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Ep 10

SAN: Today d most worst day in my life tat my girl marrying to my only brother laksh maheshwari… has like other brother it’s my responsbile to look good girl and marry to her but my destiny is different if I not drank tat day today I should not suffer …but today god has given last chance to rectify my mistake if i loss i shd die with dis guilt of marrying my rape girl to him….but i never leave dis chance i shd speak up s i will tel dis matter to all but first i shd speak to ragini to tell everyone tat I rape her then only all will believe me..then he went to speak with ragini

Rag room

Here all girl doing make up for ragini..like a typical marwadi she wearing saree she look so beautiful no one can take eyes from her..sans seeing in window just stunned by her beauty

San: wat a everlasting beauty u r ragini…all r lost in ur beauty, but they don’t know i rape dis everlasting beauty, I spoil ur life,ur charm, ur smile, i send u to darkness, no one can forgive me by knowing dis truth especially u ragini u can’t forgive me..between swara see San standing outside and says,
Sw: San y u here
San : sw tat i came to c ragini
Sw: wat u came to c ragini
San: ya I came to c ragini ready or not all r waiting for her
Sw: ya she is ready after 5 to 6 min ragini going to become ragini laksh maheshwari na see said dis with sad
Sa: (he think oh god only 5 min left)ya sw but I can understand u????but I. M helpless??
Sw: no problem I. M happy for them everything shd written in destiny…now u go and say to sasuma ragini is coming i will bring her she send him..
Swara with tearly eyes go to ragini and bring her to hall..

San: oh God Rag comes to hall how can i speak to her only 5 min left now all r here..

Ragini comes to ap and took ashirvad I. M happy for u then she made to seat on mandap…then swara where is laksh…

La: ma I. M here he comes down between San hold is hand lak I want to speak with u..I know bhai wat u want to speak u want to ask sorry for ur mistake na…he get shock by hearing d word mistake..he ask wat mistake lucky..
Lu: oh not mistake…for tat fight sorry???? tat day i behave rudely with u. Between thanks for tat fight because of u I. M marrying ragini so early..thank u for bhai…..//

Ap: laksh come fast it’s time for muhurtam then he comes and sit next to ragini..
La: ragini u look so beautiful
Ra: thx laksh but dis cloth is so heavy I want to remove it..
La: no Rag after sometime i will help u to remove it now like good girl u sit quite..take dis chocolate don’t eat u can eat later after sometime…

Here san feel helpless tat all his idea flop××× no laksh or ragini able to listen his talk..

Pandit give mangal sutra to laksh tell him to tie to ragini ..he took it in hand ?

San thinks for while if i not speak up now..all 3 life will spoil with heavy heart he calls ma stop dis marriage, ,×@@×××

All family mem, ap, dp, swara,lak,get shocked and looks to San..ap asks stop it sans I know wat u want to say now keep quite and c dis marriage …
Sa: no ma pls listen to me
Ap: no listen San…u laksh wat u seeing tie mangalsutra dis San always in jolly mood making fun..now no mood to fun it’s already late tie laksh…

Laksh again took mangalsutra in hand San looks him with helpless heart❤❤❤and says I. M sorry laksh and closed his eyes with tears????


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