Happy new year to everyone ??????hv a great year stay blessed tc and sorry for d delay then April 6th is my birthday so as I member of dis telly I like to celebrate with u all..hope u remember me and our friendship shd stay forever…..

Dis is my new story hope u encourage me with same support

Let’s begin

Today new year d most awaited movement I and my friends enjoyed in between I took 7 peg v enjoyed lot then it’s already 9 my parents may waiting for me if dey know I. M drunk they think bad about my behaviour between I. M San Maheshwari d famous business man son age just 24 now I. M looking my father business weekly my hobby is to enjoy with friends in pub but after my busy schedule I took alcohol often after a month I. M taking its giving me kick????then I bit bye to car means by to friends I. M getting confuse because it’s kick blabering me…??while moving my car also took alcohol it’s stop at d girl she might be school girl I think because she wearing school uniform..she comes near me uncle y car sitting hear i mean y car stopping here then next she grabbed chocolate from my shirt pocket uncle u have so many chocolate can u give to me I just seeing her cute face my inner nasha going extream Ievel I see side way Thier is one demolish house with full dry leaves and plants bushes I grabbed her hand she ask me where uncle I told if u need chocolate come without sound then I remove her bag then her belt tie shoe shocks then her dress then I too remove my dress I keep chocolate beside her then I lie down her I came above her before tat I gave one chocolate put in her month to avoid noise she just tasting it i kissed her neck and smoothen her body with my body just like massaging with mine then I m out of control i caressed her boss*m next instant I bite it she feel little pain I think so…then as I. M out of control I enter her she screams ahh huu ahh etc then I just exhausted i lie beside her

Next morning as sun rising my sleep disturbes ramu kaka coffee I calls my maid my head is heavy I usually calls maids because I. M attitude boy so my family mem fear to talk with me..I calls again but no answer with heavy head I opens my eyes I sits and c my position I just shocked I was not wearing anything only my undergarments tats it then recalls yesterday incident how his car stops he bring girl and his consumation not his consumation but he rape her eventhough he drink many times he is in control but today it’s overloaded and he is out of control even he is business tycoon he never used any girl but today something make him beast later he see beside no one Thier and where is tat girl I just remembers half of her face still clear picture is unknown who is she..,,where she is from,,,.. where she going late night then he remembers her school dress may be she is coming from tuition it seems but I want to ask y she sleep with me she is ……. ? Or she need something from me i really not understanding anything then he wear his dress and took his car and come to his place….???

Gulaboo where we’re u at night ask girl dada she remembers last night

Early Morning she opens her eyes her body full paining she is full naked and dress shoe tie lieng on d floor she took it and Wear it and took her bag and chocolate which kept beside her she took it and she leave tat place

Fb ends

Dada c dis chocolate do u know yesterday one uncle give dis chocolate and took to one old house then he remove my dress then he do something something which gives pains Dada see here???? she show mark on her hand neck

Dada slapped her u dirty girl do u know wat u have done i told know many times don’t talk to unknown pupil don’t take anything from them c now wat u have done after ur parents death I have look u with care but wat use how can v show our face to society who will marry u tat doctor told if v arrange 5 lakh u will become normal but now all over he again slapped her she starts crying louder Dada sorry Dada next time I won’t repeat he too start crying and breaks down she come near to him she rub his tears Dada pls don’t cry I won’t repeat again o God wat u did to her no sympathy for u after my son death her only daughter swara gododio is my life but Thier death swara is my responsible she is only reason for my survival when she was small her parents went to picnic in tat all met with accident and died swara only survive but wat use after accident her brain get damaged her mind not matured now they ask 5 lakh for operation how can I arrange tat much money I. M unemploy aged man with my fension v r leading life my friend son is conducting tuition for free of cost so she going tuition daily I. M only taking her but today I have work I didn’t gone but I awaited whole night she didn’t come i feared but now I know d reason for d late
Swa:Dada pls don’t cry if u cry I too cry
Dada: if I don’t want to cry can u show who give u chocolate…?? How u he look which old house he took u near..??
Swa: s Dada I will show he is tall as ur height very white he wear blazer and he have so many chocolates in his pocket..??
Dada: k now go and fresh up v can go to tat house
Swa: k Dada she start to go wait said by Dada then swara promise me u don’t tell dis matter to anyone
Wat matter Dada said swara
Dada:c gulaboo if anyone ask about dis chocolate matter how he gives chocolate takes to tat old house don’t tell to anyone ur friends others etc if u tell I will die..
Swa: Dada die means…??
Dada: I will go far place I won’t come again…
Sw: no Dada pls don’t go far place I will promise I don’t tell to anyone
Dada: k go and fresh up
She went Dada let me search tat man if v found i beg him and marry to him if not everything over??????

