*Words in bold and italics are flashback

The doctor injected Ragini and Sanskar squeezed his eyes not able to look at it. The doctor closed his kit and was ready to leave. He looked at the curios faces of Rawat family member and gave them a formal smile.

“Nothing  to worry. This kind of things are normal in pregnancy” his words shocked everyone except one. Sanskar stood numb. “Thank you doctor” Kishan took the kit and helped the doctor to move out of RagSan room. All waited for Sanskar’s response. But he was just staring at Ragini blankly.

“Oh my god. Congratulations Sanky” Adarsh hugged him. But Sanskar did not seemed like he was happy. It bothered Pari and Anjali. Because they knew how much Sanskar loved kids. They have seen him loving Ananya and Anisha beyond anything in the world. And such person is not happy about his own kid seemed a puzzle.

The sisters looked at each other confused. They moved and sat beside Ragini. Annapurna had tears of happiness. She moved and caressed Sanskar’s cheek and blessed him and Durgaprasad did the same.

“I think we should give them a moment” Anjali spoke and all moved out of the room. Anjali stopped Kishan who was about to enter their room and took him away.

Sanskar moved near to the bed and collapsed broken. He was still not in a state to respond. “How can I stay alive in this fear?” he held Ragini’s hand. “Where every second is so uncertain and every time something happens and my heart refuses to beat and my lungs refuse to breath for a second also when you stay in this situation. Tell me how will I live?” he bent his head touching her hand and burst into a bitter cry.

“I don’t want this kid. I don’t want to give time more reasons to snatch you from me. I don’t want to. But how will I tell you this? I think I have to die every second thinking about it that you are gonna leave me” he squeezed his eyes.

“But I don’t think I can survive this. I don’t think” his emotions started building up making it difficult for him to even breath.


Ragini opened her eyes after 15 minutes. “Sanskar” she mumbled and Sanskar who was at the window heard her voice and rushed to her. “Hey” he caressed her one cheek and she smiled at him weakly. “What time is it?” she asked. “Ten in the night” he said and she sighed.

“Damn I thought I slept for whole night” she said. “So everyone sleeps whole night only right?” he asked and she giggled. “Ohho Dumbledore. I thought I slept till the morning ten and if you have forgotten tomorrow is Sangeet and I don’t want to miss it” she pouted cutely.

Sanskar moved to kiss her forehead and she smiled at his gesture. “You fainted just some time ago. You need rest rather than the functions” he walked to his side of bed and lied beside her. Ragini moved and cuddled in his embrace.

“I promise I won’t run around. I will take care of myself. Please na” she requested. He looked at her cute face which lit to the moon light and made her look like some angel. He smiled.

He dragged her more close to himself. “Fine” he placed his chin over her and she  squealed happy and hugged him. Sanskar kissed her hair lovingly and closed his eyes.

Sriti was blushing as she felt Vikram’s gaze on her. She bent her head and let the Mehendi designer to apply the mehendi. She looked at Vikram’s name in the design and her smile widened.

She never knew she will be lucky to get the love of her life. Vikram asked her what through her eyes and she nodded her head.

Ragini who was sitting beside Sriti hit Sriti’s shoulder with hers. Sriti lowered her head blushing and Ragini laughed. She looked at Vikram and he moved his eyes away feeling shy and caressed his neck. Ragini walked to her Bhayyu.

“Mine mine. Someone is blushing so hard today. Their cheeks have turned beet red” she teased and he looked away. Ragini tickled him and he tried saving himself. Vikram requested her to stop. She stopped and then hugged him. He kissed her hair.

“By the way. It is not your Bhayyu’s bidai alright” Ragini recognized the sarcasm tone. “Lucky” she squealed finding him. “Oh my god you really are here?” asked she coming out of the hug. “Of course Jhalli. You think I will miss my best friend’s marriage?” he asked her and she smiled.

“Where is Paa?” asked she. “For his health it is better if he stays away from all this. I will bring him on marriage” Laksh said and Ragini nodded her head. Laksh then walked to Sriti.

“Take” he forwarded a box. “This was your best friend’s last gift. She wanted you to wear this on your marriage day. You know right she had many dreams about it” he said with a smile and twinkling eyes. Sriti remembered Diya and a tear tripped her eye.

Laksh wiped it. “You sure don’t want to make her sad on this special day right?” he asked and she nodded her head suppressing the building emotions from erupting.

He smiled kissing her forehead.

“Hey hey….” they heard the song and turned forward. Ragini stood there smiling at them.

“Dil laga liya maine tum se pyar karke…” Sriti heard the song and a memory flashed her brain.

Diya and Sriti were watching the movie and the same song came up. “I love this song so badly” Sriti said emotionally. “Don’t worry. I will dance on the same song on your Sangeet” Diya teased and Sriti threw the pillow at her.

She looked at Ragini now and smiled emotionally. She felt Diya is dancing and singing.

Ragini moved to Sanskar and danced across him and he smiled at her weakly

Dil laga liya maine tumse pyar karke tumse pyar karke tumse pyar karke…..

Beech safar me mera haath chodke… tujhko kasam hai nayyo jana dil thodke…

Sanskar looked at her hiding his emotions

Kaise Batavu tujhe kaisa mera hal ve…Jeena marna hai abb sab tere naal ve

Tujhko paa liya tera intezar karke……..
Dil laga liya maine tumse pyar karke….

