Life is never about living. It is about finding a living. Love is not about romance. It is about finding that right tune which makes you heart beat wild even from a far distance.

Ragini sighed looking at the moon in the sky. “Ragu” she turned hearing Kishan’s voice. “What are you waiting for? Break your fast” he signed at the moon.

“But mera chand tho aaya nahi na Jeth ji( But my moon haven’t arrived yet na brother in law)” she gave him a gloomy smile. Kishan bent his head stretching his lips.

All the men of Rawat Mansion were making the ladies eat and drink after they worshiped the moon god. Except for Anjali who was in her room and Ragini who was just looking at the moon.

She never knew how it was always so accurate her heart felt. Though she knew her husband had clearly said that he wont be in town before next sunrise she felt weird.

She placed her hand on her heart and felt it beating unevenly. When she turned she just could not hold herself from stumbling.

How can he even plan to give her heart that attack which might have killed her. She folded her lips trying not to explode with emotion.

She yelped with a small cry. Her tears did not stop. She did not knew whether there was any better way to define how much she missed him. She just ran and crashed herself on his chest and dragged him towards herself.

She tightened her hug not wanting it to be a dream. Her tears soaked his shirt.

Sanskar brought his wife to face him and rubbed off the tears which had smeared her face. She gave him unbelievable look and he leaned to kiss her forehead.

“I almost feel like pushing you from this terrace right now Mr. Dubledore. You just….” she failed to form words as emotions were gulping her vocabulary right then. She took sharp and deep breaths to relax her heartbeats. But it only went worsening.

“I’m sorry” he held his ears and looked at her like a small kid. She nodded her head and hugged him again feeling peaceful this time. Sanskar rubbed her shoulder kissing her hair.

“I wanted to give you surprise” he said and she hit him with her closed fists. “And kill me?” asked she and he dragged her more near. And that gesture said it all. He will not let her go.

He made her eat the sweet and then made her to drink water. Ragini was more happier to find him than gulping the basic needs of her life which was deprived to her from morning as a part of Karvachauth fast.

She made Sanskar to eat and made him drink. The satisfaction on his face made it clear that even he hadn’t eaten anything from morning.

After all the rituals they reached their room. Ragini placed her hand on his shoulder and both watched the ceiling which was lit with the moon light which had entered the room through the window.

“I’m sorry” Sanskar whispered in her ear and she smiled with her closed eyes. “Shhhh” she turned to hug him and kissed his cheek. “I missed you” she whispered and he blushed hearing her.

He wondered how she kept aside everything when it was about him. “And I missed you more” he looked down at her.

“It doesn’t look like you missed me Mr. Dumbledore” she pouted. He looked at her confused. “I said it with a kiss but you…” she looked at him deepening her eyes.

He leaned to her height and sealed her lips and kissed her deeply. At a time when they felt breathless they departed.

“You want me to prove it more?” he asked and she blushed nodding her head. “Naughty Mrs. Rawat ha?” he winked at her and she buried her head in his chest feeling shy.

“Oh no no. Now don’t behave like you are too innocent. You invited it” he brought her head up to look at him. She lowered her eyes and he kissed her on the eye lashes and she smiled widely.

He moved his lips tracing every inch of her face which turned more and more read as his hands squeezed her waist and she inhaled deeply.

Her hot breath was making him insane and he moved to her neck placing lingering kisses and she turned her neck giving him more space. And he covered every space and they enjoyed being united.

“Now you believe how much I missed you?” he whispered in her ears while she had placed her head over his bare chest. She cuddled nearing him more and he kissed her hair.


Vikram made Sriti to eat the sweet and then made her to drink the water. She looked at him smiling. Sahil looked at them smiling. His memory played the first and last karvachauth of his life which he celebrated with Kumud. And a tear fought at the edge of his eye.

“So tell me what gift you want?” Vikram’s words broke his trans and he looked at them. Sriti fiddled with the edge of her dupatta and Vikram watched her confused.

“Sriti?” he asked and she looked up at him with unsure eyes. “Actually” she gave a pause. “I want you to meet someone” she said and Vikram narrowed his eye brows.

“Promise me you won’t be angry?” she forwarded her hand and he looked at her confused. “Whom are you talking about?” he asked. “First promise” she demanded.

Vikram gave in and placed his hand over her palm and that brought a wide smile on Sriti’s face which in turn made Vikram also happy.

While Vikram was busy looking at Sriti Sahil brought Raghvi and made her in line with Sriti.