Precap: sans found hearing in his jacket swara show d place to Dada…??

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  1. Ohhh God what should i say such a sensitive matter
    Sanskar is not in senses and swara is having a brain child
    No doubt it wrong
    Very difficult to say
    But awesome and very much different concept

  2. Seebu_s

    sensitive topic!

  3. Superb waiting for next chapter

  4. Nice waiting

  5. Swarna01

    Divya amazing, awesome, nyc nhn bol sakte. In real its Vry bad thing. Bt lets further.

  6. its sensitive topic and no comments

  7. Divyashankar

    Hey dis is very different topic but less comments so from next episode I will change d pair has ragsan

    1. ur wish…n thank u for informing before i read…n i suggest you dont write ffs for comments…thank u

      1. Divyashankar

        Dis r d things happening now days so I don’t need comments I want to know how many reading dis by Thierry view 1st chappy only disappointed means it’s hurts me

    2. Arshaanya

      Wat u didn’t get comments so u r chngng pairs waaaa….
      So u r writing jus for comments… thnx for clarifyng…
      Its not alwyz dat people r not cmntng coz of pairs.. its abt story, writing style…
      Anywayz ur story ur wish ur pairs bt nxt tym b careful aftr giving one chappy on some pair dun chnge it in nxt
      It was nyc story…
      Bt cant read on rag—san
      Best wishes

      1. Divyashankar

        No pupil not bother for story they bother for pairs it’s seen clearly here

    3. Kakali

      Hi, Divya! Yiu have chosen a quite different concept. Its too hard o comment something you know..!
      Full m glad though you wrote..! !
      Well about changing pairs, hmmm it was ur just a start na! How can u decide it in a part?

      Here PUPILS do cares about the story mostly SwaSan fans.!
      PUPILS can see what and share how they feel.!
      huh! Even i expected that u will change the pair..!
      No offence dear..! Go with ur heart change it and make Rag________________San.. bcz PUPIL kinda me is only for SwaSan..! to watch them.. u know..!
      Best wishes..!! *hug.!

      1. Divyashankar

        I didn’t understand but k but for me no barrier for pair even I. M swasan fan doesn’t mean I should write for them only I want dis story shd go to heart and shd gain something I didn’t write for time pass it’s real things happening now a days so my wish to know it’s reaching them or wat if not y to waste my time

    4. Sus

      Thanks dear i commented in your this part and first is my comment only
      I liked your concept tooo different and commented even said to sensitive.
      But this type of topic need time to gain reader. Bit being fan swasan we like somebody really wrote in this topic. But pairs are your choice go for it.

      But i really thankyou that you informed in advance as today your title attract me as i have read this part, all the best for you and your topic. I would advice to not to make give time to something then result will be shown.

      1. Sus

        Ohh just want to ask if you will not get sufficient comment in that also then again you will do like this

      2. Sus

        And no doubt dear pair matter you can see specially in swasan case and their fans they only read swasan ff and we don’t like others who can see their couples with anybody becoz we really admire them. We love them admire them and crazy about them. But not like other to show husband and wife with anybody. We like them onscreen and not creating any imagination to change them with anyone.

  8. too sensitive..

  9. Don’t change the pair

  10. mehrinrahman366yahoocom

    amazing plz continue it plz tell swara age here
    it will be interesting if u make her 10 pass or 12 studying student at uniform

  11. nice but u r changing pairs…hmm…i may not read…but all the best n i suggest u to delete this ff n start with ur new pair…orelse swasan fans will get hurt after reading☺

  12. dear please continue it i like ur story
    what will sanskar do
    it swara will be teenage pregnant or not

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