Hi thx for comments I get tears while writing dis feel bad for San…

Ep 15

Doc comes ap ask doc how is ragini she is fine know
Doc: no miss maheshwari still she is in unconscious may be after 3 days she may get conscious until then v can’t say her condition..but baby is……….???

La: ma I want to say dis to San

Ap: before tat she should get conscious don’t tell until she awake he may feel sad by knowing it …..

Sw: ya laksh ma is rite..let v wait for her conscious

After 3 days

Ragini gets conscious all moves to icu

She slowly opens her eyes ap touches ragini head and ask ragini how r u..
Rag: I. M fine between………..???
Ap: shocked and ask doc to check her once again later doc said something it make all shocked later ap decide something..swalak dp shocked
La: ma wat u saying how can v do dis
Ap: lak do u forget about tat promise given to me now u should obey to me but I promise dis d only way v can make ragini free…I want her happiness just hers…?, swalak dp agrees, they speak to ragini and decide to take her home

Maheshwari mansion

Phone rings sans lying on bed with tearly his eyes become full red..he don’t know what happen in hospital he just praying for good

Ramu kaka give phone to San

Sa: ha ma tel me
Ap: San ragini get conscious v r bringing her to home..because she need rest…
Sa: he feel so much happy wat ma ragini is alive o God hear my prayer then ma baby….???
Ap: sorry san baby died
Sa: he broken completely phone falls down, he sat on d floor helplessly
Ap: San r u listening later she cut d call

San cried loudly sorry baby I can’t save u..I. m very bad father who can’t save a baby life.how can I forget u.please come back …he scream baby …??

After one hour car sound comes he waiting to see his angel his love..all comes inside he rushed to ragini

Sa: ragini how r u…?? I miss u so much..if anything happens to u i won’t forgive myself..
Ra: ya I. M fine but who r u…?? Y shd u miss me…??
Sa: shocked. …???

Precap : twist opens…ragini avoids San..San Die to talk with her… real story begins now


  1. Asra


    |Registered Member

    awesome dear…ragini become normal….feeling bad for ragsan baby…..The child s now go through soo much pain….plz don’t separate that baby from parents….waiting for nxt one..tkcr dear…

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