramu kaka told ur not well y u going to office instead tat come with us v r doing pooja because of u…u can come with us know Said ap,
No mom I. M not at all interest in God please leave me alone,, he went off
I dont know y he act like dis then they all went off..

Here rag bring dada to spot c dada dis place only I get more chocolate u know uncle give dis much chocolate…stop it gulaboo now u search any watch bracelet karchief anything u c here
Ra: k dada
She searches everywhere even dada searches didn’t get anything he sit helplessly oh God y I. M not getting any clue who is he,, did he is criminal or rapist oh God dada c I got so many she bring paper dry leaves and show to him
Dada: gulaboo wats dis
Ra: dada u told know u bring all things I find dis so I bring dis.. he slap u dirty girl u make me shame y u not understanding dis ur life has spoiled ur ruined fruit no one like u…now who can help us every doors r closed to us u get lost from here I don’t need u go away from me he pusher her in angry..dada she said in pain,don’t say my name from ur mouth s don’t show ur face he left her alone and moves off …she cries dada what I have did y u scolding me like dis wat tat uncle did to me,, k u go I hate u…u always beat me then she moves…

Epi 3


All did pooja and comes outside to give prasad to poor pupil ap went to take water bottle while she crossing road one truck coming she feel restless she is falling one girl hold her and scream unty ji all rush to them tat truck go side ways,, pupil rush to her laksh hold her face mom what happen hey girl wat u did she says I did nothing I didn’t do anything he said swara bring water..she brings and put on ap face she opens her face and says laksh.. mom wat happen what she did to u he make her sit nothing laksh ap r u k come v can go to hospital when u falls my hearts skip one second..ya ji if dis girl doesn’t Thier I don’t know I may not alive today mom pls don’t say like dis…between thank u miss,, hey uncle I. M not miss I. M student of 10th A my miss name is sushmita all laugh for her crazy act..no no girl k what’s ur name my name ragini wow wat a good name said by laksh not only good ur cute said swara, not only cute ur too brave u save my wife and my life too..she is not only brave she is baby doll said ap, oh oh mom stop appreciating her can v move,, oh laksh u feel jealous said swara, not tat like oh oh v all know wat u mean jealous cat..no no both swalak start fighting k now u all stop na..between come beta v only drop u home…no ap not only dropping her home she has come to our home and she has to take food said dp,,
Beta did u come to our home ask ap,,
Ra: s unty I will come but I want more chocolate with all flavour did u have chocolate in ur home ..k I will get u all chocolate said ap…
They moves to home she eat food chocolate etc beta now tel me where is ur father house she said I don’t have father and mother they went to far house where God is Thier oh so sad then where u staying I staying in dada house but he also leave and he…. by then so sad of u ap if u agree can v keep in our house ofcourse ji I. M happy with ur decision ragini can u be with us ask ap..s unty ji but I…oh we know u want chocolate rite laksh today onwards daily u shd bring chocolate to her k mom said laksh…swara show ragini room come ragini said swara they moves…so innocent girl know but sad to know she don’t have any one God is cruel,,( they think Thier dada too died)


Ap brings coffee ..
Rag: unty how many members r Thier in ur family.
ap:many r Thier y beta y no one playing any game here all they went to tuition
Ap: not tuition but office
K now go and give dis coffee to sanskar..
Who is sanskar uncle
Ap: not uncle he is smaller than me u can call San and even for laksh u call laksh..no uncle unty…v shd call uncle unty those who married like me and dp uncle samji
Rag: samji unty between where is chocolate I didn’t get one also
Ap: I will bring u go and give dis to sans his room is dis side↗↗ k unty ji then what’s his name
ap: sans
Ragini : San San San she knock his room sans sans
Sans : standing in front of mirror he think swara comes ah swara come in…
She comes in sanskar coffee————->>>>>>
He see d image in mirror and shocked ////

Precap: Thier face off…??,

Tomorrow u want dis or payal mera pyari beti….and tel me anything shd change r u k with ragini age I thought to give 8 or 9th std but 10th is k know ///

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  1. Mica

    FOR DIVYA…Are you writing really for MORAL MESSAGE OR COMMENTS?
    what kind of lesson you will give to your readers when you as author more busy to think about numbers of comment than the lesson you want to give…

    RAPE AND RAPIST STORY is SENSITIVE MATTER, we are Swasan fans (in TU) thorough this matter in so much hurdle, fight , argument and many advice regarding it. At the end, we
    aren’t much interest about the RAPE TOPIC AS IT’S HURT US AS GIRL AND WOMAN, read the LOVE STORY OF RAPIST somehow will made us become more senseless about it.
    This is the REASON why you get less comment.
    Me, myself love to read almost all Swasan stories, but once i read your first paragraph, i was leaving it with a word , “Damn it!!! another RAPE STORY ?”

    Well, seem Rag…………………………San fans enjoy this RAPE STORY, so carry on…. 🙂

  2. lol???? this writer created rift b/w swasan fans n ragini fans…i think she is enjoying our fight…attention seeker…pls do better job than this…

  3. Y u ppl are dragging other fandom.u ppl are well educated but u are all overacting for a just fictional characters.for just silly reasons both fandoms are fighting.first we are swaragini after only ragsan/swasan/swalak/raglak.

  4. Saeedah

    To divya
    Sorry to say but you are disgusting. You really are. I won’t say much bcz you have a personality I’ll vomit before speaking about.
    This is not a small matter. You have hurt swasan fans high time.
    You are not writing this story for message but for seeking comments.
    Please! You dont need to post on swasan there are already enough LOYAL swasan fans to write on them. Even if you will, I will never read it as you dared to disrespect swasan. Delete that part then where you wrote that is gng to be swasan. You must have planned it from before only to change pairs later and create controversies.
    Stupid ragini fans.

    1. So, I couldn’t reply u there so I’m replying u here. I know swasan fans like you like hurting otheres. But not all are like you. I was talking with phoneix. Why did u poke ur finger in middel? Ok, you poked but you are asking why i was checking your so called swasan ffs. Bczzzzzz…. ur phoniex has asked where are swara ffs which are paired with othes. So i need to waste my time to prive my truth. And ragini was paired with that many?? Really..??? There were only two outside heros to which ragini was parired and ur a swasan fan know.. i think you didn’t observer properly, so u found many i think. Ragini was never paired with nik and I already mentioned u why am i here. I don’t have intentions to waste my time with stupid argument here. You came in middle so i gave u reply. And we know you very well. U just said stupid ragini fans know… let me also tell now…, you swasan fans all are stupids and idiots. You guys have no maturity. No…! I don’t care whatever you think about me or ragini or raglak or ragsan or raganyone…. you are a great stupid fan of swasan. I’m a greatheart fan of raglak.

    2. And teju was never paired arun barun etc as you said. Ok…! I have to check and reply bcz… if I won’t reply they are saying that i have become calm. But, i have to be here naa to answer you. There is only one ff in which teju is paired with other hero and only that author don’t like either sanskar or laksh. I need not explain you this all. I can say this correctly as i eye on all ragini ff but read only raglak ffs. And for ur kind info there are many authors who write on raglak. So don’t underestimate raglak fans. If you estimate also we don’t care. But I’m answering you.

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