Ragini hugged Sanskar tightly and remembered how many things have tried to separate them but every time their love has overcome that.

All clapped happily looking at their love.

Aaj se teri saari Galiya meri hogayi… Aaj se mera ghar tera hogay
Vikram sang looking at Sriti who smiled blushing.

Aaj se meri saari khushiya teri hoagyi … aaj se tera gham mera hogaya
Oh tere khande pe jo til hai Oh tere seene me jo dil hai Oh teri bijli ka jo bil hai sabb mera hogaya
Oh mere khwabon ka ambar…Oh meri khushiyo ka samandar Oh pin code ka number aaj se tera hogaya.

He danced and Ragini nodded looking at her Buddhu bhai and danced with him.

He was cutely nerd and Sriti loved his that innocence and she knew it was his way of showing his love. Unique from everyone. She smiled with twinkling eyes. She found him happily dancing and wished that smile never fades.  

“Maa” Ragini’s face lit up as she heard Ansh’s voice. He ran to her and she picked him and hugged happily and drooled. Sanskar looked at Ragini and a tear tripped his eye. ‘How can I snatch our baby from you Ragini. How can I even think you will be happy after that or even live a life after that’ he thought. He hugged her and covered Ansh also in their embrace.

Sahil looked at them and smiled through his tears. He saw that wide smile on his son’s face and then that on Ragini’s face. ‘May be he never was unlucky to be deprived of his mother’s love. He got it before he even asked for it’ a tear tripped his eye which he wiped.

He felt someone’s gaze and turned and Ragvi moved her eyes away. It was awkward for both. He so badly wanted to talk to her but suddenly there was this gap after her confession.

The restlessness only grew with time.

Ragvi was serving all the juice. “Shona” Sumi called her and she turned and the tray in her hand collided with Sahil who was walking that way and the juice spilled all over him. “Oh. I’m so so sorry” Ragvi apologized. Sahil looked at his Sherwani weirdly. He looked up at Ragvi who looked tensed. “It’s okay” he said and gave her a weak smile.

“No it’s not okay. Come with me” she dragged him to Vikram’s room. She took out Vikram’s Sherwani and handed him to change. “No it’s fine” Sahil said. “Sahil the function has just started and you want to stay like this? You look like a clown and people laugh on you” she said and Sahil held her by her elbow and dragged her near and she looked into his eyes shocked.

“I look like a clown?” he asked and she felt loss of words. She gulped in with difficulty and stared into his eyes.

Sannu ek pal chain na aave Sannu ek pal chain na aave sajna tere bina… Sajna tere bina
Dil Jaane kyu ghabraye… Dil Jaane kyu ghabraye…. Sajna tere bina…. Sajna tera bina.

Time seemed like stopped as they both stood there rooted. Sahil’s moved more near to hers and she felt her heart beat galloping. She breathed nervously. He inhaled her fragrance and lost himself.

“Sadu Sahil” he heard Ragini’s voice just when his lips were an inch away from Ragvi’s and jerked. They both departed and looked around embarrassed.

Ragini opened Vikram’s room and found Ragvi and Sahil. Looking at their faces she could guess something was cooking there. ‘Oops’ she thought she interrupted something and cursed her timing.

“Uh…” she tried forming words. “Where is Ansh’s luggage. I had told you na he will stay here till the marriage?” she asked finally what she wanted to ask. Sahil gulped the spit and gathered himself. “It.. It is in the car. I forgot” he said and Ragini looked at his Sherwani.

She burst out laughing. “Damn you really look like a clown today” she said in between her giggles. Sahil was about to chase her and she made a run from there. Sahil stopped and stood caressing his neck not able to face Ragvi. First of all the situations were not less awkward that the incident added more to it.

Ragvi who finally collected her courage moved passing him but felt a hold on her wrist. She nervously turned to find Sahil standing with his head bowed.

“I’m sorry. I did not mean to. I just” he felt her finger on his lips. “I don’t care you meant it or not. But whatever I confessed means my world to me. And every word I said was from my heart and I don’t regret that I still love you and I will love you forever. I can’t feel this for someone else. Never” she said and Sahil left her wrist. Ragvi smiled at him and moved out of the room. He pulled his hair frustrated.

Ragini searched for Ansh’s luggage and found a bag. She looked at it keenly. “What is this?” she was confused. She took out the Kalash and analyzed it.

“Bacha…” she heard Vikram’s voice and turned. She placed the Kalash inside the bag and placed it back in  the car and moved to Vikram at the door where he was searching her.

“What happened Bhayyu?” she asked. “Where have you been?” he asked her. “If you be like this na whenever I come here Sriti Bhabi is gonna become roasted due to jealousy” she nodded her head chuckling. “Stop telling that. I don’t care who becomes roasted. I want my bacha around me when she is here” he side hugged her and they walked inside. Ragini forgot to lock the car back.

Laksh who came out to make a call to Shekar moved towards the cars parked. He felt Diya’s presence suddenly for an unknown reason. He placed his hand on Sahil’s car and waited for Shekar to pick the call. The door moved a bit and he looked at it.

“Why is this car unlocked?” he thought and held the door to close it and the stone on the bag’s design shone and blinded him for a moment. He peeped inside to touch the bag.


So what do you think? Is it the time for the truth to come out?

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Toast for the Mehendi and Sangeet function of Sriti and Vikram

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