Avantika was all worried. She looked at the red light on the operation theater. “Maa” she heard Ragini’s voice and turned in that direction. “Thank God you came” Avantika hugged Ragini. “Where is Yohan?” asked she. “He is inside” she said worry just increasing on her face.

“Ohho who let him go inside maa. You know he will scare her more” Ragini caressed her forehead. “You ladies just need reason to worry is it?” Sanskar who came there held Ragini’s both the shoulders and made her sat on the chair. “And it is not good for your health to worry so much” he looked at Ragini.

“What happened to Ragu?” Harish who was on the chair beside her cupped her one cheek worried. “Nothing to worry Papa” she nodded her head. “Then why did Sanky told like that?” Avantika sat on her other side worried.

“I mean in pregnancy it is not good that she takes so much tension” Sanskar said and Ragini squeezed her eyes. “You have to tell this?” Ragini looked at him and he shrugged his shoulders.

“Oh my god” Avantika squealed. “Shhh… Avantu maa. It’s hospital” Ragini shushed her. Avantika apologized and then hugged Ragini. Harish caressed her hair and Ragini turned to hug him. “Congratulations” he patted her head.

“I wanted to tell it in a better way and situation” Ragini fiddled with her fingers. “Oh you know every second of our life around you is best situation” Avantika cupped her face and kissed her forehead.

“What’s happening here?” Sahil who came there looked at them confused. “Wo…” Avantika was stopped in between. She looked at Ragini who was holding her hand. She nodded her head. Avantika gave her a tight lipped smile.

“Why do you think anyone is interested in talking to you kadve karele?” Ragini twisted her lips and sat crossing her arms. Sahil handed the medicines he brought to the nurse and then looked at Ragini.

“Oh thank god my ears are spared” he sighed and sat beside Sanskar. “You know best way to get rid of her blabbering? Just piss her off and you are saved” he looked at Sanskar and smiled widely.

“You Jwalamukhi. At least have a courtesy to ask the person why they are angry?” Ragini fumed. “Oh you are angry? And when it is you I forget all the courtesy Ms. Collider” he mocked her.

“Haaw. How can he talk like this? Idiot. Fine. Be happy that you are spared” Ragini got up from there and walked furiously.

All looked at Sahil frowning. “What?” he shrugged his shoulder. They glared him.

“Fine” he got up and walked to Ragini. Ragini crossed her arms and stood facing her back. “Ragini” he said and she twisted her lips rolling her eyes.

“You know I’m too bad at consoling someone. And in apologizing tho next to impossible. So what I am making a point is. Even if you get pissed off like you want to kill me. I won’t be asking you sorry. Stop your nakhra” he said and Ragini’s nostrils flared as she glared him.

Sahil burst out laughing. “I just….” she looked around to search something to hit him. She got a empty box and was about to throw it at him when she felt a push on the box.

As the box moved she saw a face which she had seen in photographs only till now. “How dare you?” Ragvi glared Ragini. Ragini was still shocked. “Ragvi” Sahil moved and held her by her shoulder. “Ragvi dee” Ragini spoke lowly finally.

Ragvi turned to look at Sahil. “She did not mean to” Sahil spoke. “She was about to throw it on you Sahil and you are saying she did not mean to?” Ragvi asked furious.

“Even if she throws. I don’t mind” Sahil smiled at her and Ragvi looked at him confused. “Because she knows her empty skull will never aim it exactly” he chuckled and Ragini glared him. She was about to charge at him but Ragvi stopped her.

“Will you stop doing that?” she asked a bit serious. “Let her do. She is not gonna win Ragvi just wait and watch” Sahil showed his tongue to Ragini.

Ragini who was staring Ragvi dropped the box down and started walking from there. Sahil held her by her wrist. He took the box and hit his head with it. “Sahil” Ragvi worried.

He looked at Ragini. “Okay Ms. Collider?” he asked and Ragini gave him a weak smile. “By the way Ragvi” he brought Ragini to stand beside him. “She is Ragini. My Ms. Collider with a long explaining skills and of course zero sarcasm” he said and Ragini fumed.

“Oh hello my sarcasm is at post graduation level compared to your kindergarten level alright?” Ragini twisted her lips. “Yeah yeah. Illusions” Sahil rolled his eyes. Ragvi watched them and there was this strange stinging pain inside her.

She sure could not tolerate Sahil beside anyone. She went away from her family also fearing that she will ruin everything in her sister’s life. And here someone complete stranger is in front of her. How could she tolerate it. But she could not express it.

“You are here?” Vikram walked towards them. He passed Ragvi who was hoping that he will cover her and the excitement on his face was for. But it was for Ragini whom he hugged. Ragvi’s face fell and Ragini understood her pain.

As she came out of Vikram’s hug she gave him a weak smile. “Mumma” they all heard Yohan’s scream. All of them rushed towards the OT.

“Mumma see I gave birth to a baby boy” Yohan again screamed. “Gosh Mr. Raheja. It’s hospital” the nurse warned him and he looked at his mother with the same excitement.