“Here she is” Sahil said and Sriti moved. Vikram’s gaze followed Sriti and then at the place she was looking at.

Raghvi’s heart beat skyrocketed suddenly. She felt she will fall but Sahil held her.

Vikram who was feeling breathless looked at Sahil’s hand which supported Raghvi. He just lost that muscle movement for a long time and his reflexes just felt dead suddenly.

He was breathing. His heart was pumping the blood. But his brain. All the wiring had tangled with each other and created a massive short circuit.

His eyes did not blink for a longer time which had ever happened. Eyelids were neither moving.

Suddenly when he could no more hold his breath he exhaled a deep breath making his senses come alive and reflexes to react.

His fist formed a ball which Sriti noticed.

“Promise me you will give her a chance?” Ragini’s voice ringed in his mind and he closed his eyes letting that tear to fall out of his eyes. How much more he had to still tolerate in this painful life.

“I told you Bhayyu will never forgive me. He hates me Sahil. He…” Raghvi looked at Sahil helplessly. Sahil nodded his head and wiped her tears. “He loves you. And his anger is a proof of it” he said smiling but Raghvi was not yet convinced.

“You have to cover the distance” Sahil signed her to move towards Vikram. She took small steps towards her brother and having a tornado building inside her heart.

She finally stood very near to him and deeply inhaled the air to calm her senses.

Mujhse tera moha na chute Dil ne banaye kitne bahane

“Bhayyu” she said and he felt like he got that eternal peace he was searching. But when his eyes were closed only face flashed in front of his eyes was Ragini’s when he heard that word.

“Bhayyu. You promised” he found Ragini looking at him with tearful eyes. He tried to touch her but she disappeared. “For me” he heard her voice. And his fist opened and relaxed all his anxiety.

He has never ever thought before fulfilling his baby sister’s promises and now also he will not think. He opened his eyes to look at Raghvi. Her eyes were filled and the tears were ready to drop.

He just moved and hugged her and surprised her. She so knew her brother is not a person who forgives anyone. She did not expected him to forgive her with this gesture at least.

Vikram’s anger was more deeper than his love for anyone. But how can he forgive her so easily without even saying a word.

“I’m…” “Shhh” he rocked her patting her head and all her emotions broke the barriers. She was feeling a weird thing and she did not knew why. May be it was the time. Or may be the unexpected forgiveness she got from her brother. She shut her eyes tightly and let out the bitter cry she was holding for so long.

Vikram placed his chin over Raghvi’s head and closed his eyes.

“You know you are the best bhayyu in the world” he heard Ragini’s voice. “I know” he whispered smiling widely. “And because you are in my life bacha” he said and a tear dropped his eye remembering his baby sister.

“You forgave me really?” Raghvi asked looking at Vikram after he dragged her out of the hug. He gave her a tight lipped smile nodding his head and she hugged him again while he caressed her hair.

He had left all the frustration and anger behind. And it was not due to the blood which bonded Raghvi with him.

It was the emotion which bonded him to Ragini.


Ragini held Sanskar more tightly this time. He moved as she was still cringed to him from his back hugging him. “Please na bandariya. I need to attend the meeting please” he requested.

“Last night only you came and now instead of spending time with me you are going to office not fair” she complained. His shoulders dropped giving up. “I promise I will come back as soon as the meeting is over. Now at least leave me Jaan” he requested his stubborn wife. She nodded her head in a NO.

“Please” he asked again. “Sanky” Adarsh walked there and Ragini left Sanskar suddenly and he fell a bit forward stumbling.

“Oh sorry” Adarsh turned closing his eyes apologizing for the interruption he caused in the romance.

“Thank god Bhai. You came. She was cringed to me like Betal only today” Sanskar sighed. Ragini pouted cutely.

“Don’t give me that look. You know what follows” he winked making her blush. “Before I forget. Can I turn?” Adarsh asked and Ragini chuckled looking at him.

“Yup” Sanskar said and Adarsh turned letting a sight of relief.

“I have checked this client and marked my observations. Just came to gave you.” he handed a file and walked towards the door.

“And by the way. This is called door which closes if you use your hand and surprise it has a lock too. So that you can use it when it is extremely needed” he winked walking from there and made the new couple to blush.

Sanskar moved to her kissing her forehead. “Please na” Ragini requested him. He looked at her helplessly.

“Fine. Come” he held her wrist. “Where?” she asked confused.

“Office” he moved tagging her along with him.

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