Guilt….Shivika os by anu….Part 20 (Major twist)

Hey guys…Anu here…Thank you so much for all your support and love till now..And I am feeling sad and happy too..sad because this story is ending and happy that I am completing my first FF..don’t worry epilogue will be there.. 😉 ….So guys let’s move on to the last episode…. 🙁

Part 20

Anika and Shivaay broke the hug….

Anika- Shivaay I love you..I love you till my last breathe…you know when I saw you unconscious I felt like I am dying..when you were in the OT I was in the prayer room…I fully believe that my love for you is not weak…it is not fake…the true love for you will never let you go away from me..If you had then there also I will accompany you…

Shivaay- Quiet…chupkar…dont say anything now…I just want to look at you…Anika,you know…till this moment I had guilt within me…but now…its all over.  

Anika(not letting him speak by keeping her hands on his mouth)- No more “Guilt” now…I have come naaa…Now everything will be alright…and I to had the “Guilt” within me for not understanding you at that time…

Shivaay(not letting her speak by keeping his hand on her mouth)- No more “Guilt” only said now …

Anika- Oops….

They both laugh….

Anika- Shivaay..

Shivaay(he started to speak in middle when she said Shivaay…at that moment)- I love you….

Anika- Hawww…you stole my words….

Shivaay- And you stole my heart …..

Anika blushed on hearing this…..

Anika- Shivaay

Anika and Shivaay in unison- I love you….

They both then had an eye lock…Ishq he aasu played in background……

After a long time they were looking at each others eyes and started to read their mind……Reading the mind through eyes cannot be expressed in words…only ishqbaaz can understand…(I am not I don’t know…hehe….)


The twist is gonna happen now……..

It is a wedding venue…Everything in red and gold combination……everyone is singing songs and dancing…It is like sangeet in wedding..he he….

First all the elders danced…then  the youngsters were the stars of the event..they shook the whole place by their dance… Omru,Saumya and Gauri were those stars….

The dress code is gold for all except the couple….

Shivaay is seen wearing a white and gold sherwani and coming down…Not so heavy…..And then Tia is seen in bridal attire….Anika is seen in a golden sari…..

Precap- Shaaadiii hogayyi unki….

So guys..stay in suspense…this idea struck my mind while typing so this is not the last episode…

With love.


  1. Vivikhta

    OMG Anu di….thus was awesome. U know, now I am having guilt for not commenting earlier.
    Am so sad it’s ending but all gud things have to come to an end. Hope u enjoyed your brother’s birthday yesterday.
    And I guess the marriage is of tia and dushan’t. I right?
    Anyways loads of love to u and update the epilogue soon. Also keep writing more and update the other shivika ss.

    • Anujohnson



      Oyee you have a great imagination…why didn’t I think that before??????? OK let’s see what happens…it would be a surprise…

  2. SamSun


    |Registered Member

    Wooowwiee!!!!! Kya shivika scene tha!!! Awesome. I loved it when Anika confessed and shivaay stopped her from saying further. Especially the “you stole my heart” scene. Superb!!!!! I am gonna miss this ff. But would love to read more from you. And pls hame zyaada der ke liye suspense me mat rakho.

      • Anujohnson



        And that you stole my heart scene came in my mind while I was typing..that was my favorite thing in this shot!!! That was so cute..If in real this happened then our Anika would be like Laal tamatar…hehe


    it’s was an awesome episode dear. I like the part when shivay say I love you that time anika said you stole my word and shivay said you stole my heart. that was the best part in your ff. But I confused if it was shivika marriage or shitia marriage. I’m eagerly waiting for epilogue of your ff. update soon…..
    I guss it was the shanti of Mahia (Mahi and Tia) Mahi is shivay ‘s twin brother in IB. so njan chumma guss cheydada.

    • AHSANA

      you can call me what you want. I’m elder to you but we are friends right so you can call me that. I like the name “mutte” . njan ninne “achu” ennu vilichotte.

  4. VHM


    |Registered Member

    Hey … this is just awesome ….I would have missed a very beautiful story hadn’t i read this…….superbb job

  5. Neha-17


    |Registered Member

    Wow! what an end….post next one soon…I wanna know what your crazy mind will get ideas..Ty for sending link Anu! Aweeesomeee Episode. Love ya!

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