“Yohan” Avantika nodded her head looking at her son who was still like that little Yohan who used to run to her with excitement. “By the way biologically you cannot give birth. I’m so sad that I have to tell this to a pediatrician” Harish nodded his head sad.

All of them had a hearty laugh. The nurse again came and shushed them. “Me me me” Ragini squealed like a small baby to hold the kid first. “You cleaned your hands right?” Yohan moved the baby away from her. Sahil utilized the situation and took the baby in his hand.

“Before everyone it is baby’s Taaya” he said drooling holding the baby. “And Taayi also” Ragini moved near him and tried holding the baby. But Sahil moved the baby away. “Not fair” Ragini stamped her foot.

“Sahil” Avantika glared him. “Oh okay. Baby’s Taayi ji” he handed the baby to Ragini. She showed her tongue to him. Ragvi who was seeing all this assumed something out of the context. And the pain in her heart shot up.

She moved backward and walked away from there. Sahil who saw her went behind her.

Ragvi stood at a place and cried silently trying to hold her tears and silencing that painful cry. “Shona” Sahil placed his hand on her shoulder.

“Why have you come here? Be happy with the people who matter to you” she jerked his hand and Sahil stared her in confusion.

“What are you talking?” asked he and she moved a bit forward. Sahil moved and stood in front of her. “What is wrong with you?” asked he.

“What is wrong with me? What is wrong with you all? You brought some replacement for me and you all are happy pretending like I was never in your life and anyways I was not needed” she looked at him with anguish.

“What?” he asked her still confused. “I’m tired” she rolled her eyes and wiped her tears. “I’m tired of being left out Sahil. I’m really tired. I feel like I’m someone who is as unwanted as some garbage. Or a thing which is anyways not required and people throw it in dustbin just like that” she inhaled sharp breaths.

“I have been away from you all for so many years. Every second I spent in coma I used to feel that pain that I can’t see you people again. And when I realized my sister left me without even seeing me for the last time it kills me every damn second. And with that you are adding on to my miseries by making me feel worthless. If I did not had survived that accident I wouldn’t have to go through all this pain. Why didn’t I die?” she collapsed on the floor.

“Why did I even was born? If I was not there I wouldn’t have felt that pain when you said you loved Kumud dee. I wouldn’t have gone through hell while I saw you both together because I did not wanted to feel bad when my sister was happy in her life. Just because I loved you. Just because I fell in love with the same person as my sister I ran and ran. And I just kept on running. I’m still running. Running. Trying to suppress those feelings from coming to life again. I don’t want to be sad seeing you happy Sahil. I don’t want to be angry that you chose someone else rather than me” she looked up at him.

Sahil was too shocked to react. Vikram and Ragini were watching them. Vikram looked at his sister and was about to walk to her but Ragini held his hand and nodded her head.

Sahil in took a sharp breath. He stared Ragvi who was staring the ground.

“That means all those years when Kumud was sad that her sister left and half of her heart was missing kind of feeling. I was the one who was responsible for it in the first place?” he looked at her with question. Ragvi stood up nodding her head. She did not wanted all this to come out like this.

“I gave her that pain” his eye dropped that tear. “I…” he swallowed a sour lump. He closed his eyes and let out more and more tears.

He remembered every time Kumud cried remembering Ragvi. He remembered the state Vikram was when he realized Ragvi had ran away from the marriage.

“How could I?” he banged on the pillar nearby. Sanskar who came there looked at Sahil. He was about to go to him but he felt a hand on his wrist. Ragini stopped him nodding her head and he stared her.

“Finally she said it Bhayyu” Ragini placed her head on Vikram’s shoulder who nodded his head. Sanskar stood there as a silent spectator.

Ragvi held his hand and hugged him tightly to stop him. Vikram flinched looking at Ragvi’s painful face. Ragini rubbed his shoulder to cool him.

“Don’t… don’t hurt yourself for my sins Sahil. I am the culprit who fell in love and I am alone responsible for Kumud dee’s pain. Nobody else was” she said with pain.

Sahil stood non reacting. “I’m sorry” he spoke lowly. Ragvi brought herself out of the hug and cupped his face. “I could not stand by any relationship in my life. Neither I could be a good life partner. Neither a good father nor a good friend. I have only made people’s life miserable” he looked at her with emotions of regret.

Ragvi nodded her head. “There can be no one who will make a person’s life a worth living Sahil. You are the one who brings everyone together. You might be terrible in consoling someone but..” she hiccuped. “But you are the best in gluing everyone. You just make sure nobody is alone though destiny makes you all alone” she closed her eyes letting out the tears.

“You cannot bring misery to anybody’s life. No you cannot” she nodded her head. He dragged her into a hug and she cried more on his chest.

“You are my bestest friend. The bestest” she said painfully. “I don’t want anything beyond this. Just be in my life” she said and smiled through her tears.
“And I will be with you whom ever you chose to move on in your life. I know nobody can take Kumud dee’s place in your life. But when Ragini has made a place in all your life like Kumud dee I’m sure she will make that place in your heart too” she wiped her tears. Sahil looked at her confused this time.

