Guilt….Shivika os by anu….Part 16

Hey guys…Anu here..I am sorry for delaying so tab was not working properly and today only I got it back…So now without wasting time I am gonna start this episode…

This is the link to my last episode..

Part 15

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All Parts here

Plus I will wind up this story in max 3 episodes…and I will give the epilogue for it too…

Part 16

Shivaay- Anika why are you crying??? You yourself said you don’t consider this marriage then why are you still wearing the mangalsutra of my name..the sindoor of my name…Anika answer me ….

Anika is not able to control her tears…She is unable to face Shivaay now…She was feeling her body is getting weaker and weaker…but still she is managing to stand….
With all that “Guilt” inside her she is unable to say anything to Shivaay…She is not ready to face him now…To just avoid this matter she started to run..and Shivaay behind her…
She reached the basement and is running towards her car..Just before opening the car door Shivaay caught her and pulled her towards him…she landed straight away into his chest…that place where she once imagined to stay forever….
She pushed him but Shivaay caught hold of her…She is screaming at the top of her voice to leave her alone but it is Shivaay Singh Oberoi…how can he leave his wife now..he already did a big mistake of leaving her years ago and now he doesn’t want to repeat that mistake again..he wants his wife..his life Anika to be always with him..till his last breath ..

Shivaay- Stop fighting Anika!! I am not gonna leave you…I will not leave you forever…I had once done a mistake but now I will not repeat it..Anika please listen to me..

Anika- No Shivaay no…leave me…

// Sorry but I have to stop here…as I want to end this episode with suspense..I knwi you all will understand what will happen next..///

Precap:- Anika turned and saw the most horrible sight of her life….

So how will Shivaay and Anika remove their guilt..will Anika be able to accept Shivaay..What does Anika see that is so dreadful.??
Stay tuned to know more about it and I will post the next episode asap…

With love.


  1. Vivikhta

    Hey Anudi,
    I am a silent reader at tu but Iam a great fan of yours!
    U r so full of creative ideas and i love the way u pen down your os and ffs.
    U r an amazing writer and extremely gifted.
    Update ASAPbecause iIam hyperventilating out of excitement!
    Vivikhta 💕
    ps Will u b my friend?

    • Anujohnson



      Oh my you made my day Vivikhta…I am smiling like anything now…And ya for sure I will be your friend…no need to ask like that..I am everyone’s friend….Thank you so much for appreciating my talent…love you..OK dear let me type the next takes…I will try to post it today itself..


    Hai anu ….nee malayalee analle from kollam. I’m from thiruvananthapuram. njan TU pagil oru silent reader ayirunnu. Ee edaykanu njan comments idan tudankiyadu. enik ninde guilt.. shivika os valare adikam ishttamanu. Njan adinde ella partum vayichittut. All are awesome 👌👌👌.Njan ninde IB based ayittulla ff vayichitundayirunnu. nee classmate movie yil ninnu chiriya concept edutta cheyda ff. adinde kurachu parts njan vayicholu .penne aa ff njan kandilla adu tan ezhudunnadu niritiyo ? I’m waiting for your next part of your ff update soon……….

  3. Anujohnson



    Hello dear…yes I am a malayalee…from kollam..we both are near an..only different districts. That is not a big issue .Thank you so much for liking my story…I will complete that ff after completing guilt…Thank you so much..And I fell I have spoken to you before..don’t know where…but still thank you…and yes I just gave the next episode for review…it would be uploaded today..
    PS: I know Malayalam and I speak Malayalam but since in my tab autocorrect is there..It would be difficult for me to type…that’s why typing in English….

    • AHSANA

      Thank you Anu…. for your reply. nammal tammil samsarichittilla. pakshe nammal tammil indirect ayi samsarichittut SREE(sree nandana suresh) yude IB based ayittulla os nde comment box l vechu njan ninne kandayirunnu. avide vechu njanum sreeyum samsarichapol nee sree yude os nu comment ittayirunnu. Nee malayalee anennu eniku adyme ariyamayirunnu. nee kollattu ninnanennu adile comment kandapol anu manasilayadu. oru paksge nee enne kandatu aa comment boxl vechayirikam. ninde stalam kollattu evidaya. ende stalam vembayatinu adu tanu.

      • Anujohnson



        Yes you are ammus OS I saw you..and I have some personal reasons of not revealing my exact location..Sorry…If you were having an own account I would have pmed you. But in comments box I don’t wanna reveal..and ya one more request,..pls make you own tu account..let the no of malayalees increase..and u will get great friends over here..

  4. Banita

    Hlo Anu dear……. I think 1st time i’m commenting on ur ff…… I always luv ur ff but can’t comment becz that time i was a silent but regular reader…… Coming to 2day epi it was SUPERB……. Luv it……

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