“Excuse me. I did not tie that mangalsutra and placed the sindhur in her hairline for a show off?” Sanskar spoke this time breaking his silence.

Ragvi looked at him confused. “Oh don’t tell me you did not notice she is already married” Sanskar moved to Ragini. And placed his hand across her shoulder possessively.

“She is his wife. And you should ask his permission before you decide to get her married to me” Sahil chuckled and Ragvi looked at them with her wide eyes. Vikram controlled his laugh looking at his sister.

“She is actually happily married to love her life. And she can’t marry your bestest friend though” Vikram spoke in between his giggles.

“Stop it Bhayyu” Ragini moved to Ragvi and smiled at her. “And I’m happy this misunderstanding made you to confess your feelings. Warna this Budhuram will never understand it. He has got Ph.D in ignoring people’s emotions” Ragini twitched her lips looking at Sahil. He did not respond. He was still not in a state to say anything regarding the matter.

Ragvi felt embarrassed. “By the way” Ragini wiped her face. “Where did you leave my son you moron?” Ragini turned to Sahil. “He is happy away from you” Sahil mocked her.

“He he” Ragini fake laughed. “He is your son. Not you” she mocked him. Vikram stood beside Ragvi while she was watching Ragini and Sahil fighting.

“Don’t you ever think these both will stand in a single frame. Never ever” he said and Ragvi smiled side hugging him. “Damn guys we are in a hospital” Sanskar tried stopping them but they continued throwing daggers at each other.

It never mattered where they were. They had to give it back to the other. May the sun rise and set and years pass and life times pass while they do that.

Sahil and Ragini will never going to agree on a single alphabet also.

“You both want to be here only? Don’t want to congratulate Kavya and Yohan? And not willing to do the preparations for my haldi function tomorrow?” Vikram stood in between them.

“Loser” Ragini teased Sahil and ran towards Kavya’s ward. Sahil fumed and ran behind her. “Ragini… Ragini” Sanskar nodded walking behind her.

“When are you going to inform this to everyone?” Vikram placed his hand on Sanskar’s shoulder. Sanskar had no answer.

He was still worried about the consequences which were not even giving a clue. He took a deep sigh and dropped his shoulders. “I’m not sure if anyone will be excited about this” he said unsure. “Are you kidding me? Everyone is gonna be crazy” Vikram said and they continued walking.

“I hope so” Sanskar said and Ragvi who was walking behind them did not understood what they spoke.

There was a strange uncertain feeling in air for everyone that day. Uncertain about future, uncertain about feelings, uncertain about destiny’s own plans.


Sanskar fell on his bed exhausted. Ragini lied beside him rubbing his chest. “Too much exhausting is it?” she asked and he gave her a smile.

“Now when you are here. I don’t feel anything but you” he said and she kissed his cheek. She caressed his forehead and cheek. “When are we telling this to all?” she asked and he stared the ceiling. “It’s just that one and half month have passed. I feel we should wait a bit more” he said and she placed her head on his shoulder.

“I will wait” she said and he kissed her hair. “And I need time to think whether to have this child or not” he thought in his mind.  Sleep was far away. Next few days will be crucial for him. Vikram’s marriage was near and he knew nobody could stop Ragini from being hyperactive. She has waited for this from forever.

“Oh damn I forgot” Ragini sat up. “What?” asked Sanskar sitting beside her. “I had to give the invitation to Sasu mom and Kishan jeth ji and Adarsh jeth ji and all” she looked at him pouting.

“Do you really want all of them at the function? I mean I will get Adarsh Bhai, Pari bhabi and Anji bhabi and all the kids. Why do you even want to waste the invitation card on people who will not be happy to be there” he said.

“Ohho Mr. Dumbledore. Again dumb mode is it? They are your family. And I don’t want to hear anything against them” she warned him. She walked to her bag and took out the invitation card. She walked towards the door and Sanskar placed his hand blocking her way.

She jerked initially and looked at him. “Sanskar” she glared him. “You have to pay the toll” he smirked. She looked at him confused. He patted his chin near his lips. Ragini narrowed her eye brows looking at him.

She bit her cheeks inside and moved near to him. She stared into his eyes making him all nervous suddenly. “You want toll?” she asked and Sanskar bent his head shrugging his shoulder and Ragini surprised pulling him for a deep kiss holding his collar. He widened his eyes shocked then smiled in between the kiss.

She pushed him aside and walked out of the room.  “You are coming back to get the receipt” Sanskar said brushing his neck.

Ragini blushed walking to Annapurna’s room. She stopped at the door finding Kishan there.

“Maa. She will know some or the other day. What do you think she can’t get it?” Kishan spoke to his mother. “Let her know it Kishan. I did it for my son’s happiness. And I don’t care who thinks what” Annapurna said determined.

Ragini stood there confused.

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